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  1. Last night, I crashed, and upon trying to relog, I obtained this error: could not connect to the second life grid error: 4 I checked the status server, and only the billing part was under any form of maintenance. There is not visible reason why I should not be able to connect. This occurs on different viewers. Any assist would be helpful. Thank you EDITED: Including an image: EDIT: I cannot find a reply button... so I have to edit this part. I tried the solution, I can log in on Lumiya from my phone. So I do not think this is a grid issue. This issue occurred last night, and now some 6 h
  2. When I am in SL Marketplace, and I view my Order history, how do I clear that Order history, please?
  3. For me, it was personal choice to be more my RL height than anything....
  4. Done, like others, more of a scale required, but you have ackonowledged that - so all is well
  5. I am not sure of the actual cause, but there are a number of ways to resolve the issue (irrespective of the given article) The debug setting 'renderunloadedavatar' set to true (Ctrl-Alt D for Advanced menu, if the advanced menu is not available); Clear the cache has been cleared; Re-set the graphics settings (do not do this unless you are knowledge with what you are doing); Try to wear a new baldy, and even new shape (make sure you save your shape first); Reset the router (power it off for 30 seconds); Try flying up; Uninstall/re-install the viewer ~ (this is not really necessary); Then,
  6. That reminds of an english comedian.... A man, Mr Smith, is in a council meeting... and he wants to know know from Councilman Jones, what are they going to do about a pond at the end of his garden, that is full of disease. The Councilman answers, "Mr Smith, we have decided what we are going to do... we will give you two ducks..." Sounds like LL have given us two ducks....
  7. Innula Zenovka wrote: People might like to know that the latest versions of Henri Beauchamp's Cool VL Viewer and Lance Corrimal's Dolphin 1.5 contain versions of a new Media Filter patch by Sione Lomu that alerts you when parcel media is trying to load a URL -- a perfectly legitimate thing for parcel media to want to do, of course, under normal circumstances -- and tells you what the domain name is for the URL that is attempting to load. It then asks you what you want to do about the URL -- allow it to play, don't allow it, always allow it or blacklist it. So if you find parcel media is
  8. When Gemini CDS was released, back in 2009 sometime, similar issues were raised. CDS is still here. RZ is still here. Others are still here, and new ones growing. Further, I seriously doubt the TOS being updated in the near future banning RZ, or any number of similar devices. A JIRA is good, and I voted, but it is my opinion that it has no more power than that of a referendum. It is simply like an old dog barking at shadows. Something more is required in this fight to bring about the desired outcome, not simply a JIRA alone. The real question is: “Is anyone willing to take that route, th
  9. I have just got here, and this is my first reply in these fora... and they do look a little different. A little different to navigate, but not bad in general. Not sure I would want to have a sticky thread for reference... not sure if anything is worth that amount of attention really... at least no yet.
  10. You could speak with LL direct and see what they have to say... they may help at a cost.
  11. And what are your particular concerns?
  12. There is a season and a time for all things... remember... seed, time, and harvest.... what you shall plant you shall reap. There have been some good comments and bad (not just today), but I do not know you, but I wish you well in your future endeavours. Travel well, Jack.
  13. This can sometimes happen on very sims, too.
  14. There is radegast.... Radegast Metaverse Client It is a "Lightweight client for connecting to Second Life and OpenSim based virtual worlds"
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