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  1. Then, like a RL business owner who doesn't buy insurance, you take the calculated risk of Something Bad happening. That is your choice. Its only a calculated risk if premium membership is treated like insurance, but that would be horrible. Premium benefits should be restricted to features and linden dollars. We shouldn't have to buy insurance for protection. Besides, insurance doesn't do squat to prevent anything anyway. It only covers monetary loss when something bad does happen. So the analogy is flawed. Insurance in RL doesn't prevent break-ins or fires or anything else bad that might happen. It just pays for damages (and your premiums can go up after, so it doesn't really do that in the long-term).
  2. Don't forget, that first and last names will still be part of SL, they're just not going to be as prominent. It's not like they're being completely thrown out the window. They will be dead for all intents and purposes. People won't be around forever. The two name format will be part of a select set of residents, and as each one no longer logs into SL for whatever reason, it will bring SL one step closer to having no residents with two names (unless by fluke a few newbies decide from time to time that they want two names).
  3. This functionality would allow content created in the mainstream 3D creation tools, such as Maya or Blender, to be imported directly into Second Life You mean, what we have been doing with Scupties for quite some time now? I was once excited about mesh support.. when I thought the viewer would support its creation. One of the great things about SL is how easy it is to build in-world. Much like sculpties should have been, I hope that this is phase one of a plan to bring mesh support completely in-world. I shouldn't have to use one program to use another program's features. I don't think this will bury those who do not use mesh. What it will do, I think, is the same thing the half-assed scupty support did - it will limit the amount of mesh in SL. Sculpties are a niche in SL, and mesh will be a niche, too, because the viewer will not support the creation. Way to burst the bubble!
  4. Along with many other services across the Internet, Second Life needs to separate the unique identifier you use to log in with from the name you are known as inworld. This isn't a system whereby we log in using our email address, or an IM client where if we change our display our friends will simply know it isn't a stranger by the fact that we are on their friends list. Even Facebook, with millions upon millions of users (and a site you guys seem to use as a template for more than a couple of your ideas lately), doesn't do this. Sure, you can set a name to be used as part of a URL to easily access or send people to your profile, but thats the extent of it (and the URL name has to be unique!). Matter of fact, that site has been known to remove accounts with names that are obviously made up. Twitter also has one username (although you can sign in with your email address). Why not simply remove the restrictive sign-up format currently in place, and give existing users a chance to at least once, if we wish to, change our name. You can even charge for it. Heck, you already do (the vanity name program). A better solution is already half in-place and you come up with this? Most RP'ers in SL are here only to roleplay. The above suggestion would allow them to create a one-time RP name, and I suspect they wouldn't need to ever change it because its all roleplay when they are online. It would allow people to share last names with partners. It would also keep it all unique. No viewer changes, screen clutter or verification on the part of users needed. Some of you have suggested disallowing the Display Name from matching any previous Username, but as we have used many millions of names for accounts already that would make Display Names very hard to use as most names would be blocked. Doesn't matter if there are 2 billion account names taken. What do you think the odds are of somebody choosing "Adam Spark" as a display name, especially for legitimate, ethical purposes? I probably would have taken something different if the list of last names wasnt so restrictive. Most names would be blocked? Please. If I had a name generating program that generated names based on the character limits Display Names would have, and was able to exclude all existing SL names, I have serious doubts that the number of possible names would fall short of a trillion. This will not be what allows you to simplify registration. You could do that tomorrow morning if you wanted to by simply removing the short list of last names from the process.
  5. Well... It certainly does match the blog and the rest of the SL website in both style and form. Not a good thing. First thing I noticed when clicking the link to the new Jira is a redirect page. Had to click another link either to go back or go on to the Jira. HUH? What the heck does Agile mean anyway?? Are people who don't read the blogs expected to know where to go to find the information contained in there?
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