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  1. The developers release was provided with plenty of time for LL to make any necessary adjustments. WHATS THE HOLDUP! Considering a majority of the serious content creators in sl are using Macs, I think the Lab should take this issue more seriously.
  2. You should visit Bartlett & Nielsen for an extraordinary selection of multiscene skyboxes in dozens of themes. Buy the skybox of your choice then set it up on a rental property. This way, you can realy choose exactly what you want.
  3. the issue here has nothing to do with dd versus magic box delivery. According to Dakota Linden: " This is a known issue on the Second Life Marketplace web site reported through the Jira Issue Tracker, located here: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3040 the worry here is that some might accuse Linden Lab of systematic theft due to a "bug". Most customers have no idea how to file a report to the lab and most of these lost transactions are never reported. I have seen these seldom in the past, but never at the frequency I've experienced them in the last couple of days.
  4. make sure you are logged in and with the correct permissions to view your items
  5. the customers in this case are the victims, they don't get the item they ordered yet they pay for it but after the failed delivery they do not get their money returned. I have never seen this issue before and to see it four times in the last day is rather extraordinary. All my items are still in boxes on two separate sims, so delivery should not have been a problem.
  6. In the last day I've had four instances of failed marketplace purchases, customer pays for item, but it is not delivered and their money is NOT returned to them. I can see the transaction but no money is transferred to me. anybody having similar issues like this? I've never seen this many failures of this sort ever before.
  7. for my Imac I don't like the flat mac keyboards. I use an ergonomic Logitech. Never ever have any problems with up and down arrows or page up and page down on SL.
  8. The best avatar for you? That's easy guy, it's the one your girlfriend picks out
  9. this problem is running rampant across the marketplace. It is a true showstopper issue if there ever was one.
  10. Saturday night getting script errors on several main channel sims (including linden sandbox) A rezzer script that has worked flawlessly on over 60 products for nearly two years. Items will rez, however get this error multiple times : (Translation failed: the parameter 'appId' must contain at least '16' characters Parameter name: appId)
  11. Don't give up on your macbook so fast. spilled fluids can zap a keyboard fast, possibly a repair shop just needs to replace that. If you have an apple store available, I'd take it in for them to look at it.
  12. Only a few hundred merchants ever got the reduced commission percentages. I guess the lab no longer wants to treat large content creator/merchants like most businesses treat their largest customers.
  13. Brooke et al, I believe the great frustration we feel as merchants here is the methodology of using us as beta testers for your "upgrades". Many of us have our livelihoods on the line. The money we use to buy food and gas and pay mortgages. For many this is far far more than a hobby. We see again and again and again sloppy code disrupting our businesses here while the bugs are ironed out. From the server, the client and the marketplace you obviously feel your tinkering can be done with the general population instead of in an isolated testing environment. This needs to be discussed at the highest level of management and the policy changed.
  14. I can confirm while updating marketplace listings with newer model that 1. permissions were deleted in every case. 2. Item showed dual listings in the previous version. Have not seen item name changed to the name in magic box.
  15. First of all, don't think of it as a business. Think of it as a hobby that you will continually pour money into. There is a slim chance that you will ever cover your costs. Second, the permissions set for items from recognized builders make it difficult for resellers, and the time required for them to participate in a small shop project like yours won't be worth their time. Lots of malls filled with recognized content creators are going out of business in favor of shopping in the Marketplace. Don't want to burst your bubble, but the life of a merchant in SL is extremely time consuming and can be expensive. So, consider everything I've said and if you're still ready for it, congratulations and welcome to the club
  16. Ok Linden Lab, you want members to sign up for premium accounts? The perks you've come up with won't go far with older residents, maybe they are for noobs. Here's my suggestion, If I am truly a "premium" account, then give me instant access to my funds on Paypal transfers. As a merchant here for several years, I still have to wait up to a week for funds transferred to my Paypal account. I don't really feel like a "premium" account when you treat me that way. I guarantee if you give instant access of funds to merchants, they will ALL become premium.
  17. You might consider using the new beta Firestorm viewer. On my imac it performs extremely well.
  18. I agree with Toy about the promotional benefit of boxes. The box I believe is one of merchants most important branding opportunities. Building my brand is a high priority for my business. When a customer sees the BARTLETT & NIELSEN logo on that box, it makes yet one more impression, which helps build brand recognition. Without the box, merchants lose a valuable business tool.
  19. Never ever ever use the shopping cart to buy several items at a time. It simply doesnt work most of the time and should be removed until the lab fixes it properly. Always purchase one item at a time.
  20. You can also buy an extended keyboard with up and down arrows. A lot of keyboard manufacturers have mac compatible versions. I use a Logitech ergonomic keyboard which I prefer more than the flat mac keyboards.
  21. Unfortunately we are ALL using beta server and viewer versions from Linden Lab. They simply use us residents to de-bug their software instead of doing it in a controlled environment. Their method may discover bugs faster (it should with millions of beta testers), but it puts us all through hell. And as a merchant and creator, I'm getting really really tired of it.
  22. The most common problem I have is both buyer and seller show the item was delivered, but it wasnt. Ask your customer if they used the shopping cart with multiple purchases and 9 times out of 10 the answer is yes. The shopping cart is beyond belief buggy and should be eliminated until it is fixed imo.
  23. A bed is an inanimate object, just like you see in a furniture store. Where it becomes adult is putting two people on it with their clothes off. We have about 150 beds in our store at Bartlett & Nielsen with no nudity signs around the store as a warning. If we see couples testing the animations, thats fine. When we see them without clothes we show them the exit immediately. Our sims are rated moderate and we don't allow "adult" activity in the nude.
  24. There is enough free stuff in SL now so that you never HAVE to buy a single thing ever again. More clothes, more houses, more beds, more boats, more of everything than you can ever imagine is free. But, there are people who enjoy the shopping experience. They enjoy high quality and are more than willing to pay for it. I've been in business in sl for six years now and learned if you build superb products, people will pay higher prices. I think all merchants need to evaluate their brand for the long term. Position yourself where you feel most comfortable with your skills and your business plan. Personally, I don't lower prices, I just continue to build better and better products.
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