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  1. Can people please confirm that the viewer is not a factor. Almost everything Ive read says this is strictly server side, and the LL notice on this says all viewers are affected. However a sailing friend seems pretty convinced that the SL viewer is more robust in this regard (sailing / sim crossing specifically) than Firestorm. Other than possibly different thresholds for time-out disconnects, I cant see the viewer making a difference if it IS strictly server side. I'm probably being naive but I find it a bit worrying that it is taking the 'crack team' so long to diagnose the probl
  2. Any info on that they released today (Mon 15th). It seemed like it was all channels but the notice was not specific, and nothing on the purpose. There was not any obvious dramatic improvent at our race today. PS: DO we need two categeories, "Regularly Scheduled Maintenance" and "Unscheduled Scheduled Maintenance" or "Suddenly Scheduled Maintenance" sort of like "unknown unknowns "which is what the TP problem seems to be lol.
  3. Its not fundamentally flawed if you are building a shopping mall / nightclub, which is what I suspect the original idea was. This architecture is bonkers for anything like flying or sailing etc. 256m "regions" - come on!
  4. Which does rather beg the question! (Think about it - erorrs are normal....) I do wonder about the resources involved in all those errors. Not so much the writing of the error log (but that builds up - my session legs get to about 3 MB which is a LOT oftext) ... as the processing involved in detecting the error and taking whatever exception code etc.
  5. Speaking of Firestorm logs ... Yes I see a TON of warning messages (that look more like errors to me!). It's absolutely staggering the volume of them. An hour of sailing generates a log file over 1.5 MB (last night , 3.7 MB) which is a LOT of text msgs. An awful lot seem to relate to http issues of one sort or another. Packets our of sync, 404 errors, bad asset type, yadd yadda yadda. cef_log also has stuff like [0412/013705.830:ERROR:cache_util.cc(134)] Unable to move cache folder C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Firestorm_x64\cef_cache\Cache to C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Firestorm_
  6. More anecdotal stuff. This relates to sailing (sim borders have same issues as TPs). My sense is (based on my own experience) that its worse for race fleets than solo sailing. That is not inconsistent with a latency issue. Also that its much worse in the central part of Blake than either the 'Aegean Channel' (China * heading east) or round Nautilus. Would be good to see the stats on that. Also, while this is strirctly speaking a different issue, Iv noticed an increased number of "falling off" problems (Avi "separates" from boat at sim crossing). This is an old problem bu
  7. Thanks for the clarification, I had read somewhere that the move to cloud servers was under way. I find the log files almost impossible to read but the blizzard of timeout & not found warnings cant be good. Its at the point where just writing all the error messages must take a fair bit of resource!!
  8. I would not bet against the move to cloud servers being part of the problem. Its hard to see how it could improve latency in server handoffs. (sorry I cant find the irony font). iirc at one point they got some improvement in Blake Sea by co-locating the Blake servers. I guess thats out the window now.
  9. Remember that what they built was a basically a shopping mall. 256 sq m sims and badly kludged logic for moving vehicles across was clearly never meant to be a full world simulation. Its an architecture issue as far as I can see.
  10. I have some questions about how powerful a machine to get if I upgrade my current PC which seems to be bogging down. I have current mid range desktop for SL - Dell X51 R2 CPU: i7 4770 @ 3.4GHZ RAM: 8 GB GPU: NV GTX 760 Ti OS: Win 7 Home Prem 64 bit While it still works well, it now approaching 5 years old, and there are a few issues: - boot and re-boot times are incredibly slow (it can take MANY minutes to log off, overall re-boot time is around 5 - 10 minutes) - Dells system analysis tells me all is well but I am wondering about hard drive or RAM health (SMART stats
  11. My take, on a very non-scientific basis, from a sailing perspective in Blake Sea is "much about the same"; Ill ask around for other impressions. Day to day variability seems to dominate.
  12. Which sims specifically? I sailed a bit yesterday in Blake. Sim borders mostly Ok. There was however a lot (more than usual) of some sort of lag with boats being astern one minuet and ahead the next. Not sure what the cause might have been; my boat was generally responding very well to controls, so not sure what flavour of lag that was. The most common problems, as I think you know, with sail boats are "falling off" (with the avi flying "seated" a few sims away from the boat), cam dislocation, and flying / submarfining. animats - really glad to see someone taking a hard l
  13. Sailing yesterday in Blake was Ok. But wasnt doing any sort of rigorous testing or stress testing.
  14. Coming late to this party and playing catch up through the thread .... Boats also prone to this due this, when sailing a "straight course" there can still be acceleration effects due to waves, wind shifts / gusts etc and they can be over-extrapolated in similar fashion. To me the idea of constant velocity (rather than zero) while waiting for the update makes sense. Maybe with some kind of cap to cover situation where a network issue produces an extended delay (beyond bad hando ff). Maybe (if not too complex to code) if the boat reaches say mid sim before getting an update it should
  15. I dont see any restarts scheduled for today but a small sample of Blake Sea sims shows restarts about 6 hours ago. Sailing conditions are gruesome today, unlike yesterday, and Im looking for the cause! Has anything changed since yesterday?
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