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  1. After playing for a few hours running around I finally twigged I was useing the wrong viewer.Phoenix.The game must be in mesh .I switched to veiwer 2 and everything looks fine .What a dummy I thought it was supposed to look all blobby .AT LEAST i CAN NOW SEE THE STUFF THAT IS KILLING ME .lol You must use a mesh viewer.:matte-motes-bashful:
  2. I just spent an hour running about picking up cristals and past the first quest.I got L$1 and went to the pot to put them in and got L$6.Now that I can afford to retire I will have a break.I don't want to get too greedy..
  3. For me it's not just slow delivery but slow everything.My inworld cash is not the same as my account ....It now lags behind.At one stage I had different amounts on the markrtplace,inworld and forum account.Who knows whats going on.Lag has jumped to a new level.
  4. OK Thanks for that .will do................
  5. Harm Xue wrote: I have used a number of sit scripts over the years, it's the only thing in my items i don't do myself, so i'm picky. There is a relatively recent one that honestly, blew me away: AVSitter. Yes I will second that .So easy and full of functions.I love it..................
  6. Thanks for the advice I am now on the watch list.
  7. What a charming and thoughtful reply...........should be .....Tough as old Boots .............
  8. Recently the amount of double purchases has increased for me and I am peeved about sending a refund for the full price.I loose out every time and the punter never even says thanks.I think they think the refund is automatic it is not. I would like to see a way of getting back that overpaid commission fee.the more it happens the more LL get.They get enough already in my view.
  9. When you say LOL in RL and your freinds give you a blank stare.
  10. My first Christmas in SL 2006.I was so proud of my new land and was putting out out some decorations. I was new and times were hard so I used a Linden snow tree. I thought the tree needed a star at the top so I checked to see what I had.Sure enough I saw an object in my inventory "bright Star". I rezzed it on the top of the tree only to find it was a rotating Sun,no problem.When I cammed back I noticed planets in orbit rotating around it.I had rezzed a copy of our solar system all unlinked and in scale. It took me hours to delete it all,Pluto was like a bloody pin head. Since then all unknown objects are rezzed in a sandbox LOL.:smileysurprised:
  11. If " All the world's a stage,And all the men and women merely players: Why don,t I get paid as much as Tom Cruise? then.
  12. Sure enough there was a phantom script in the sculpt.Took it out and that sorted it .
  13. Not my day today..........A balloon I sell a lot of won't rez correctly for a customer .I have sent replacements but still no good see pics.We went to a sandbox and he rezzed one bad.I rezzed next door good.Whats going on here ?Is he wearing a script I am at a loss.Edit.....looks like I posted about this the other day I have read the replies and one looks like it may be the problem.I will check it out.
  14. I am always carefull with texture uploads and try to keep the size down but I have a few problem textures.I call them my slow loaders a couple are alphas so I expect a delay but one other is not and it is always the last to rez out of thousands why.
  15. If prims are not an issue you can make it phantom.Then place clear alpha prims on either side of the door the length of the wall.
  16. Even on my small plot I have 2131.I have retrieved 41 and still a way to go ,Oh and all this checking I found 4 lost prims in my build that I deleted.This is fun.
  17. So really no problems for my own build....I now have 20 prims and you can't tell the difference.I recon on perhaps another 30 so that is good. Thanks for the tip about tpv I will not alter anything for sale until it is long sorted .
  18. OK so I have started on my own plot and so far have clawed back 12 prim.Still loads to go. This is really a big deal for someone like me who has been on the prim limit for years.I may be able to rez something new without taking back something old for a change.
  19. i notice we can now use larger prims.I would like to start using them but are they stable enough to build with.I don't want them to snap back if they are edited.
  20. I have a regular selling item that uses a different sculpt in each primset.This item is rezzed in my place and comes boxed. I had a customer buy this item and received a message that it would not rezz correctly.This is a regular customer of mine and the lod factor is not an issue.I took copies and rezzed the items in 2 sandboxes with no problems.I sent replacements but she is not online yet. I knew the location and tp there and saw the stuff sure enough it looked a mess. The only thing that I could see was a very large sculpty tree almost touching it ,could this be a problem? Has anyone any ideas what the cause might be ? Cheers......
  21. I had one like this the other day. I was resorting Christmas items and adding new stuff. I was gobsmacked when I noticed a good quality big seller ( at Christmas ) had a one star review..written in German from February!.I translated it and it said that the item was not delivered. I checked the account and it seemed still active so I manually sent the item and a full refund. I flagged The review, checked just now because of this thread and the review is gone. I have yet to hear from the punter ,who can blame them.
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