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  1. TristanMercer wrote: I CANNOT name names on this forum of said people involved in this. They were using Devpose BDSM equipment with sex animations in it, even if they were not being used. This clearly goes against the ToS/CS and as such, said avatars were abuse reported. That's good, so you do the name and can update us if that person was disciplined (which in case of sexual ageplay will be the end of that account). If not, then I would say that LL checked closely, and maybe *do* make differences between being close to sexual stuff and actually using it. I hope this is not against any rules, but I will copy&paste a support ticket question and the response from LL (names removed, not my ticket): *.*.* Details: There is no official policy statement on whether a child av is permitted to participate in the activity described below. NONSEXUAL bondage rp using cuffs, collars, cages, cells, leashes, blindfolds and gags to control, isolate, and restrain the child av. Genital regions are fully covered before, during, after rp. No depiction of, reference to, or description of sexual penetration, orgasm, sexual arousal, genitalia or fluid exchange before, during, or after rp. Hello ***, As we posted in our blog about Age Play, every report will be handled on a case-by-case basis. However, if there is nothing sexual at all about the actions being taken, then I do not see any reason that you could not partake in the actions you mention. I would make sure that if you do choose to partake in this that you are extremely careful and not venture into the sensual/sexual side of bondage with child avatars. Regards, *** Linden *.*.* In general, this whole situation is borderline, and even if LL decides it is not against the TOS, I would definitely say it is stupid by the mentioned kid avatar to make himself so vulnerable by letting himself be caught. If nothing else, it makes the whole kids community look at least weird again, if not bad. We don't need that. About the ability to cam everywhere: in *that* case, no matter at all what was witnessed by invading the privacy of someone: shame on the invading person!
  2. Well it seems to be related to specific SIMs. I talked to someone in IM earlier today without any problem, then I teleported to another of my regions - and suddenly he got the message that I'm offline. I will restart the region and see if that fixes it.
  3. Over the last few days I repeatedly encounter a problem with the online status. Friends do not show as online on the friends list (both in Firestorm and on the website), and I do not show online to some others - even when standing next to each other. Sometimes an IM triggers an update - sometimes not, with the result that IMs don't reach the recipent in their viewer but get forwarded to their email. Which makes an ongoing IM conversation quite ugly. Is this a current general problem? Can anything be done from the users side to fix it? Thanks :-)
  4. Stand alone Homestead for rent, only L$30,000/month (that's approx L$ 6,900/week). name: Nikkoland (can be changed for L$13.000) estate manager rights for up to 7 avatars full control and terraforming Land is set for sale at L$ 1, after purchase please pay the first months rent directly to Daniel Regenbogen (or contact him for setting up a rental box if you prefer that). http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nikkoland/171/149/22
  5. I guess it is about "Pocket Metaverse" for iOS.
  6. The transfer fee for a used private region isn't $150 but "only" $100.
  7. $195 per month is for a complete mainland sim - not for a private island sim, those are $295 (more if you are subjected to VAT, like many europeans). The L$19,000 per week rental comes up to approx $330 real dollars per month - which is more than the $295 you would have to pay for your own private SIM to LL in case you are american, but less than the $295+VAT if you are a VAT paying european. Do the math :-)
  8. KidsMesh 2012 has opened! Till Dec 9th some of the best designers of Mesh Clothing for kid avatars display their creations. In the middle of the snowy Aspen Region a Christmas Calendar is waiting for you, too - come every day to grab a little gift from it. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aspen/72/153/23
  9. Mesh Clothes are great, they look much more realistic than the old "painted" clothes. Sadly residents with smaller avatars, like kids, often have problems finding mesh clothes that fit them - usually even the smallest provided sizes are big enough to get 2 kids into one pair of pants at the same time. We would like to change that, to bring creators and customers together, hoping to push more mesh clothes creators to cater to this big potential customer base (not only kid avatars, there are many other avatar types around that don't fit into the often giant SL standard sizes). To do that, Aspen Nights will run MeshKids 2012, an expo for mesh clothes in sizes fitting smaller avatars. We already got the "Yes!" from well known mesh creators - and those who weren't contacted yet and would like to participate, just contact Daniel Regenbogen directly. We offer all creators a free shop with 100 prims for the time of the expo. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aspen/71/155/23
  10. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: As far as it not seeming 'right' to you, why isn't it? You agreed to this when you signed up for the premium membership. Of course it is correct for LL to proceed like that. Doesn't mean it is smart. It alienates customers who otherwise might come back sooner or later. Especially compared to free basics that *never* get deleted, including millions of long-abandoned accounts. Wouldn't it be much smarter to simply do an automatic downgrade to basic, reclaim any mainland parcels, return items to inventory and stop paying the stipend? A much better chance for the customer to later - in a hopefully better general economy - decide to come back, when he knows that he doesn't have to start from scratch because he lost a big value in SL already once.
