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  1. Mine just finished processing, LL to PayPal. I'm in Canada and it took 6 days. Its usually 5, but I can easily allow a one day delay for the holidays. In other words ... Be patient
  2. What about data security? Is a web based viewer going to be as secure as a dedicated client viewer?
  3. So, what does it take to qualify to test? I viewed the intro and got the Join Now option, not the Explore Now. I've been a resident since 2009 and routinely participate inworld as well as in the forums. I've owned land, a club, a mall, shops. Heck, I built SL's tallest free-standing elevator. I've built and scripted. I regularly try the various viewers. So why don't I qualify to test the web viewer??
  4. What better way to attract people to SL than to increase costs to educational and non-profit organizations. Really shows your equal treatment of everyone, doesn't it? After all, nothing more equal than charging every cent you can get from the consumers.
  5. This is what needs to be shown out in the RL mainstream!
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