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  1. Here's the thread that helped solved that Initializing problem I had. I didn't think the links would just keep on changing all the time, I thought they were going to stay here because they best matched my thread. Anyway here is the one that fixed it for me. http://blogs.secondlife.com/message/343144#343144
  2. Yeah you're right. It was the college that was blocking me from going to Second Life so I went to the Tech Services of my college and told me there's another way I can go to it without going to another friend. So I suggest everyone who has or feel that they have similar problems with their college dorms blocking Second Life go speak with the people of your college who fix your computers to see if there's have another way to do that, considering if you actually have those people at your collge.
  3. Ever since I went back to my college dorm to start on my new semester, I can't log on into Second Life.  I figured it may have something to do with the dorm's network that was blocking me in spite of this, I kept trying to log in and nothing happened beyond the log in screen, it tried to load up the screen, but it wouldn't work.  After finally accepting that it could be the college's network that I'm connected blocking my attempts to log into it, I went to other places that have free Wi-Fi like Starbucks for example; however, by doing that, I think I somehow broke the game.  Because now the log in screen won't come up at all and the program just crash when it's initializing the VFS. I tried to reinstall it, but I still have the same problem, even when I use the original connection it won't work.  I need direct help in to solving this problem. Edit:  One of the Links right next to this helped me get back to the log in screen of Second Life now,  It's just a matter of actually logging on into it is the problem.  So, does it have something to do with my connection to the net.  I'm using the dorms connection, but it doesn't seem to work.   Is that the problem?
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