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  1. Only works in Firestorm. Coming to SL Viewer shortly.(by 2023 for sure)
  2. To add to this, the jira group are working on a derender option for the SL viewer, so some light I guess. Unfortunately, this game (or whatever you want to think of it as) is a ridiculous money hog, with no intentions of meeting the needs of anyone other than the creative designers, land slumlords, greedy casinos, or the excessively perverted. The rest of us are just the money pot. It sickens me. I hope some of you are getting real value here. What can a person really do with 1024sqm while there are millions of SQM with nothing on them. Ridiculous. Cheers
  3. Sent the feedback to Jira, they accepted the idea and have it in triage for the stock viewer. Just switched to Firestorm so not an issue atm, but a learning curve for sure. Thanks for that suggestion.
  4. ensidious, class distinction is a sad reality in any world. I'm glad you chose humor. Not a fan of segregation either. I believe land blocking, mainland rentals and ugly fences are proof that people think we should be separated. Why can't major agencies, like good life(not trying to pick on them), just build private estates? Leave the mainland to people, or at least limit the destruction. Little secret, I am slowly building ban lists, just to block those who block lol. Not effective but I feel better.
  5. Argon, I totally agree. Unfortunately the border indicators are fluorescent Green. That is the issue more than anything. And when the build is done, it's still there just to indicate it's a rental? It could easily be scripted to only exist if the owner is near, and alpha for the rest of us. If you build a decent looking fence and it doesn't obstruct the view of the landscape, that's understandable. If building it on the water, and blocking in the person owning the actual coastline, that's rude imo. I always, at the very least, allow a channel for others to access the sea. I assume you are a good neighbor, so no issue here. Cheers,
  6. Thanks for the reply Qie, totally agree. It's too bad people can't keep their garbage above 1000m at least. With the availability of faux water, why build a box around a beautiful landscape. Cheers
  7. Hi, just wondering if there are any mainland rules governing border line indicators such as the Prims Magic eyesores everywhere in the mainland. Rental outfits seem to deem it necessary to force everyone to see their border lines, in fluorescent green, from every possible angle, all the time. Respectful owners at least hide them under water so kudos to them. I don't see why they cant have a touch feature to enable them for a predetermined time for a potential renter to see the borders if interested. I'm all for open everything at ground level and always allow passage through waters and land so that's my bias. If there is a way to voice opinions as a group to LL, sign me up plz. But, back to the rules, thanks.
  8. This is probably an age old topic, but couldn't find details on how to derender eyesores. On more than one occasion I've wished to hide out of control particles and ugly generic wood platforms. Looking at renting privately just for this reason. Apologies if this is duplicate. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi, I recently was searching for Adult rated land. I found a parcel, checked it out, and bought, only to notice shortly after that I was in M rated land. Why does the search result say Adult rated? Glitch?
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