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  1. This video article has been helpful for being social, check it out and the site, all very helpful. http://www.wrongplanet.net/article438.html
  2. I logged in today after having been offline for several months (took a break after getting burnt out), checked out the new Firestorm viewer update, looked at the destination guide, etc. About the destination guide, it changed! no longer do I see the same spots appearing in multiple categories. I log off and log back in and I get a different return in the guide each time. I like this; I can find more stuff this way, only there is a problem with the returns that I am getting. The "What's Hot Now" category is showing a bunch of art, education style Sims but they are all empty. In fact,
  3. I started using the Show-Look-At option when I entered the military combat part of Second Life, although I do not spend time doing those activities, I still keep the option on. I like to see when people look at my avatar, perving on people, or like what this thread is about, to see people cheating. I have seen a couple bots that have hid there show-look-at, they really try to hide themselves, making their avatars invisible.
  4. Wow theres a lot of posts that I did not bother to read. Last time I was in this thread was page 13. I finished up my finals and then went camping.... in the woods.....with lots of furries.....we had an orgy.........sacrificed a make-shift doll based off Pamela Galli's SL avatar....well we included her in the orgy before placing her on the fire and dancing naked around it. Two books Pamela, Dragon Bone Hill is meant for someone who is uneducated in human origins. The second book Physical Anthropology, will cover what you are not looking for. I did have my suspicions but now you made it clea
  5. I have not looked into my family history very deeply, a great number of my relatives are greedy individuals. I will say that there is a chance that I am Irish, since a large number of Irish fleed over to the New World during and after the Irish Potato Famine.
  6. I am sorry but what you are asking is out of my area of focus, you should contact a local university and see if they may answer those questions. In terms of how great privacy has gotten, think back to what it must have been like when we were using fabric curtains as doors (some cultures still do this).
  7. I am not your mother, go ask your local history teacher, I don't have time to give you a complete break down of the human origins. Please refer to Dragon Bone Hill: An Ice-Age Saga of Homo erectus ISBN 0195152913, Introduction to Physical Anthropology, 2013-2014 Edition ISBN-13: 978-1-285-06197-9 Also as you have have noticed, written text can contain bias and therefore you should also combine the documents with physical evidence (fossil remains), using Relative Dating or Chronometric Dating to find the age of an artifact(s).
  8. Back in 2006-2007 when the New Media Consortium was praising Second Life education, my college (I did not attend at the time) was the University of West Florida. They had and still do have a very large Anthropology department. However, The parcel ($1500/yr) that the university used was for the computer engineering program. UWF canceled their contract after a year, the professors all said that there was no point in using the virtual space. Even the Archaeologists said that there are many other programs that allow for digital reproduction and are free to use. As for filling out your profile, n
  9. yeah actually we started out in Africa, moved into Asia, then Europe, and then to north america. There are several hypotheses as to how they got over, Land Bridges, vegetation rafts, ice bridges, or just hanging out on the continent till it broke apart and floated into the formation it is today. During the Mesozoic era (ca. 125 mya), we had the Continent of Pangea which was in the process of breaking up into the northern land mass of Laurasia and the southern land mass of Gondwanaland. During the Cenozoic era (ca. 65 mya), The land masses were begining to form what we have today. There wa
  10. At possibly Page 9, I listed my current profession; Anthropology. Sometime around 400 kya, our species Homo sapiens appears. The earliest sapiens were called "archaic", or "pre-modern" Homo sapiens (to distinguish them from the "anatomically modern" Homo sapiens sapiens. Their government varied from Band societies, Tribes, to Chiefdoms. Like one of the previous posters discussed in this thread, the chief was in charge of the 100 or so inhabitants, it was the Chief's job to know your business. You as a member of the village, had no secrets because the Chief new everything that you did inc
  11. I do admit I find it funny that everyone is getting so worked up over government spying on their own people. Governments having been spying on their own people for the past 400,000 years and the governments are still doing it, what makes any of you think that all this complaining is gonna make it stop?
  12. Oh I see yeah I once thought about that but then wrote it off since the government has more important things to worry about. Should I be worried that I look at Bestgore, Liveleak, 420chan, various adult furry sites? Well one can only dream that the world reaches a point where the only offense is looking up disgusting pictures on the internet but sadly we have wars and such which is probably what the government is more interested in. Finding terrorists. So I just thought "Meh" no government official is gonna knock on my door and lecture me about looking up Bulls owning conquistadors, US soldi
  13. You are very welcome Dres, oh I forgot to mention I actually do look at news online, if you consider all the lovely videos of civilians getting blown apart on Liveleak. War is so silly I watched a video of the Free Syrian Army training small children to fight on the front lines. That kids oh my, the machine gun was longer then he was. Oh do they blow up so young these days.
  14. I am terribly sorry to post in such an old thread but I just have to share my PC specs. I connect to Second Life with a Dell Inspiron 3520 purchased from the store for $398 The screen has a max resolution of 720p I have a total of 1 Memory stick of 4GB of DDR3 A CPU/integrated graphics called Intel HD 3000 with a shared memory capacity of 1600MB. The graphics is the equivalent of an Nvidia G210 (slight upgrade from an Nvidia 8400). According to Linden Lab, the HD 3000 is an unsupport graphics card for Second Life. The CPU is the lowest possibly Intel I3. I get an epic 10 FPS on medium sett
  15. It has been almost 12 months since I last read a news paper, 7 months since I watched the news on television or views the news on the internet. What news I have gotten are all from various complaints by random people. So this NSA thing? First I laughed hard when people got the NSA confused with NASA. Second, what do you have to hide? really lets see, the NSA is spying on me... ok Finneli Felwitch is an unemployed college student studying to be an Anthropologist. She is a furry. Right um.... yeah... so anyone happen to have some bleach that I can wash my eyes out with - An NSA spy agent
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