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  1. Its kind of possible. Aldo you cant really prevent people from rezzing more then a specific amount of prims. A option would be to return prims when they go over a certain limit. The problem kind of is, what prims to return. You can only scan for prims in a 96m range and return those or return everything from the specific avatar. A other option is to have so many prims rezzed that only a certain amount of prims can be rezzed and deleting those prims when other prims are being used. This however is probably a to complex way to go about it and is likely to create other problems. A third opti
  2. Que tienes en la pestaña de hardware? Asumo que tienes una tarjeta gráfica dedicado y los drivers actualizado.
  3. Muchas veses en una problema con el wifi. Sobre todo porque los proveedores del internet no te dan una router bueno. En principio, si es posible, quieres conectar to ordenador al router con un cable (cat 5A o superior) y mirar si eso te soluciona las problemas. Si eso es asi, podemos mirar que es el problema con el wifi, en caso contrario pordria ser algo con el software de tu ordenador.
  4. Unless they are custom voting stations that add you to a specific user created website (that is still up and running) they are no more then retro decoration.
  5. The last thing i want to hear about when i am in SL is this subject. So for me this subject in SL is taboo. Cant stand it when people bring this up in a club where you are to have some fun. Keep that crap going and ill build a security device that instantly bans everyone that says the word and will give it away for free to all club owners in SL.
  6. Especial on Mondays most high traffic places in search have huge empty platforms filled with avatars. Why these are there should be obvious. At least i cant think of any other good reason then to manipulate the traffic. The reason for this title is, it takes me literally 5 minutes to find 10 sims like this. And all one has to do is look at the mini map, right click & Cam. Wouldn't it be relatively easy for LL to check the IP addresses of these avatars and other other metric data? This is not really a rand post, al do i think people should be aware and definitively avoid such places wh
  7. Looking to get a short (30 sec) video made for a product (showcase advert). Contact me in-world with prices and samples of your previous done work.
  8. llScaleByFactor is a good approach.. just make sure to increase the size (and position) of your maximize prim right after llScaleByFactor as its object based.
  9. 1. use 2 scripts and triggerthe other with a linkmessage 2. no (if object entry is off)
  10. Depends on what you mean with not static. You could use http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlGetStatus or simply get the position of the object and check for changes.
  11. See: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSetPayPrice
  12. Go to particle laboratory in SL to learn what you just copy and pasted.
  13. In short you cant. Possible in theory you however need to work around the fact that as soon as someone sits on a object they are right on top of it.
  14. This should work: @tpto:82/85/59=force
  15. Better formatted would be: integer total_inv = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_ALL); integer new_number = total_inv - 2; Alternatively assuming you want to exclude something specific from your count you could do: integer i; integer count = 0; for(i = 0; i < total_inv ; i++){ string inv_name = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ALL, i); if(inv_name != "blabla" && inv_name != "somename"){ count++; } } llSay(0, (string)count);
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