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  1. worked perfectly ty soo much - u saved my slife
  2. The last week when i've logged on my avi is just a white little ball of light...keeps saying loading over my head and it wont rez at all thought it was my mac at first, but logged on my old avi 2 check and i can see her just fine anybody know why and in that case how i can fix it?? this is me for the last week...
  3. Thank you so much it worked - was actually set to 0...ur a saving angel haha have been uninstalling and reinstalling and finally its fixed - now my beach actually have palm trees again
  4. So yeah, after i did the update all my tree's, furniture etc and most importantly my shoes look all twisted and messed up, instead of a fluent form, its just lines and shapes that makes it look like someone crushed my things together...can anyone give me some pointers on what to do?
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