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  1. The process for collecting tax info and holding up withdrawals is totally out of control. I've waited over 18 days for a PayPal transfer. All relevant tax information was sent. Until today I could not get any response from linden lab. Their response was simply because I kept adding comments to my case the case was constantly being sent to the back of the line! Needless to say I'm furious.
  2. No one puts more animations into their boat creations than I do. Some of the super yachts have upwards of 1000 animations in furniture, beds, hot tubs, etc. Designed for usability and as complete entertainment centers. Stop by Virgin Isle Marina for a look at the large collection of unique watercraft. Some drivable, some stationary.
  3. I think what a lot of people are unaware of are various state laws in the US regarding privacy rights. I believe in about a dozen states if you record a private conversation and reveal it, you can be in for a world of legal hurt. This has nothing to do with the Linden Lab TOS. If the damaged party chooses to pursue a case, they subpeona your rl name and information, then take you to court.
  4. best sexbed is such an individual decision. best style? best animations? best organization of menu? best for a woman? best for a man? The "best" way to find the perfect bedt for you is to really test drive the beds in the creators store. does it work for both you and your partner? make sure the balance is best, she likes snuggles, you like orals. How does the menu accomodate both. then style becomes important. You want a simple modern box with pillows? or a fanciful victorian canopy bed. there are thousands of different beds in sl, some good, some pretty bad with outdated animations. At Bartlett & Nielsen we have over 300 different bed styles in our showroom, from victorian to modern, adirondack to classic styles. Why choose a Bartlett & Nielsen bed? * Bartlett & Nielsen is a brand name you can trust. We use the finest, most expensive collection of poses - over 500,000 lindens spent in the UltiMate© collection. * Our reputation for meticulous positioning of our couple poses is second to none. * Our animations were created with more fluid, more realistic movements by real people using motion capture technology. You'll find none of the stiff, jerky freebie animations any experienced partner will find boring. * Our custom designed animation menu script uses 33% less script resources than the freebie MLP engines most creators use. * Our menus are fine tuned for the kind of romance that will truly involve your partner in a memorable experience. We invite you to come explore our over 300 bed designs at the BARTLETT & NIELSEN store. Nothing will convince you more about the superior quality of these beds than by spending a few minutes testing the menu with your partner. Enjoy:)
  5. My macs are getting a bit old and have used firestorm mostly. had lots of problems crashing in busy sims. switched to singularity and am very impressed, now I'm not crashing, settings on high and wish I'd discovered singularity sooner.
  6. There are a lot of reasons a growing number of people prefer macs. I run sl on an old mac pro 15" portable and also an older Imac. Ive been a firestorm devotee for a long time now but found crashing in live music venues with lots of people had me thinking about buying a newer mac. Then I tried singularity. wow it was amazing, able to run at high graphics without crashing. seems like , at least for me, firestorm allows the sl plugins to get out of control with memory usage and will shut things down pretty fast, as well as texture overloads. anybody who experiences crashing on busy sims with a mac should try singularity. obviously your mileage may vary.
  7. I can't tell you how to find a man. But I can tell you how to keep one. 1. Be good in bed. Virtual sex is not the same as RL sex. You must learn how to create the illusion in his mind with your words (preferably skype,). Its not enough to lose yourself in moaning and hard breathing. Dont be afraid to explore new things. If you make love the same way every time, to the point he can anticipate your every move, boredom sets in. Get yourself a great bed ( I sell them btw) and discover what makes you both excited. Be spontaneous, flirt with him. 2. Be surprising. Try every day to do or say something pleasantly surprising. 3. Be sexy. You don't always need to dress like a **bleep**, but on those occasions when you are together for romantic evenings, wear something that every man in the room will lust after. 4. Be funny. Try to make him laugh, if something said is fun don't simply say "lol" add something of your own that pushes the humor a little further. 5. Be available. Sometimes RL can make spending as much time as we would like in SL difficult. Or perhaps different time zones can be an issue. So send an email. A quick flirty note. A "sorry I can't be on tonite, love you baby" message. Let him/her know you're thinking of them even when you can't be there. 6. Be honest. Enough said.
  8. I don't have the original urls where the install references were. However, when you download collada, it has instructions for installling on the Mac for programs that use it. Would have helped if they had informed people it wasnt needed.
  9. Hi Gala, I guess so much information has been available about the requirement to install collada that I assumed it was needed.
  10. Help! Need advice. This is a Mac OSX problem installing collada for use with blender. The instructions say " In the terminal window type "./MacInstallColladaMaya85Release.sh" at the line.The script assumes that the Maya folder is /Applications/Autodesk/Maya8.5 If Maya 8.5 was *not* installed in the default folder, the shell script should be modified to reflect the real folder in which Maya resides." Ok, I'm not using Maya so I have to figure out the instructions above for use with Blender....with no success. Any Mac blender users who can offer a bit of advice? (I know how to open a terminal window) python is installed.