  11. Mainland is payed according to the peak usage in the month before the billing date. So on Oct 19 you will have to pay for the peak of land owning you head between Sept 20 and Oct 19. If you lower your land holdings before Oct 19, this will reflect on your Nov 19 billing. If you lower your land holdings on Oct 20, you will have to pay the high fee again on Nov 19.
  12. The 2012 Aspen Nights Halloween Project has opened! The Dare II: The Revenge of Robert Northstun Every small town has its share of sordid secrets, and Plainville is no exception to the rule. Like many of the town’s children, Brian and Tommy were told the tales of ancient cults, dark rituals and missing children. Their parents assured the boys that such fanciful stories were but urban legends, local myths perpetuated by imaginative youth and older residents to scare the boys. Brian’s grandfather Daniel Wilson wove a masterful tale of an enigmatic philanthropist named Robert Northstun, who spread his wealth around town freely, in exchange for certain… sacrifices. While trick-or-treating on Halloween night, Brian remembered a shortcut that would take them to a lavish costume party at the Dunwich Mall. Before the boys could reach their intended destination, a younger boy dared them to explore Wolf Hill, the alleged location of the notorious Northstun Manor. Once there, the boys were afflicted with shocking visions of the past, murderous children and marauding spirits. The boys ultimately reached the safety of the Dunwich Mall, believing their terrifying adventure was over. They were wrong, it’s only just begun. Brian and Tommy arrived at the Dunwich Mall to find a horrific sight of blood and fear, their peers falling to grotesque, indescribable creatures and the same craven spirits they encountered at Northstun Manor. The boys did their best to help some survivors flee into the darkness, only to see them meet their end at the hands of other horrors. Still though, Brian and Tommy did their best to stand against the darkness. Groups of twisted children who call themselves ‘The Unseen Ones’ seem to be spearheading the destruction across the town, for tonight Plainville’s lost children have returned. As Plainville has discovered, you can’t bury the sins of the past. Brian and Tommy like the other survivors, must either succumb to the ‘Unseen Ones,’ surrendering their humanity forever, or fight against the odds. Fortunately, there is an opposing force fighting against Robert Northstun’s ‘Unseen Order,’ lead by Brian’s grandfather David Wilson. However, under the full ‘Hunter’s Moon,’ David’s own dark secrets shall be revealed, and sacrifices will have to be made. The fight for the souls of Plainville’s children has begun. Search Plainville for clues like journal entries, laptops, iPads, letters, diary entries and newspaper articles that unravel a horrific eighty-year old conspiracy. We invite you to face the same horrors as Brian and Tommy − if you dare! PS: The original short story "The Dare" that last year’s Aspen Halloween Project was based on can be found here: http://www.new-jericho.com/77-site-news/68-the-dare http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Dare%20II/37/226/30
  13. Last week I got the idea to do a little boating trip on the Blake Sea for the first time - and most likely for the last time. I experienced just the same - and it is a SHAME that LL is not able to fix the sim crossing problems for years now. I tried it with the usual tips like reducing script count and speed - didn't really help. But quite honestely: that shouldn't even be necessary! Where is the fun in boating when you have to turn yourself into a naked, hairless, attachment free newbie and have to adapt your speed to invisible lines in the water? As far as I know, in other grids is it possible to have mega regions - lowering the sim crossings dramatically. These were proposed to LL, too - years ago already. And met with resistance "oh we can't do that, it would totally mess up how everyting is set up in SL". Maybe, instead of concentrating on more and more "Nice&Shiny" and advanced projects like pathfinding, LL should concentrate on fixing some of BASIC problems of this world.
