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  1. Just how is your buying your own region a problem for your former landlord? Why should it even be? You could have simply timed your move smartly and used up what you paid for already before getting your own region. There is no stealing involved at all, the landlord kept his part of the contract, his only obligation beeing to provide you with the rental land you paid for. The "goods" that were paid for were received - the buyer or in this case the tenant aka you simply decided to throw them away. Calling this stealing (wrongly) is actually a very real crime called slander. A contract is a contract is a contract. Turn on your brain before entering one. SL business is no game, it is for very real money.
  2. Lol, really, grow up! Every transaction you make in SL is based on a contract - that doesn't need to be written down. You can even sue in RL court about that stuff - so I would recommend you to go that way.
  3. What makes you think you have any right to get your money back? A contract is a contract is a contract. The landlord kept his side - you on the other hand want to break it. Can you bring back gas from your car to the gas station when you notice that the one next door sells a cent cheaper? No. Not even if you pump it out of your car all by yourself into a bottle and give that bottle to the cashier of the gas station. Grow up.
  4. Be glad it is 42 already, it was only 25 not that long ago. If I remember correctly the problem is what group membership is used for. It is amongst other things used to grant or deny land access, and at each parcel crossing the system has to check if you are a member of an allowed group or not - and it seems to make a big difference in system load if it has to check 42 or 300 groups. Would be easier if there were different kinds of groups, like "managing groups" and "social groups".
  5. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: When you buy a full region direct from LL, $1000 only covers the set up. You have to pay the first months tier too. This is not correct, the $1000 setup fee includes the first month of tier. There was one exception during a promo period when LL didn't charge setup fees - in *that* case you had to pay the first month tier.
  6. Well they will send you an eMail some time before they charge you again for renewal, so it shouldn't come as surprise to anyone, and you have time to cancel your premium membership before you get charged.
  7. Check if the SIMs run on the same server channel (menu help --> about "whatever viewer you use", look for the line "Second Life Server"). I had trouble before jumping/walking between SIMs that run on different channels (main or RC channels). If you have premium or concierge support available, you could try chat or open a ticket under "region performance".
  8. Also verifizierter (sprich normalerweise per Kreditkarte abgesichertes) PayPal-Konto und Kreditkarte sollten auf jeden Fall gehen. Oder falls du genuegend L$ angespart hast, kannst du die auch auf LindeX verkaufen, und aus diesem US$-Guthaben bedient sich LL dann zuallererst wenn irgendwelche Zahlungsverpflichtungen anfallen.
  9. Es gibt inworld eine Gruppe "For Sale by Owner", dort werden jede Menge gebrauchte SIMs gehandelt. Tritt der mal bei :-)
  10. Ich finde in den Hauptartikeln auch nichts mehr, aber ein Zitat aus der damaligen Promoaktion: "Normally, the first month island maintenance is included as part of the island set-up fee and is considered to be billed in advance. As we are not collecting a set-up fee, we still have to collect the island maintenance fee, plus any applicable VAT for the next 30 days usage of the island and the resources it consumes to run it at time of delivery." Ich hab bisher auch immer nur die Setup Fee bezahlt und einen Monat danach die erste Miete.
  11. Die Auskunft von Maddy ist falsch. Beim Neukauf einer SIM von LL ist in der SetUp Fee die erste Monatsmiete enthalten. Die einzige Ausnahme, die es einmal gab, war bei einer Promoaktion. Damals hatte LL keine SetUp Fee verlangt, im Gegenzug wurde aber die erste Monatsmiete kassiert.
  12. The high amount of money pushes me in the direction of thinking that maybe you landed on the Beta Grid (Aditi) instead the Main Grid (Agni) - LL gives money for free for everyone there. On the login screen make sure that you are actually login to the Main Grid.
  13. The Homesteads will lose their 95 Dollar grandfathered tier and go up to 125...
  14. I guess it means you were the last active SL-User and forgot to turn off the lights when leaving, too. Now you have to pay for it. BTW, next time you make a joke fake bill, at least use the correct terms :-) LL uses "L$" as name for the currency, not "$L".
  15. Amethyst, you did not read correctly. Only the one who *paid* for the region was able to actually sell it - not the one who was listed as estate owner. From the Second Life Wiki: *.*.* Can I pay for a private region for someone else? Yes you can, as long as the region is a Regular full prim region. The option is not available for Homestead or Openspace regions. A private region can have a payor who is a different person than the owner. When this is done, we consider the payor to be the rightful owner of the private region, and that person has the right to do as they wish with it. The owner gains the controls they need to run the private region, but although listed as owner, they do not have the right to sell or transfer it. In any conflict of views between owner and payor, it is the payor that has ultimate control -- even down to removing the owner entirely if they wish. *.*.* So it actually is still possible, just not anymore for Homesteads or Open Spaces.
