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  1. Interesting , this goes along with another forum discussion i was reading thismorning . ill post link. http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1891693/pg1
  2. Sixteen thousand (16,000) people sign up on SL a day. That number just doesnt seem right , the Math just isnt there to suport it. If you took 16,000 a day x 4 weeks >28 days Thats 450,000 (about) Then Go to http://gridsurvey.com/economy.php?page=17 And look up logins weekly , monthly, and go back to 09 . the numbers dont change alot . Where are all these people going, unless all these new people are alt's or we have about as many leaven sl as comeing.
  3. To Answer you qestion about the LI of those i posted yes there higher then they could be. Being that i just installed the update to Zbrush and was more to see and show that it could be done. The Mustache was around 100 LI but i didnt try to do any thing to lower before importing. there is many options to lower ing LI of the hair fibers, 1. you can set faces to render ,like just the front, back side not. ( ones in pics have 4 or 6 faces each hair more round then flat.) ALSO you can set the segments more segments more bends in hair you can have. 2. one can decimate it some, but as you can
  4. Just for giggles tried a mustache, thing thats neat is its a mesh object with uv's and texture maps,and can be decimated, this was 10 mins from starting zbrush creating exporting pic taken and posting to forum. fun easy
  5. here is a example pick. small top section one would probally have to break it down to top side and back sections. but basicly you can grow hair set length and then style with easy to use brushes way cool
  6. Wonder if any other Zbrush users out there tried any imports . I have Been able to import a few Ruff hair sets it works :) and with the grooming tools hair styleing seems easy. Coloring brushes for roots mid and tips also.
  7. Region Cookie for example shows 3 other sims shareing same host so 4 regions on that host, possible aiding in better performance. Now some mainland regions are showing up to 10 and 12 regions shareing same host server. Region: Dalen for example shows 19 regions shareing same host server, a mixture of mainland and estate regions. http://gridsurvey.com/index.php?filter=d&page=3 Link above add a sim name and find otu about your sim . This is just one more reason you could be have lag.
  8. Im sure to the lindens a discount to them is a fair trade off. and good for Business. Take the mainland for example. from a report. Link below. http://www.sluniverse.com/php/vb/virtual-business/68200-mainland-census-december-2011-a.html#post1463098 abandoned land is somewhere between 29,713,664Sqm and 34,753,312Sqm or 6.7% to 7.8% of all Mainland - an equivalent of 453 to 530 full regions. At 195 Teir thats about 87,750 usd lost a month. Plus Mianland has unuseable land, roads (prottected area's). non teir produceing land. Plus they have to manage and listen to complaints. Now by gi
  9. Unless , your a charter member then you can have 4096 and a linden home with out any fee's
  10. Im guessing your implying to the restarts being part of the hardware upgrades right ? The hardware upgrades seem new to why they are doing restarts, when you hear upgrades, expect, somehithing,a result of the action, the word upgrade means to better the current yes ? So i understand your qestion Alexi. Possible answer is no you wont see any improvments off hand. The ceo allready talked about new things down the road here to aid in content creation,and other things im sure,(pet projects), any gain from these upgrades im sure is a buffer for these new projects. Every time they add new fea
  11. Ginny Business Center has been in sl for 4 years now, Growing and changeing to fit needs of those who just want to set up in a office, with out the need to buy land find a builder,and try to be around other business types. If your just wanting to explore inworld meetings, or maybe training of rl staff in world, Our center gives you the space all ready set up , so all you need to do is work at your projects, With any office rental you get full use of the meeting area's. ( note if oyu dont need a office and would like to use the meeting area's only please contact Linkin Slate ty . Video
  12. Ginny Business Center has 40 Offices ,4 Meeting Rooms And a large Conference Hall. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ginny%20Business%20Center/127/157/24 Office Come fully Furnished ,Zoned for media , Examples: 1 Large office By beach, Fully Furnished, All rentals come with full use of meeting rooms. Nice seating area ,desk area,and your own Conference table and Chairs. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ginny%20Business%20Center/202/142/24 2.Large Office across hall from Meeting rooms Nice water veiw same Fully Furnished and comes with use of all the meeting rooms and Hall. http://
  13. Interesting you brought this up been thinking over this same topic today my self. As to the bigger sims LL has before sold the mega sims 4 sims conected as one. probally still on there self some where yet to bring out for just a perpose. ( i belive they where like 900 a month ). As we can see how LL has matured , it has come to a point where it seeks profit where it can. Problem is the player need to also follow these steps. (meaning) If you buy a sim, one needs to at lest cover costs,and make some profits. Gameing sims> its seems like next step yes, But if a mega sim was 900 a month
  14. I been playing around with shoe makeing,seems like a good place in mesh creation since its a worn item, less worries about land impact.and somehtign one can make a few sales to farther pay for furture,mesh projects. Anyways my Qestion isAlpha layers seem like the cats meow, they dont seem to be 100 % reliable, those times when your av texture go bonkers, feet will show but when walkingn over another alpha you dont seem to get that halo effect as prim alpha's,. But prim alpha's for feet in shadow mode doesnt seem to work, is this a bug ? or is prim alpha's on there way out ? Then one other
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