  11. Isnt grunge supposed to be outdated? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Grunge-11-Piece-Living-Room-Furniture-Set/2230543
  12. You are talking about OSX Mountain Lion, apple's newest OS here. I would also like to hear from some other Mac users since I've been wanting to upgrade to this OS for some time and have seen no official statements from Linden Lab regarding compatability. My older version of OS works just fine. You say you use Phoenix? I assume that is the Firestorm version. If you're using Phonex, dump it and switch to firestorm.
  13. I'm not sure what the magic number is for repeat offenders to have their account cancelled, however I have personally seen accounts deleted after three infractions. I file on average one DMCA a week and if the offender has been filed on previously I note that in the next dmca. Seems like after three separate instances of SELLING copybotted works, thats enough for the lab to take serious action.
  14. I have no issues with your self promotion here in the forums with blog and logos. The only issue I have is the OVERWHELMING extent you use the forums to expose your logo and your blog. You have previously been an avid defender of the "no advertising" rule. However, I consider you to be the worst offender in light of the massive forum space devoted to your logos over the years. And with that I will close my postings (at the risk of becoming the offender I am against
  15. not necessary Pam, I think including the url to your blog is plenty of exposure. After the 4000+ times we've seen it, most people will have it memorized
  16. Thankyou Pamela for your insight. And congratulations on the 4,752nd time your logo has been seen in these forums.
  17. I filed a ticket with Linden Lab about the review. Yes the review is gone now. I'm surprised they acted so quickly. also wondering if there is a removal if enough "no" votes are given a review.
  18. when you flag a review you MUST choose one of 4 options. Flaming or hate speech, spam, off-subject posting or advertising or commercial promo. Do you select one of those and afterwards make comments?
  19. Since theres nothing we can do about unwarranted reviews on our marketplace listings I just neede to rant a little. Customer gives me one star rating and a negative review simply because he is a noob and does not understand the world and does not understand english. He ranks me for failed software issues in a skybox, however as I discovered, he was trying to build the skybox offsim. You cannot build in the void! After considerable time trying to explain and get him to move the skybox, he got frustrated and wrote a terrible review. Its really unfair that I can't do a thing about this review. Judge for yourself https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Rockefeller-House-Skybox-1000-poses/2235188
  20. Private sim for sale. Full region 15k prims. Will use Linden Lab ticket system for sale. $300 USD (includes transfer fee by LL paid by seller). Billing date is October 26. Please contact me inworld.
  21. Reading the OPs comment that she was removed from the parcel doesnt sound like bullying to me. Sounds like someone wanted her gone and had the authority to remove her. My experience with child avatars has not been positive. As a merchant I prohibit child avatars in my store because of the many adult animations. Usually when informed of this policy they respond with a very unchildlike verbal abuse. so much for role playing a 5 year old huh. And after watching very young kids sampling the sex positions on beds, that was it, no more kids in my store.If you play a child, act like one.
  22. Back to the OP issue for a moment. As a merchant with a six sim store, I actually like feedback from customers. I've made improvements based on customer comments. I now go around the store turning off lights to make the "Ultra" viewer experience better for customers. I know customers can be pretty rude sometimes, but I treat it like a business, not a hobby. I would never throw a customer out of the store for a complaint like that.... unless they were naked
  23. Peggy I would like to point out to you that Photoshop originally was a Mac only program. In 1987 Thomas Knoll developed the first iteration of Photoshop on his Macintosh Plus and in 1988 Adobe purchased the license to distribute it, Photoshop 1.0 was released for Macintosh exclusively in 1990. And only later adapted for PCs. I still have a copy of Photoshop 1.0 from that era. I could debate the Mac vs. PC pros and cons for content creators all day. I'm not here for that. I'm simply asking Linden Lab to dedicate resources to make our OS compatible with SL. The OS chosen by more professional content creators than any other. In the past and the present.
  24. As a long long time professional in the graphics/advertising biz, I can attest to the dominant use of Macs over PCs. You may want to check your statistics regarding Mac usage among the graphics pros. "serious" graphics machines professional content creators use will run over $1,000 with the extras they need. The statistics (and you can google this to verify) show that 9 out of 10 computers purchased over the $1,000 dollar mark are Macs. That is a very telling clue as to the usage of macs in the creative community. Most software developers have adapted their products for the new Mac OS with the preview developers copies they receive in advance of the OS release. I would hope that Linden Lab understands the content contributions Mac users are making to this world and dedicate sufficient resources to insure our OS is compatible.
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