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  1. Darius, you are not alone, literally every sim in sl has seen reduced performance after the last server rollout, including the fix to the rollout for this very problem. The mystery is, why is this version still being used on the main grid considering the serious issues it has degrading sim performance.
  2. Oskar, I really think its time to roll back this code until you have it fixed and tested. Just admit you have made a mistake and try to minimize the damage instead of leaving this server code active with a "we're working on it" attitude.
  3. If you knew how many boats I have sold in the last several years, you may be shocked at how many residents consider sim crossing to be important. However, I'm not sure what this issue has to do with the performance problems the new server has caused throughout sl.
  4. My results after the fix have been dismal as well. All of my full sims are still FAR worse than normal operating performance. Performance with Second Life Server Virgins Lagoon 11.6 (should be 7 ish ms) Virgins Bay 11.8 Ms (should be6-8 ms) Virgins Landing 12.7 ms (should be 8 ms) Virgins Cove 11 ms (should be 6 ms) Virgins Reef 8.0 ms (should be 4.5 - 5.0ms) IN ADDITION: Nine items in Virgins Cove sim that are for sale have had root prim names deleted, which means the scripts in them will not work.
  5. These are 8 steps of development that should have been done PRIOR to rollout. I don't recall signing up to be a Linden Lab beta tester.
  6. I agree roll back this crappy server! What makes me the most angry is why did they roll it out in the first place with problems like this? I resent being a Beta tester for Linden lab. I got this response to my ticket from Dee: Dee We are aware that a recent update to Second Life Server regions has caused the timing of scripts on homesteads and full regions to appear higher than normal. Our developers are investigating this issue. Please watch this blog for updates: http://status.secondlifegrid.net/2011/06/29/post1328/ also: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-7064 Please note that the jira itself was created prior to any reports such as yours coming from full prim islands. I have confirmed with developers that the higher script times are on full islands as well as homesteads. I even see it on myself with regards to my scripted attachments. This issue is getting a lot of attention. Best wishes,
  7. I beg to differ, I have 6 FULL regions and ALL of them are experiencing severe performance hits. We monitor sim performance twice a day on all six sims, so I know this immediate change after the new server install was a direct result of the new version. This is a SIGNIFICANT performance hit and totally unacceptable.
  8. serious performance issues occurring with the new Second Life Server script times dramatically increasing on six sims of mine. Virgins landing should be 8 ms is now 12 Virgins Reef should be at 4.5 - 5.0ms and now is at 7.7 Virgins bay should be at 6-8ms and now is 14.8 Virgins cove should be roughly at 6ms and is now 10.5 Virgins lagoon should be 7ish ms and is at 12 for example a bed script that was running at .050 now runs at .200 can you advise regarding this problem? We monitor script time twice a day, so know what the norm is for each sim.
  9. Penny, would you also argue that a woman should be "average sized" around the waist? Take a look at the average girth of a middle age American woman and we may change our minds about wanting "realistic" proportions:) And, like art directors who do fashion advertising, stretching the vertical dimensions of a model is common to get them even taller and leaner. Frankly, I prefer the tall look to the short, dumpy "real" proportions you are advocating. My aesthetics strongly favor the tall look. "Real" proportioned women in SLlook like midgets to me, even without a comparative avatar standing near them. When it comes to scale, I say to each his own.
  10. I've heard from reliable sources that second life throttles bandwidth to 1500 mbps speeds. so having a super duper cable connection really doesnt do that much for you. http download allows superior inventory access, on my mac the 1x versions of sl and even phoenix download inventory crappy, with packet loss. the new sl viewer works great with http download, it can actually overcome the packet loss issue and still download items. Unfortunately, I hate the 2x sl viewers so much I refuse to use them as a builder. I've found phoenix to be a far faster and superior viewer that 2x, except for my inventory problems ( which other mac users havent experienced for the most part).
  11. I find most failed deliveries (besides an avatar in away mode) are caused by using the shopping cart. It should be deactivated until it is fixed in my opinion.
