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  1. TY as for searching for freebie things, I have done this for 2 days. I click on freebie stores but when I get these everything has prices.
  2. How do I get my avatar to turn around and face me? I used the walk box and turned her towards me but then she immediately turns her back to me. Need her to face me so I can try on her clothes and add new skin. Secondly, when she is walking and I should have her stopped she keeps on going on her own. What am I doing wrong. Third, can you tell me where 2 or 3 reasonably priced clothing stores are until I get the hang of this. Also skln stores. And last, where is a good safe place to change clothes. I have searched and searched and and I am at a lose. TY in advance.
  3. I definantly see it. Also, in places your hair appears to go through the fabric of your clothes.
  4. I am new here and my sister wants to send me some L$ to start me off. She has right clicked and clicked pay but it won't let her pay me any thing. Is she doing it wrong?
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