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  1. Great news for us newbies!!! PS. I am sure it would take a lot of time, but .... I have to mention that, some of the help items show screen prints of the old browsers, etc - and the same options are not available in V2. Maybe something can be added / updated to include that?
  2. Starchild, Thank you! I think I'm going to download the older viewer and see if I can find things better with that. I also heard it works better than V2 on the Destination Guide, etc. Appreciate it! I'm still looking.
  3. Thank you! ... You explained all the pricing structure perfectly. :-) I am sorry too, if I have posted the same kind of question in more than one spot. I still need help finding available listings for land that can be purchased with a premium acct. It is very time consuming to go thru the Destination Guide, redo the search each time, and end up with very few choices. MOST of the land for purchase has nothing to do with a premium acct., and it's difficult to find plots that are 512/1024 in size -- most are much larger OR for rent... that's easy to find. LOL I'll just keep looking i
  4. Hi .. I spent a great deal of time yesterday searching via the web, and thru the destination guide in SL... I found maybe two choices of land that fit into the catagory I am looking for,  neither of which were exactly what I wanted (which is understandable). It seems much easier to find land to rent,  or land for sale where you do NOT need a premium acct. If anyone has any tips for this - please post. I am hoping to find a parcel sized 1024 that is located in a mostly residential area, and hopefully by the water.  I have a premium acct., which should take care of part of the ti
  5. I went into the pic/texture in my file, changed the setting to 1:1 ... and it isn't blurry anymore.
  6. tyVm ! it worked tonight - so it must have just been a glitch! I need to learn some patience. :-)
  7. LOL ... thanks u2 ... pretty much what I figured, but it's always good to check and make sure.
  8. I was unable to rez / use my SL Internet Radio @ my Linden home last night - it kept telling me "Did not rez,  Please try again" This was different than the message I got when I tried to rez up my mediation fountain thing... that message was "Can not rez, not allowed", and I made sure I have prims left ... so... My only conclusion is,  radios are not compatible with Linden homes???? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi ... sorry to be a pest. I uploaded a snapshot of my avatar for my profile.  At first, it looked great.  Now it looks all blurry. Any idea why? PS... I did use it to try and build a picture frame, and use it as a texture ...    not sure if that distorts the original texture?  Even that is now blurry.
  10. I'm curious about something...    I've seen Nike shoes in SL .. but not often, do I find name brands - for obvious copyright issues. Are those who sell the Nike getting permission to do so,  or just hoping they don't get caught?  What is the official rule? I figured out how to make paintings for the walls in my house.  Can I put anything I want up, or does it have to be an original work? Thanks in advance.
  11. I have a Linden home, and I know that it takes up basically all the 512m space I get from my premium acct. However,  to adjust settings - change access list etc.,   I have to FIND a peice of land that is not considered "park,  protected land". It takes me a good 15 tries at least to finally get close enough to the house but not click ON the house to find the sliver of land that is mine and not covered by my house. Any tricks out there for this one?  I like to change who can come over based on what we plan to do - and this becomes quite annoying after awhile.  LOL
  12. I got the skin installed, so far so good ~ thanks for the tips & tricks - I really appreciate the help!
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