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  1. I totally misread that...think I'm brain dead today..sorry...yep I was thinking in world and not forum wise....everyone disregard! *takes a tequila shot*
  2. @Phil.I was just about to say the same thing...its kind of hidden unless your mouse goes over it..very hard to see when the share icon is shaded until your mouse hits it.
  3. @Madelaine McMastersRofl...so funny! This is my edited version, but love yours the best!!!
  4. Depending on your viewer which I use Firestorm...so these directions is only for firestorm in case this helps someone else. Go to Preferences>Chat>Notices> uncheck..."Email me my IM's when I am offline...then save and you are done.
  5. Also don't forget you have to verify your avatars age...go into your account in secodlife.com and make sure you verify.
  6. Sometimes Sl goes through maintence which slows things down and etc...you might want to deattach, log off and log back on and reattach. If that doesn't work...wait a day or two because maintenace is usually over by then. You can check the maintence schedule by the website... http://status.secondlifegrid.net/
  7. Try Dura...that is a great place....just searc it inworld.
  8. Hello, There are many groups that cater to people not having many lindens to fix up there avatar. You can go on marketplace and find many free shapes and skins as well as enroll in secondlife groups that give you link to free things...if you need help look me up in Secondlife and I will be glad to help. (Sandria Mosely)
  9. No...it does not mean that. It means if your state does not offer gaming then you will not be allowed to teleport to the casinos and other gaming places where you can win lindens. The new policy is a check and balance...it why these new gaming places must be on linden labs land. They can monitor more easily by you contact and payment info. Hope this helps.
  10. I think he meant he is looking for friends or something more then friends.
  11. If you are looking to get adopted it is good to join groups for things like those and make a conference once in a while posting that you are looking for parents...that is a good start.
  12. I personally don't understand what you are talking about becuse if you take off your AO your movements suppose to be still. Try stopping all animations after you take off your AO and if you still are moving...contact me inworld so I may see what you are talking about. Sandria Mosely
  13. Yes I do realize that but there are many people out there that still want to know and I am merely putting it out there for them to contact me as well.
  14. Wow...I thought it was just me. I personally take the time out to ensure my avie is always sexy and alluring...I mean this is SL and it is only a mere fashion show to me. I love seeing beautiful avies and always trying to better mine. I have nothing against how a person looks or dress tehre avie, but the problem I do have are those trying to approach one that is entirely out of their league. I know I might get a lot of bad mouthing about this...but I am not one to hold my tongue...if its the truth its the truth. If you don't want to put effort into your avie, don't expect people to be into on a realationship level. Most don't like change and that is fine, but I am not willing to waste my time with closed minded people. If you want help with your avie...I can show you the best places and at half or 80% of the usaul cost. Yes I think my avie is spectacular but I do shop reasonable and still contain the stylish era. If you need help with you avie please fell free to ask me and I'm sure others in this forum will help you too.
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