  12. My inventory loading experience has been horrid with the 1x sl viewers and now Phoenix as well. I just installed the new Second Life 2.7.1 and found inventory loading was perfection. However, I had to dumb down the preferences on it to the point it was cumbersome laggy. 2.7.1 has unacceptable performance. I too am not a fan of the UI for the new sl viewer. As a full time builder in SL, it simply is a disaster for me to use. What irritates me the most is, some people are using Phoenix and have NO inventory problems, while I constantly am unable to get full inventory. I'm on a Mac and generally run Phoenix at the highest settings, it works like a dream, except for the inventory issue. so, I'll stick with phoenix for the time being, hoping they adopt the inventory coding. Update: After reading forums about the new sl 2.7.1 I was able to adjust it for adequate performance. (but still will not use it as my primary tool for building)
  13. Hi Laneybug, lag can be a real bitch. Heres my take on it. Our Bartlett & Nielsen store is made up of 6 sims. We monitor script time every day on each sim. It changes dramatically and tends to build up over time. Each sim has an average number of MS script time between 5ms and 10ms depending on the number of scripts etc. in them. If a sim starts exceeding that number or fluctuates wildly, we restart it (assuming we are not hosting a bunch of high scripted avatars). Sometimes several restarts are required to tame the lag. We can see lag dramatically jump when an avatar tps in loaded up with scripts. Sometimes that continues even after they leave (why this happens, I don't know). someone mentioned your sim was running at 20ms script time. thats way high and you will have noticeable lag at that level. Sometimes your sim may be paired with others in a server that are a club or overextended in some way and start to sap your sims resources. when that happens, restart until you can get it on another server. (I'm assuming you have tools available to do all this and not on mainland). Good luck. - Blaze Nielsen, bitching about lag in SL since 2005
  14. Count me in as one of those who have massive inventory access problems. Its been a major nuisance for years from the 1x sl viewers and now the phoenix viewer (which keeps a separate cache). I've done all the usual tricks as well, deleting cache (on a mac I actually drag it into the trash), log back in to an empty linden sim and get various inventory numbers each time I log in. I've filed support tickets on this problem for years now and have never received an adequate response. Recently, its gotten worse and I've filed yet another ticket. What really irks me is linden lab will offer no more advice than the usual clear cache, relog in empty sim suggestions. I also have extremely good upload and download bandwidth with negligible packet loss. I have a fast computer connected to a brand new router hard wired to it. What I would like from the lab is a more in depth analysis of how to solve inventory access problems. If the problem is on my end, then give me some ideas about what I can do to correct it.
  15. If you want some help in these forums, tell us what was the item name, what category was it in, what were the key words, description, features and maturity rating. Then you'll get some help.
  16. I've been seeing more and more marketplace "delivered" items that were NOT delivered. When a customer IMs me to complain, I ask them if they were using the shopping cart with multiple items. The answer is almost always "yes". The shopping cart is clearly a villain here for delivery failures that say they were delivered.
  17. This sim has been purchased by me and transferred by Linden Lab. We're expanding at BARTLETT & NIELSEN! Belle Bartlett, Blaze Nielsen
  18. The freebie MLP script you're using is one of the worst hobbled together scripts I've ever seen. I'm amazed it even works, plus the script bloat causes it to be a lag monster. Thats why at Bartlett & Nielsen some time ago we created a whole new streamlined, reduced lag multi pose script for all our products which solves the "MLP Problem". All our multi pose products work just fine.
  19. But are they really "freebies"? How do you know the items were not copybotted and set to full perm? I spend hours a week tracking down my items that were copybotted and now being sold for pennies in yard sales. I dmca the sellers. If you get enough dmcas from selling or even giving away copybotted items, you can lose your account permanently. I've seen LOTS of accounts permanently disappear after multiple dmca filings on them. If you're giving stuff away you didnt create, you're risking a lot.
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