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  1. hey there ! we at TYKI provide good quality pictures i messaged you in-world
  2. We're hiring DJ's and Hosts. _What we are looking for in a DJ : → The Hideaway plays Open Genre ( No Hard/Thrash Rock) → DJ's are required to have experience. → Microphone Work is appreciated but not a requirement. → If you have an “intro”, No more than 60 seconds long. 30-40 seconds is ideal. _What we are looking for in a Host : → A computer that can handle a busy club. → No Experience is necessary. If needed we will train you. → Be Friendly & outgoing, able to work well with their Dj's
  3. this is the general discussion section 0.o
  4. Nothing catchy i just went to a random name generator and Boom That's how yahyamdn was created
  5. not literally demanding sex from me ! for money, that's called escorting, i have another image in mind i just don't know how to explain it 0 o
  6. Male looking for a sugar mom ♥ ! i never had experience in this sort of stuff before but just can't keep thinking how fun it is uffft ! well what can i say about myself: i am a virgo, i have a decent avatar, i like to RP, outgoing open minded oh and not very demanding !! LoL !!
  7. Hey there i would like to apply but i should say that o have no experience
  8. Hey there i know the post is old but i am intrested if the offers is still up ^^
  9. Hey there i am a photographer at TYKI i work as a PR for them i make publicities and look for offers like this So i am intrested we also charge really reasonable prices here is our Flickrr = https://www.flickr.com/people/183645031@N04/ 😃
  10. Hello there ! I am intrested in your offer i am not a newbie but this will be my first time getting a job as a host in second life i do have a lot of free time yahyamdn is my inworld name thank you ^^
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