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  1. All of a sudden now when i click my omega clothes hudand click apply pants or shirt nothing is happening. None of them are working in my inventory.. Any solutions??
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    Ok so i am trying to learn these things all ahead of time before i even get to opening a inworld store. I was wondering how do i put something in and inworld store that will allow them to buy the product instantly right inworld once they click and pay.
  3. Ok so i read a few things and people say to set to ultra and check the box that says shadows.. I have done it and still nothing.. I am using firestorm viewer
  4. I was wondering were i can find the dev kits so i can make clothes for mesh bodies? I only found Omega.. I need all of them.
  5. http://prntscr.com/7j4nwi I have been to the inworld store before and i know that creator has puppies/cats/horses etc.. I lost the landmark for it. Does anyone know ?
  6. I really am wanting to make some jewelry and clothes because i am extremely picky with clothing. I am very familiar with creating this stuff on IMVU but have no clue how to do it here.. Are there any good tutorials? ( I am using GIMP)!
  7. I am not able to log into my SL. Every time i try it says "Login Failed unable to connect to simulator". I need this fixed asap.
  8. For some odd reason its not working for me at all on my firestorm viewer. It was just fine earlier. Any suggestions?
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