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  1. Unfortunately, i'm not sure how to do it with Maya -- but with Blender. It's a cinch!
  2. Allow SL to load for a good 10 minutes, don't press ANY buttons. It should be loaded completely by then. (Let it load after you login) -- sometimes it likes to freeze and other times it doesn't, but giving it 10 full minutes. You'll be good to go. This doesn't make anyone immune, but... it's helped me. Hope that helps.
  3. This is an occuring error. Sometimes it will appear and other times it won't. Just check your account page on SecondLife.com, click IP Tutorial -- then refresh the page and head back into SL. It should work.
  4. Separate pieces is possible. I know I learned that lesson the hard way when doing armor and other stuff. Organic like things though are best left as one piece. Rigging can be the best thing in the world or more headaches and problems then you can possibly imagine.
  5. I made this complaint back in the beta-grid. For architecture, it's absolute crap. It needs a major deduction cost on Prim Equiv's.
  6. Thanks for the reply! The problem: It doesn't shrink it enough. I've made it just... as small as possible in blender and it still comes out a pretty big size in SL. Edit: In-fact, I tried your method and well... it doesn't change or do anything different. Edit 2: Well, he went over this issue with me step by step by step and now it works. Thank goodness!
  7. Now, i've been playing around with meshes for quite some time and have offered help to others on these boards. Now I am asking once more for some assistance. I have in mind a particular AV that I plan on releasing, but... well, he's a little guy. Is there anyway I can possibly shrink the size of my AV further without the use of shapes to get what I want? The standard SL shape will not go any lower and well... i'm stuck. Any help here would be hot. Thanks alot!
  8. What is the triangle size of the object? If you'd like, you can save it as a .obj and send it to me through private messages. I'll be able to try to figure out what's wrong with it then. It could be a client issue, but you said it works on Aditi? Strange indeed. But, yeah -- what's the triangle size?
  9. Contact me in-game, I can show you step by step how to texture meshes in world properly.
  10. I've had this issue before too. I had to downgrade my SL Viewer to get it to work. Second Life 3.0.0 (238864) Aug 18 2011 13:05:38 (Second Life Release) Release Notes
  11. This seems to be a re-occuring issue. Your best bet would be to wait up to an hour and try again. If it still doesn't work, clear your browsers history. Also, if you aren't using firefox -- do so.
  12. If you ever catch me online, Tyrian. I'll be able to help you out from there -- then after it works, I will post successful instructions in this thread for anybody else that may encounter this problem.
  13. Mesh does come with it's fair share of problems, but it isn't impractical. It's simply designed for other purposes. I'm having some issues with the architect design aspect of it -- as I said on these forums before Mesh came to the grid. We'll just have to see what happens.
  14. That's why it's best to just create your own stuff. -- also to REALLY pay attention to the tutorial to even upload mesh.
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