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  1. It was a rolling restart, or so I was told. According to my landlord it is being done every Tuesday and Wednesday for the next year. It's just frustrating, due to the cost of the item. I check constantly in my lost and found, or if it was somehow miraculously returned. I've cleaned my cache hoping it returns, but so far nothing. Oh well, nothing I can do at this stage. Just replace it. To add to the frustration, must have rezzed ten different items costing virtually nothing, and they all came out fine. The one item worth money is the one that disappeared. If not for bad luck i'd have no luck
  2. I was having a nice day Wednesday. Had just rented my first SL land, and set up a house, added some furnishing and a pretty expensive purchase from one of the local stores--3000 Linden expensive. I returned a few hours later to see that expensive item had disappeared. The majority of the stuff, house excluded, was cheap--free or maybe 100 L or less, sadly the only thing that disappeared was the 3000 L item. Long story short, I contacted my land renter and was told it was likely lost in the roll back that SL will be doing for the next year. I was advised to start a ticket, but SL basically said
  3. Since the last update to the LL viewer, i've been getting a message that Auto pilot has been cancelled on a fairly frequent basis. I never got this before, and its getting a little annoying. What is auto pilot, and why is it interupting my SL experience?
  4. I have a small store, and i'm looking to set up a media player/television set so I can play back a video showcasing some of our product. The video would be playing in a loop, so basically repeating itself over and over. Not sure if I would store it on Youtube or someplace and just link it, but my concern is having it set up so people couldnt just come and change the channel or switch to a different Youtube video. I obviously only want that particular video to play. Any suggestions as to what I'd be looking to get? or would just a regular TV/media player thing be good?
  5. Hi all. I'm new to Second Life, and was curious how I'd go about keeping my group information private. I've seen some setting options, but don't see the option to keep groups hidden from all. I have joined quite a few, but would rather not have anyone who looks at my profile being able to check groups and find out where I'm active. I've seen a few profiles with that section not visible, so I'm sure its easy to do--just not sure how.
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