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  1. Why am I crashing constantly when I'm trying to do a Teleport. Also why am I crashing when I'm just standing on a Sim that is not laggy. It's as if I can get a good twenty minutes in before I am logged out for no reason. I can maybe get in one good teleport per session then I have to relog and for some reason I'm reverted back to a place I had been days ago. This is getting maddening. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling a clean Singularity and I did the same for firestorm. Ruling both of those viewers out
  2. Since 4/11/2015 I have not been able to chat in a group I have owned for 6 years. Nor can just one other person in my Clan. They can see that I typed something, but my screen shows no chat, I see no one in the chat room, it doesnt show me as moderator on MY end but they see everything as it should. Its almost as if I am muted from seeing chat in my group and my chat. What can I do. I have goten no help from putting in tickets. I can chat in all the other groups I own except this main one I use. Help Eva Paneer
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