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  1. Done, and thank you, I was having trouble finding the right category.
  2. Heh, I'd love to be able to login and comment/watch the issue...
  3. This is only a workaround, but you can work on the posed model in sculpt mode. If you need symetry on the X axis, make sure that the pose is symetrical too or things get a bit weird (expectably enough).
  4. If you're working with Blender, the joints offsets are supported in 2.49, not 2.59. In 2.49, you just need to select both the mesh and the skeleton before export to Collada, and possibly play with the avatar offset on import in SL. Now if you created your skeleton from scratch, maybe you could replace it with a modified version of the default so you can be sure that nothing else than the positions is different.
  5. We did restart both sims and that seemed to work - for a couple hours... We'll try your suggestion about setting the permission´╗┐s out of world though, thank you
  6. These last few days I've been trying to work with my usual building partner and his alt, we shared permissions to edit the other's objects long ago. Howerver, while he's not making a change to these permissions, his objects made on both accounts keep switching to not modifyable for me, though not necessarily at the same time. If he revokes and gives back my permissions on one of his accounts, the issue is fixed for both accounts - temporarily only, minutes of hours later he has to do it again. Also, it seems that it's happening only on a homestead sim that was recently affixed to the main one, or to objects that were moved between both. Is that a known bug? If this persists I'll have to open a JIRA or file a ticket, I'd love to understand what's happening though.
  7. I've noticed strange shape problems, but that seems to happen only if I modify the shape while wearing the mesh. Voting anyway, it can get confusing and annoying.
  8. There is a "pelvis Z offset" option in the modifiers tab of the upload menu, you set it to a positive value for a bigger avatar, and a negative value for a smaller one (I use -0.45 for an avatar that's 15% of the default size). At least this works fine for me.
  9. It's not needed but it helps with options, like expressions, makeups and such.
  10. In Blender 2.49 (2.59 doesn't support joint offsets yet): Shrink the mesh and the skeleton from the origin in edit mode, "make real", select both at the same time and export. In SL, check "joint offsets" after checking "skin weights", also the Z offset should be adjusted so the avatar isn't floating, this can require some trial and error. Also, try to make all the needed bone length adjustments (like shoulder width) directly on the skeleton, I've found that further fine tuning in world with the sliders won't give consistent results or "won't stick" when the skeleton was imported with the body..
  11. This seems related to this JIRA. Prep Linden made a fix for this bug, but it's only in the mesh development viewer which can be found on the alternate viewers list (half way down the page, under "mesh import"). I'm seeing more and more people reporting that same issue, I'm hoping that this fix doesn't get forgotten and goes in the main build soon
  12. Just commented on the jira : "Max, you shouldn't have to use workarounds for what was probably not a weighting problem. Prep worked hard on a fix that totally eliminates the issue, but for whatever reason this fix isn't in the snowstorm builds (which you were using, and I just downloaded Second Life 3.0.3 (239452) to make sure), wasn't in the beta viewer, and is not in the new official release. The current mesh project viewer (Second Life 3.0.3 (239475) Aug 24 2011 13:32:32 (Project Viewer - Mesh) is perfectly fine." In short, to avoid this problem, only use the mesh project viewers for the time being. Latest release:http://automated-builds-secondlife-com.s3.amazonaws.com/hg/repo/mesh-development/rev/239475/index.html
  13. Comparable results from mesh sandbox 21 (not able to upload in Mesh City either), posted on the jira directly.
  14. I just commented on that jira, sorry for not realizing sooner that the problem wasn't just me doing stupid things: The problem seems to happen only when exporting from the avatar.blend file provided by Domino Marama with the original vertex groups. New meshes built around the same skeleton with vertex groups created from bone heat upload fine. I was confused because I'm not familiar with the format, and while the joint array at the top of the file lists only the used vertex groups, a complete joints list is present towards the bottom of the file.
  15. This won't help much but I've spent 2 entire days trying to solve the same exact problem, for 2 vertices on the inside on the left thigh behaving as if they were assigned to the right thigh. Been back to rigged meshes only a couple weeks ago, so I'm not sure how far back the issue arised; I first had that happen on simple test exports of the base avatar from Domino Marama's avatar blend file. But I've build a new body from scratch and the same thing is happening in the same area, double checked and rebuilt the part with no luck. The weights there are 100% left hip, no stray vertex group, no unassigned duplicates - I'm at a loss. I tried different export options, included the skeleton, no luck
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