  14. While mesh clothes are coming to SL in increasingly numbers, there are very few around that fit kid avatars. Often the smallest provided sizes are still too big, or the form factor doesn't suit kid avatars (big breasts or butts). With mesh clothes not being modable, this is a very sad situation for the kid avatars - and a missed business opportunity for mesh clothes creators. To change this situation, the team of Aspen, one of the oldest kid avatar related places in Second Life, wants to run a special event: a "Mesh Clothes for Kids Fair". We want to show the kid avatars what already is available in mesh clothes that fits them - and to promote the idea of creating something for this big group of potential customers amongst the mesh clothes designers of SL. The idea is still in the early planning stages, this forum post is a first call for feedback from mesh clothes creators, trying to find out what they think about it. For now the event is scheduled for the 2nd half of september with a duration of 1 week. For feedback or questions, please feel free to contact me at any time. Daniel Regenbogen (who just yesterday had to kill an old friend because from the very small selection of mesh clothes for kids he wore the same shortalls)
  15. I think with the latest server release, the land impact calculation changed. No idea if it can have such a drastic effect.
  16. 1/3 SIM for rent (north-west corner on a stand alone, residential region): - 22528sqm - 5156 prims - monthly rent: L$ 33,000 (or weekly rent of L$ 7,600) - tropical island region, building and terraforming within this topic - 1st rent due on april 1st http://slurl.com/secondlife/Purple%20Coral/65/144/24
  17. Kenbro Utu wrote: If there was fault at the hands of the reviewer, then there are channels by which a merchant can get a spurious review removed. What the merchant did was wrong, no matter the story. Maybe he did just that - maybe it wasn't listed new but the review was removed for whatever reason. Sadly almost nobody rates anymore, most likely because nowadays you have to write a review and can't just give a star rating. Because of that one bad review can mess up the whole average big time. My best selling item (more than 300 sales as of today) got two 5 star ratings - and then a 2 star rating with text "This is badly scripted, it doesn't work when scripts are turned off.". Thankfully LL granted my request and removed it.
  18. Personally I prefer the SimpleSitter from CasperTech: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CasperTech-SimpleSit-Sitter-Set-perfect-sit-poses-for-your-creations-EASILY/1925915
  19. We have turned Aspen into a Winter/Christmas Wonderland, and invite everyone to visit us. Take a horse sleigh tour, ride the beautiful merry-go-round, go ice skating (basic skates available for free, more advanced models for sale), sit on Santa's lap or just enjoy the snowy surroundings. We even asked the wild animals to not eat visitors! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Aspen/74/165/22
  20. Complete full prim region (15.000 prims) for rent. - rental price: L$78,000/month - rent free days til nov 17 - up to 5 estate managers - no covenant, no rules - name change possible for L$13,000 http://slurl.com/secondlife/Port%20Jad/107/144/24
  21. from Sy: "Are many leaving? Can you link a source? According to the video above 16,000 people join SL each day. Are you suggesting more than that leave each day?" The problem is: they don't stay/don't spend much time in world. According to LL's own statistics, even with the number of new registrations going up, the sum of time spent in world by all is going down at least since Q2 2010 already (that's the last quarter listed in the current Q3 2011 statistics). So it seems that all the concentration on "Nice and Shiny" doesn't really work, doesn't really makes the new ones "survive" the 1st hour/1st week/1st month.
  22. The short story "The Dare!" is now available for free on the internet: http://www.new-jericho.com/
  23. The short story "The Dare!" is now available for free on the net: http://www.new-jericho.com/
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