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  1. thanks i was able to achieve the one arm tattoo with the legacy material editor. so problem solved for now.
  2. im wondering if you figured out how the left arm channel works, im having issues and could pay you for your time if your willing to give me a quick tutorial
  3. i am placing a tattoo on the left arm alpha channel and im not seeing it show up on my avatar at all. if someone is familiar with the left arm alpha channel and how it works im willing to pay you for your time for a quick tutorial on how this works. contact lyric bayn in world
  4. sure thing boss, eye rolls billions upon billions.
  5. my media will play on my pc, it just wont play in second life. i have tried everything i can think of to fix the issue. I got it fixed a couple times but now the end result is the same issue no media. so i wanna go to the club and then i see in chat every 2-5 minutes about tips. I just felt like complaining because where else can you go and meet people, i mean people not actual bots....i know my complaining is never ending, but now i feel better 😂
  6. i said it because i felt like it, why you just say that to me? cause you felt like it.
  7. No boss it actually doesnt, half the time the sl media doesnt even play so no i wont be tipping djs, its just as easy for me to listen to my spotify.
  8. Annoying YES, guilt, not at all i spend PLENTY supporting creators lol
  9. So i think its extremely tacky and unprofessional, when the hosts, djs and whoever else is cheerleading on the sideline begs for tips every 2-5 minutes....just saying.😂
  10. Im not talking about having more then 1 account, im talking about the endless stream of bots on multiple sims.
  11. attack of the bots. i think its rare for me to see actual live people playing the avatars these days, to me it seems to be alot of bots.
  12. ugh you shouldnt have to worry about wearing a choker, it should be optional lol
  13. thank you i will give the shine a try maybe it will cover the ugly neck seam..hehe
  14. I hear ya...lesson learned on my end.
  15. i am also having this same issue, have you found a fix for this?
  16. i have tried my genus head and also my catwa, it doesnt remove the neck seam no matter what i try. ive tried MANY skins. i didnt realize they had heads for the body, but no i wont be buying one lol. i even tried the light settings they suggested and the seam is still there. i tried adjusting the neck shape on the body and the shape and the seam is still showing. at that price $5000 lindens which equals about $35.00 canadian the body should be flawless if you ask me.
  17. i thought i would give the body a try very curvy shape to it, but no matter what i do i cannot get the seam in the neck to go away, ive bought multiple neck shaders and skins and not one of them works in the neck...long story short i wouldnt purchase until they have a fix for this issue, i will go back to maitreya because of this reason. if anyone has a suggestion or a fix for this please contact lyric bayn in world.
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