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  1. Combining facial expressions Here's an example of a quick and easy method for combining SL's default avatar facial expressions. Find a good pose and lighting, then lock your camera and take one or two snapshots for each facial expression: I like using the "mouth open" expression, then cancelling it and capturing a screenshot so the mouth is somehwere between wide open and fully closed. Paint in some clenched teeth. :smileymad: Then grab the "sticking out tongue" expression for the narrowed eyes. Erase the mouth area from the "sticking out tongue" layer, and... ...drop in the "clenched teeth" layer behind. Then drop in the background and resume fighting dragons in some faraway land. Or something. :smileywink:
  2. I'm not sure if it's been discussed before (my apologies if it has). One of my favorite tricks is using the zoom controls: View > Zoom In, Zoom Default, Zoom Out (or ctrl 0,9,8 respectively) when taking pose stand and greenscreen shots to drop into a background scene later. It flattens out the subject nicely and makes for a more balanced figure and silhouette. It also works very well for correcting some snapshots; for instance, your subject is standing in a room inworld and the converging lines gives a sense of imbalance or vertigo. Zoom in a couple/few clicks and the problem goes away. :smileywink:
  3. It would be so much fun... if RLV wasn't so easy to turn off. People might then think twice before leaving their keys out. :smileywink:
  4. @ Willow: Thank you. :smileytongue: And @ Bunky: after glancing over your adventures in your blog, I think you have to break into homes and treat yourself to a bath. Be sure to leave wet towels all scrunched up on the floor. Also, be sure to rearrange the furniture and replace all the canned goods in the pantry with rolled socks from the sock drawer and vise versa. Homeowners love that.
  5. Dress like the UPS guy. (Anyone else hanging around my doorstep better have a good reason for being there or they get to meet the dog.)
  6. There would have to be a LOT of changes before SL could hope to compete with a real MMORPG, the first being exploration. Being able to ride (or fly) from one side of the continent to the other without hitting a zone line or having to pause for things to rez into view is one of the amazing things about Azeroth. But, unfortunately for SL, you're in a box. Always in a box. On mainland, you're going from one box to another box. You can ride your horse for a few seconds before you reach the end of the box. If you're on a racetrack you have to turn every few seconds to stay in the box. SL feels like the equivalent of painting the Mona Lisa on an Etch a Sketch -- sure, it looks sort of like the real thing, but it's still fragile, colorless and constrained.
  7. For as ridiculous as it all is, it appears to be the word in the middle.
  8. Neat! :smileywink: I think they really did a lot of good things with Cata for talents and especially revamping the storylines for levelling all over again. :smileytongue: P.S. The earth is round. The world is flat.
  9. Wilhiam Hydraconis wrote: doesn't this Ignore function you mention only apply to PMs and not threads / posts ? I believe this is correct (and I really, really hope they fix this).
  10. Mmm, green chile double cheeseburger. Almost as good as the chili foot long hot dogs from 'Dog House' downtown -- you know, the ones that are way, way better than any Chicago dog. Way better. (ferret bait) /me waves to Venus and asks what she thought of Cataclysm?
  11. Marigold Devin wrote: And we never did finish digging that ditch to Arizona; I think the ones who didn't return to these forums may still be in there, drunk and debauched *sighs* The are other ditches in other worlds that needed to be dug. ...digged? Anyway, heaven help me for saying this, but I almost miss the old forum threaded layout. Almost.
  12. I'm really, really hoping the OP comes back soon. The suspense is killing me. =)
  13. With LL, you never know. It might be a new service along with the voice morphing thing...
  14. Okay, where did you buy the item? Is it a HUD, and what leads you to believe it's being sent to your physical home address?
  15. It also depends greatly on initial resolution and image size. When I upload a photo or image I crop and resize it to get as close to SL's method of saving them (512x512, 256x256, 512x256, 1024x512, etc.) depending on what the image is and what it's going to be used for. Always resize or resample your images in your graphics application; never trust SL's compression. Make sure your jpgs are compressed at a very low level to retain as much clarity as possible. TGAs and PNGs work well too depending on if you need the extra alpha layers or not.
  16. Have you used any Library grass or trees? Checked ground level for any physical prims that might've dropped and gotten stuck?
  17. Interesting idea, but the problem is voice chat will only work for the first viewer.
  18. Mercedes.Lax wrote: I dont get why our own voice isnt projected out in sl into our own speakers when we speak in our mics. That's what confuses me. It should be coming through your own speakers as well, and it's probably Fraps that's filtering it out. You might try the "use Windows input" on the Movies tab in Fraps to see if there's a change in that. Or perhaps run an instance of Audacity, Goldwave or other sound app and record your PC's stereo outs during the filming (if the realtime recording in the background isn't too much of a strain on your system). Alternately, get a 1/8" Y-jack from Radio Shack and split a signal out from your speaker jack to an external recorder, be it a laptop, digital MP3 recorder, digital camcorder or even an old casette tape deck and sync them up later.
  19. That'd be "Hover Tips". View > Hover Tips > Show Tips, or ctrl + shift + T. Very, very easy to disable that by accident.
  20. The Other Resident is most likely misinformed. As far as I know, the current GreenLife Emerald viewer does not have any code that enables copying or stealing of content (it does have internal texture copy protection, however, which might lead to some confusion). But you already know that. And if the Other Resident plans to AR each and every person using Emerald, she has her work cut out for her. And as a side note, how did the Other Resident know your friend was using Emerald unless the Other Resident was using a 3rd party viewer too?
  21. Thanks for that Jira link. I'm still having the same problem in the LL viewer and Emerald (and I can recreate it every time by camming around in a busy area), and disabling VBO helps at the cost of maybe 2 fps in performance, so it seems worth it. Now, I did try to download new drivers from ATI, and not sure which version they were, but the moment I logged into SL the VBO bug went ballistic and was a hundred times worse than before. So, if you ask me, don't update your ATI drivers as I don't think they fixed anything at all on their end. Stick with the VBO toggle and save yourself a lot of headaches.
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