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  1. Mine just finished processing, LL to PayPal. I'm in Canada and it took 6 days. Its usually 5, but I can easily allow a one day delay for the holidays. In other words ... Be patient
  2. What about data security? Is a web based viewer going to be as secure as a dedicated client viewer?
  3. So, what does it take to qualify to test? I viewed the intro and got the Join Now option, not the Explore Now. I've been a resident since 2009 and routinely participate inworld as well as in the forums. I've owned land, a club, a mall, shops. Heck, I built SL's tallest free-standing elevator. I've built and scripted. I regularly try the various viewers. So why don't I qualify to test the web viewer??
  4. Exactly. Too bad for the owners of that other virtual world if they didn't do thier homework. My only concern is for the users who will likely get ripped off and end up turned off on the whole virtual world thing.
  5. I heard about that and went to verify for myself. Yes, Emerald is now the 'official' viewer for a virtual world styling itself as the Virtual World Wide Web. I couldn't believe that anyone could make dumber decisions than LL, but it happened. After all, how dumb is the decision to adopt a viewer that was proven to be used as for illegal activities?
  6. What better way to attract people to SL than to increase costs to educational and non-profit organizations. Really shows your equal treatment of everyone, doesn't it? After all, nothing more equal than charging every cent you can get from the consumers.
  7. It looks like that bug does not affect Phoenix. Or it may be a matter of simply switching to any other viewer clsoes any bad file that may be causing teh bug. I don't know, but one person on another thread switched to Phoenix and they got their purchase
  8. Use whatever acts as the scrollwheel would on a standard mouse.
  9. I found V2 much easier to use once I installed the Starlight skin: http://www.4shared.com/file/S14A_IBR/starlight_for_Viewer_2-1.html There are a number of Debug settings you can use, as well. Debug settings are found on the Advanced Menu, Ctrl-Alt-D to enable. Here's the thread for the settings: http://blogs.secondlife.com/message/346707 In the end, which viewer you use is your choice, but if you decide to try theThird Party Viewers, go through the TPV directory: http://viewerdirectory.secondlife.com/ Btw, Second Inventory charges 30 Euros (US$60?) to obtain it. It is not free like the oth
  10. This is what needs to be shown out in the RL mainstream!
  11. Just the usual clear your cache and relog. Also, try Ctrl-Alt-R to rebake your textures.
  12. As I posted above, I gave the Snowstorm Project's builds a run for about 3 weeks. Frankly, V2 truly sucks without the Starlight skin, which was put together by residents, by the way. I've now gone back to a TPV, Phoenix. V2 has its pluses, most notably the Multiple Attachments and the Paste as Link functions. The GUI can be learned. But it is not as easy to use as the 1.** GUI. Surprisingly, the biggest loss I found was the loss of the Set Not Busy button. The loss of the pie menu was simply inconvenient. I think that is the biggest problem with V2, its features are simply not convenient. Wh
  13. I've got the same card, nVidia 9500GT and it ran v2.1.2 at High setting with no problem. I used the Snowstorm Project's builds as they were released up to build 208526 with the Starlight skin installed. I ahd some issues with some of the builds, but those were related to the llkdu.dll file and were relatively easy to resolve by replacing it with one from a functioning build. I had the settings on Custom and had the sliders set to the first notch into High, draw distance at 128m and Particles set to 2048. In other words, its likely not your video card.
  14. Hi Ags I also responded to your post for a 512sq.m parcel. The weekly stipend (L$300 every Tuesday) last as long as your premium memberships does. If you go with the yearly payment, you eventually recover about US$60 of the US$72. Also, after 45 days, you will recieve a sign-up bonus of L$1,000. I'm not sure about this as I got mine a year and a half ago, but if I recall correctly, if you do not change your Payment Info in that 45 days, you will also receive an additional L$250.
  15. I had the same problem with the VFS. The fix is to replace the current llkdu.dll file in your SecondLife folder with a different one. Best bet, download and install the the Snowstorm Projects 2.1.1 build 208526, but don't start it up (unless you want to). Then, copy and replace it into the program file. This won't fix the problem of not being able to log in from campus, but it should fix the crashing at Intializing VFS.
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