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  1. we are having the same issues with our SHX-F200 llHTTPRequest contains a control character currently the board is changing the sound URL on the sim, but when trying to access stream information, script errors.
  2. arton Rotaru wrote: Sounds like this: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-7084 Thank you, this is very close to what the problem is ... from what I have read, it does seem to be the nature of the problem.
  3. chasing updates from third party viewers is not a good plan ... my lady and i used to use emerald, then phoenix, then firestorm ... and we have finally come to the conclusion that the LL viewer is best. All those cute options that are available in the other viewers isnt really anything we need ... does anyone really need those options? IMHO ... um no ... js
  4. OK so am I alone in an odd land where teleporting to a location that has alot of lights does not illuminate light fixtures unless your camera view actually sees that light fixture? Our place utilizes lights quite a bit, but the problem we're seeing, and hearing about, is that the lights do not shine unless their actually looked at ... oh and this also falls into lights not going off when shut off unless you look at them again ... A few updates back this was not a problem, but it seems to be now.
  5. COOL! The link has been updated ... for those interested, but are not aware its available: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Category:Release_Notes Second Life Release Viewer version Thank you LL!
  6. One very important factor to take into consideration in Second Life is that the grid is a social network on steroids ... if you drop into a sim or a parcel in a sim and there are only 2 or 3 people there at that time, maybe talk to them ... most people will gladly let you know when something is going on at that location. Like my place, we usually only hold tribute concerts on saturday nights SLT, and between sunday and friday its usually just a couple people hangin out talkin or playin around ... when people drop in we ALWAYS greet them and chat a little about whats coming up or what the place is all about ... typically we end up making friends with just about everyone that drops in ... Create landmarks and return ... Join groups ... Use search (ctrl-f) to check events ... CHAT with people. disclaimer: sometimes you will run intonegative people ... blocking is great for those folks and just move on ... lol ...
  7. Reymundo wrote: For some reason the eyes on my avatar go all angry looking every once in a while, but pretty much every time I use voice it does it. I have taken everything off my avatar and it still does it, just what the heck? It isn't the voice gestures, there aren't any on...I have checked through every possible setting in preferences...can't figure it out. is your avatar a mesh avatar? mesh head? do other people also see this animation change?
  8. Mamabeaer wrote: Is there a way to find out the name of a song that was playing a few minutes ago on the streaming music? I was frantically typing lyric snippets into a Google search but nothing was coming up. Then it was over, and two or three more songs have played since. sometimes you can open the about land panel, copy out the stream url and enter it into a web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc) and you will be presented with a page for the stream itself that, if the admin has set it to, will show you a history of tunes played.
  9. tonytarheel wrote: I just had someone ask for my "SL profile url". I didn't know there was such a thing, what is it, and where can I get it? https://my.secondlife.com/tonytarheel ... you can control what is seen by editing your profile inworld and setting the privacy settings.
  10. Bobbie Faulds wrote: On the dashboard, scroll to the botton and hit where it says download. On that page scroll down a bit and it says Second Life Viewer Beta...hit that link and you are at the alternate viewers. The Experience and Pipeline viewers are there for download. you can also go straight away to the wiki showing a full list of available versions for download. the release my wife was prompted inworld to install was version, which is currently listed @ http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Category:Release_Notes as the most current release, which is the version i posted initially in this thread ... that does not provide download it loads raw xml with an error. as much as i appreciate you taking the time to show how to get to the beta viewers DL page, that currently available version is - thanks though, i will just go ahead and DL the one on the beta DL page.
  11. Qie Niangao wrote: Oh, this is weird. That's the "release channel" Experience viewer I downloaded and installed in the past day or so (released on Monday, Dec. 22nd), which now seems to be missing from the alternate viewers downloads page, replaced by its predecessor (released Dec 17th). They must have retracted the newer version: its release notes are still visible, but the download links produce Access Denied XML. IKR! my wife was able to download the "experience" viewer while logged in last night. our clients are both setup to DL candidate releases ... she got a dl notice, i did not.
  12. Bobbie Faulds wrote: That's why you only download through your dashboard the dashboard would be a great place to download the most current candidate release that i linked, but unfortunately its not located there and if there is an option to download candidate releases via the dashboard please enlighten me.
  13. anyone else get a raw xml page for the link below? http://download.cloud.secondlife.com/Viewer_3/Second_Life_3_7_24_297643_i686_Setup.exe lol hopefully it will get caugfht soon ...
  14. i am not a LSL scripter. is it possible to rotate different textures on 1 prim, but specific textures on specific faces of that 1 prim? thanks :)
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