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  1. Another experiment showing avatars escaping into the real world, this time, Bollywood. Starring Blaze Nielsen and Charlee Anthony https://vimeo.com/159620407
  2. (since we are silly impractical dreamers with our heads -- um, in the clouds -- not unlike Mac users) I think you should speak for yourself regarding the head in the clouds comment Pamela. In the world of content creation Mac has always ruled and still does for quite practical reasons. The preference of Mac among professional content creators is extremely high. I agree it is something Linden Lab should consider very seriously.
  3. Might be interesting to qualify content creators as hobbyists versus professionals. I think the pros are more likely to convert their products for Sansar. Might give you a clearer picture of the platform more high end content creators are using.
  4. My avatar visits the New York streets for some fun music and dancing. Enjoy! https://vimeo.com/158966809
  5. Granted this IMac has pretty hi specs, it runs SL at high levels day in and day out without a flaw. I don't even remember the last time I crashed Firestorm. The macbook pro 15" runs sl better than I would have imagined. At medium levels it actually runs quite smoothly. I also have a mac mini, hooked up to a big tv screen. I've tried sl on it, but its specs are not great and not really an adequate machine for sl.
  6. Firestorm version 64 bit runs like an absolute dream for me at the highest performance levels (with some degradation in overworked sim venues with many avatars present. OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.3 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB Memory 1600 MHz DDR3, NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 MB ( not Retina Display) Note: Also have a newish 15" Mac Pro laptop with retina Display that gets excellent framerates at medium settings.
  7. I opened chrome to check and found this mp4 file wont play on it. Dont see any plugin options for chrome for video files. I'm surprised it wont play a very standard format like this mp4. (Mine is the Mac version). I use safari, it works fine. Others using different browsers and platforms havent had any problems, but I might look at outputting the file in a format chrome can play in the future. PS: fixed so firefox and chrome can see it, changed to .mov format https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/72954412/Christmas%20Card%20Video.mov
  8. Wondering if anyone else has experienced download issues? I use dropbox for all my videos and have been extremely happy with the performance. Havent heard of anyone having problems with my videos before.
  9. Been developing a lot of skybox concepts using looped video domes lately and find them rather involving. Here's an example developed as a video christmas card, enjoy: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/72954412/Christmas%20Card%20Video.mp4 Ive discovered firefox and chrome don't like mp4 video files, so Ive converted it into a .mov which works but will open a video application to see it. Safari is muuuuuuuuch faster and views the movie from within Safari. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/72954412/Christmas%20Card%20Video.mov
  10. Consider all the fees associated with a resident purchase of $100 USD converted into lindens and spent in marketplace: Fee to buy items in the marketplace (5%), Add extra fee for merchants to convert lindens into USD (either for tier payments or to cash out to paypal), Linden lab makes $12.28 USD. Bottom line, Linden Lab earns over $12% on most marketplace transactions. So, if you assume marketplace sales to be $75 million, Linden Lab would be making in the vicinity of $9.2 million USD per year.
  11. Welcome to the weekly Marketplace staff meeting. First on the agenda, how do we increase marketplace purchases to boost income from our 5% cut? Have a big sale! the marketing hipster suggests. But we don’t sell anything No problem, we’ll select a few popular merchants and announce marketplace sales for them. Won't that piss off the other merchants? Naaaa, all merchants will benefit by increased marketplace shopping. So, won’t this shifting purchase pattern mean more merchants getting rid of their inworld stores and reduce rental overall income for the Lab? Look, don’t think about the big picture, get with the program, all we care about here in the Marketplace is Marketplace income.
  12. This is clearly anti competitive activity conducted by Linden Lab to offer a few "select" merchants a tremenduous boost in sales leading up to christmas. Gaming search is strictly forbidden by the TOS, yet in this case it is being perperated by Linden Lab.This is unacceptable.
  13. Giving "select" merchants this kind of overwhelming advantage in the marketplace is clearly anti competitive behavior and prohibited by the TOS. I guess Linden Lab doesnt have to follow their own marketplace regulations. I think whoever came up with this idea deserves to be abuse reported and should be reprimanded sternly. Linden Lab has put themselves in a position to be marketing/promotion agents for the "select" group of merchants while hurting sales of competing merchants. Its no wonder merchants are furious.
  14. This is the most outrageous example of Linden Lab helping "select" merchants game the system that I can imagine. Clearly a violation of TOS for marketplace! Gaming the search results to an extent we've never seen before, Shame on you Linden Lab.
  15. If you're a hotel conniseur take a look at this one https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/VENICE-HOTEL-SKYBOX-900-Couple-animations-bed-bath-fully-furnished/3335341
  16. Lets face it, regardless of whether your products are copy or no copy, being a merchant in SL is a headache None of my products are copy (exept vehicles). When a customer claims nondelivery I ask them for due diligence in recovering (clear cache, rebuild inventory, search). If they do that and still no product, I will replace it. I figure a small percentage are scammers, but for the most part people are honest. I think the positive reaction to getting great customer service outweighs the negatives of a few cheaters.
  17. I have to laugh when people talk about RL sizes for avatars in SL. In reality we are about 6 inches tall depending on size of screen. So your preference of being 5 inches tall or 6 inches or 8 inches tall in my opinion is purely aesthetic. Anyone choosing either extreme (tall or short) causes problems when dealing with couple animations. As we've all seen women dancing with their feet far off the floor, which to me is a rather ridiculous image. They will indignantly defend their height as "this is my REAL height in the real world" . I say leave RL life height measuring in RL, this is SL with our own world of measurements and aesthetics.
  18. I see you're looking for a full sim estate. I have one available to rent for 245 L/month. its attached to my 4 other sims now but will disconnect it from them. Let me know if you're interested.
  19. TVs can be finnicky for sl viewers. If you have a black screen, log out and come back. Or, fly to another sim and return. Somehow that can help reestablish the connection a lot of times.
  20. I upload my product videos to drop box. they have decent servers and no ads. try to keep your videos relatively small if you can.
  21. Linden lab apologized for the interruption and stated their internal systems would be modified because of this unfortunate event.
  22. Problems started after monday , both my marketplace and sl page are borked. The issues are on Safari version 7.0.3 for Mac, which I have used without problems for years. Firefox seems to work ok, but it is not my browser of choice. I find the columns all out of whack, in my marketplace listings the photos are awkwardly aligned. I am unable to delete items while managing listings. This seems to have occurred after the "fix" on Monday. Adblock turned off but makes no difference. UPDATE: Looks like all my troubles were caused by an errant extension for Safari, when turned off all went back to normal.
  23. I can confirm complaints from customers about marketplace slowness thru friday. they are just giving up shopping. not only slowness, but other wierd things happening. I have filed a case with customer support but am told they can not communicate this problem to the web team. Insisting I file a jira. once again I wonder why cuatomer support is being paid.
  24. submit a support case. I did. the marketplace has been dreadful for several days, sales are down, shoppers avoiding it like the plague right now because of the slowdown. Its also good to comment here in the forums about these kinds of things. At least we know the slowdown isnt just a local connectivity issue, but it is widespread and serious.
  25. I have the same problem with the Singularity Viewer but NOT with the older Singularity Viewer, Only notice it in crowded venues and only on a very few mesh clothing items. I run osx Maverick with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 130 512 MB video card.
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