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  1. Like it says above in the title. Is there a button I can press or something where only the people in my friends list can comment or message me and not random people not on my friends list?
  2. How can I lower lag and help rezzing better?
  3. What can I do to lower lagging?
  4. Sorry, it says it can't go to another destination and when i try to it won't let me. It won't show me my friend on my friends pannel. It also says i have 10k which is how i know its a glitch because i would not have that much on me at all ever. When i go onto the other one i made its fine.
  5. This is the second time it has done this!! It's an error/glitch when i log on for some reason. It does this sometimes and im tired of it happening. I'm not sure there is much i can do at all about it. I plan on using another account as back up because on the other this never happens to it. If it keeps glitching, should i delete it?
  6. Where are some spiritual places for meditation and meeting people?:)
  7. Where are some spiritual places for meditation and meeting people?:)
  8. what stores might sell like earthy items like this? I mean like them or considered like what this type of clothing is considered/earthy, not that actual items:matte-motes-wink-tongue:
  9. I try to go to places in destinations outside of sl. I press the view location button. Up pops External Protocol Request..the problem i have is that i changed to firestorm recently from singularity and my external protocol request says its for singularity not firestorm. Is there a way i can change it to firestorm? would i have to reinstall firestorm? Thanks
  10. My friend said that somehow you can put a description and username into it and it sends it to that friend? I'm a little confused because i have never found a feature like this. Is it possible to send lin's to friends in mp also?
  11. when it says no spam in groups what does it usually mean?
  12. TimeofSand

    avatar help?

    Looks fine here<---- shows lines when not editing shape. Is there a way to get rid of them? or maybe a facelight item that hides them if not? I tried using other shapes and the same thing showed with them too:( Edit:Thanks!
  13. Is it possible? Sometimes i look in groups and it says they are in it but not in their groups on their profiles. edit:If they are hiding it, it probably means they dont want to be in it, right? 2 questions!
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