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  1. We're hiring DJ's and Hosts. _What we are looking for in a DJ : → The Hideaway plays Open Genre ( No Hard/Thrash Rock) → DJ's are required to have experience. → Microphone Work is appreciated but not a requirement. → If you have an “intro”, No more than 60 seconds long. 30-40 seconds is ideal. _What we are looking for in a Host : → A computer that can handle a busy club. → No Experience is necessary. If needed we will train you. → Be Friendly & outgoing, able to work well with their Dj's and of course know how to have fun ^^ _What will you be getting : →100% of your tips & Managers that care about you ♥ We have a variety of shifts at the moment but mainly we are looking to for working hours from 12 am to 10 am Slt so if your intrested do consider The Hideaway Club Contact us in-world for more information : " yahyamdn ", " adorimodel ", " Krista Nexen "
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    my bad guys !
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    this is the general discussion section 0.o
  4. Nothing catchy i just went to a random name generator and Boom That's how yahyamdn was created
  5. not literally demanding sex from me ! for money, that's called escorting, i have another image in mind i just don't know how to explain it 0 o
  6. Male looking for a sugar mom ♥ ! i never had experience in this sort of stuff before but just can't keep thinking how fun it is uffft ! well what can i say about myself: i am a virgo, i have a decent avatar, i like to RP, outgoing open minded oh and not very demanding !! LoL !!
  7. Hey there i would like to apply but i should say that o have no experience
  8. Hey there i know the post is old but i am intrested if the offers is still up ^^
  9. Hey there i am a photographer at TYKI i work as a PR for them i make publicities and look for offers like this So i am intrested we also charge really reasonable prices here is our Flickrr = https://www.flickr.com/people/183645031@N04/ 😃
  10. Hello there ! I am intrested in your offer i am not a newbie but this will be my first time getting a job as a host in second life i do have a lot of free time yahyamdn is my inworld name thank you ^^
  11. Need someone to take photos of you? Need a photographer to take your profile picture? for a very affordable price . well you have come to the right place so worry no more . * Single : 100 L *Couples : 200 L *group : 300L _ 400 L Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/people/183645031@N04/ TYKI welcomes you 😍😄 For further more Information please do contact us
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