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  1. hahah. wow. re-log worked. apparently my problem isnt in the land buying, its in my inability to accept the easy answer might be the right one. Thanks guys
  2. Its a long story. ive started my own building company, (custom sim building, parcel building, anything of the sort.) awhile back, and so of course i hired some friends in sl and the sort. one of my friends is filthy rich, im not even sure how. he's willing to buy land to fund my company, i just need to find it. i found a piece of mainland, low lag, blah blah blah, for a low price. i decided i could buy it myself, and also get the land from him. so this is where the problem comes from. it wont let me buy the land. i will try a re-log right about now, but im not sure if its going to work.
  3. Ive started searching for some new land, and EVERYWHERE (everywhere.) i go where i try to buy land thats for sale, the notification on the left side pops up and instead of saying the usual information (who im paying the Linden to, how much ill have left, etc.) it says this: There has been an error in fetching land information. cant authenticate you, please visit our: then a very long link that im too lazy to repeat.. please help?
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