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  1. Thank you kindly for reply ☺️
  2. I dont like resellers, I prefer creators. Choosing COPY in perms also could help since creators rarely sell transferable items.
  3. Once i lost 30 000 ld. I was so naive so paid for some months forward hoping that landlord is good person. It was lasting for years, i always kept my balance filled. And when i decided to leave - I warned landowner for 2 months hoping he will refund me at least one. No, lol, they even did not move their a//// to help me though I recently bought full sim from them (i will discover names in private dialog if you want). So better to have deal with LL than to some even well-known landlords. Though... If to say truth once landlord lady with name Babe D/// (owner of O///// estate) refunded me for whole month cos i changed mind to rent sim. I think it is lottery and need to try to collect feedbacks before you rent from somebody. Myself I count every day for renters, if they decide to leave even suddenly - I will refund by request.
  4. I just meant that buying some boxed gatcha you always risk to get empty box and cant complain even because item becomes unlisted after purchase, so nothing to wonder.
  5. For me it is empty now. Somebody knows where to get this info?
  6. Typical for gatcha items. Once i got some like that, good it was around 10 ld or so. Never buy gatcha resell again.
  7. My recent pearls XD. Description: item is no mod (2 times repeated). Complain: mehhhhh, item is no mod, if i knew before i did not buy it :(((((( Description: item has 12 animation sets (3 times repeated). Complain: mehhhh, not many animations, overpriced :((((((((((( XD XD XD
  8. Yes, looks like that, thank you)
  9. not the same because information about old orders is changed, but probably connected
  10. if i will hide names - problem wont be visible then
  11. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SEC-6303
  12. I noticed that transaction history info messed. I keep sales in excel files and recently found that info about Recipients is wrong. Pics are showing my excel and marketplace transaction history with same order number. Recent purchases of this person looks like he bought one item many times for himself (he just made gifts to many people in fact). It is total mess and people ask me to redeliver things they got as a gift but i dont have transaction info.
  13. I make animations myself and even if they are crap - it is my art and i dont force people to buy my things. First of all i offer to try it out and i got for this whole sim. Just to rezz there demos. Customer should be responsible for his actions too. And many customers are. And me too. If i buy thing without demo and i dont like it - i think it is my fault because i was lazy to check it out. I dont run to write kinda "i dont like it" because i have brains. I read many reviews on marketplace and almost all bad reviews are silly. Not silly even - s.t.u.p.i.d. I always flag them even for another seller. Btw you can know if animations are good or no only if you try demo. If you dont but only read reviews and believe one bad from 10 good... Well... LOL.
  14. What for me I think that bad review for products that can be checked before purchase (demo in-world or mp) has 2 reasons - hate or trying to get money back. My 10 years merchant experience proves that.
  15. Reason to buy thing that has demo not trying demo before and after complain animations are not what expected? it is kinda I buy dress online hoping that it will look same as on model and after complain that it does not fits as i expected. Sure it is silly.
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