  16. There was a time when LL actually allowed 2 "types" of estate owner, meaning: someone could be the estate owner by name, but someone else was billed for it. This kind of "secondary estate owner" had all rights minus the right to sell the estate full transfer. The construct was very much in use during the high time of the Homestead Regions, it allowed people to be "estate owner" of a Homestead with almost all of the rights that come with that status, but without actually owning the required full region. When the big "Oh lets raise the HS monthly prices by 66 percent!" disaster hit, LL at the same time decided to end this construct. Maybe it is "grandfathered" for those who used it while it was possible, and this is one of those regions.
  17. Qie Niangao wrote: The new MacPro will probably be okay, if you have four grand or so to spend. Well you would need to get the highest so far rumored model of the new Mac Pro to get comparable graphic power to a "normal" high end graphic card in other computers. Workstation graphic solutions like in the new Mac Pro are not really meant for 3D gaming. The rumored top graphic option are AMD FirePro W9000, which puts the machine in the range of a normal AMD Radeon HD8970 or a Nvidia GeForce GTX770. Only problem with that: four grand won't get you far with that Mac Pro - the FirePro W9000 already is roughly four grand. And there are two of them installed :-)
  18. As someone pointed out to me when I noticed the same a few weeks ago: some mail providers filter out the forwarded IMs and group notices, they don't even land in your spam folder. For example Hotmail has switched behaviour since it became Outlook. For years I had no trouble at all - but now I had to switch the forwarding addy to a different mail service (in my case, yahoo mail works fine) - and now I get all my offline IMs and group notices again.
  19. Hm yes - that could be the solution. I guess I'll change my forwarding mail addy and see what happens. Thanks!
  20. Hiyas, for 2 days or so now I don't get any messages anymore from Hipporent boxes - neither payment messages from my own boxes nor messages from places where I rent that my rent is running out. Anybody having the same problem?
  21. According to a german forum, 3rd party exchanges already got mails to end their operations and delete inworld terminals and stuff like that...
  22. Ah now going the personal path? Well whatever: my avatar is 14 and has a partner - but doesn't go to things that (at least where *I* live) a 14yo real boy would have all the rights to do. Many kids use the partner field for best friends, siblings, business partners (yes, kids have businesses, how dare they) and so on. The OP wrote about a fully scripted BDSM-Item - but also stated that the system was *not* active. Now, to play the devils advocate, an example for the possibility of such a situation. Kids (even in SL) often live with parents. What if the parents have such items in the family home? The kids would not be allowed to even visit the parents, because "there are things that *could* be used in a ToS violating way", no matter of the actual situation? What about me as a builder, who sometimes shops for stuff like animations. Would I be not allowed to shop for some sitting animations, because on the next vendor sexual animations are sold and the region is set to Adult? Nah. LL is smart enough to figure it out - and *they* have all what is needed to do so. We don't know much about the original situation. Where did it happen? In a BDSM oriented place? In a place, where just some BDSM stuff happens to be? Who knows? A kid would have *nothing* to do in the first place and should face the consequences. In the second situation? Who will be the judge? Were you here already when Lia®s Leandros made the rounds? She propagated to search for kid avatars, go to them, strip naked next to them, take a picture and AR them for sexual ageplay. Of course all in the name of "Save the Children!". We had a long fight right here in this forum with her (hm, or was it in sluniverse?). Interestingly, her account is gone… So don't get me wrong. I have no sympathy for child avatars in sexual bdsm situations, or in places that cater to such a lifestyle. What I don't like is the black/white bite reflex "OMG, there are ropes, there is a gag, there is … close to a kid avatar - this can only mean ONE thing!"
  23. That's easy, it was said that this person owns a well known kids SIM. You will notice LL taking action simply by this avatar and the SIM disappearing. That is what LL does in a proven case of sexual ageplay. And no, I wasn't in the Boy Scouts of America. I'm not even american, and it is kinda funny to me just *how far* the US prudery goes in some cases. A troup leader that can not roughouse with his troup (in a totally innocent way) is simply stupid.
  24. Drake, you simply don't get that with generalization you can *never* judge a specific situation. A kid bound to a stake, another kid with a whip in his hand standing beside him, could mean: a) a sexual bdsm style situation, which would be against the ToS and if reported will lead to 2 less registered accounts b) a non-sexual bdsm style situation (maybe compare it with RL bullying), which would not be against the ToS c) a non-sexual but violant slavery RP situation (for example from a pre-civil-war USA setting), which would not be against the ToS d) a non-sexual, non-violant "pretend to" game in the style of cowboys and indians, which would not be against the ToS at all. Especially b and c open the doors to moral judgement, but that has nothing to do with the ToS/CS. If you let *that* rule SL, then bye bye to most parts of the whole grid. Including the lady who finds my profile so interesting (which, btw, abides 100 percent to LL's rule which states that all profiles have to be totally PG). So, once again: a ToS violation is not related to a stake, cuffs, a gag, a whip, a paddle, a cell or whatever. It solely is related to the actual situation in that these things are used.
  25. I was answering to your "kids don't belong to anything near...", not to the part about an adult being involved. I'm totally with you that *such* a combination is much more critical (though I can imagine for example a scouts group inlcuding their scouts leader playing cowboy and indians). Once again: all depending on the actual situation, not on any dogmatic "if ... then".
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