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  1. Tell me, guys, why it is allowed to create experiences with same names? Maybe there issome Jira about it? I got person that mentioned name of my store in his instruction for script and many people misunderstood and started creating experiences with same name. He did it as example but his customers just followed his words and now I have huge list of experiences with same name and my customers are stuck to think what to choose. It is crazy. Whatto do?
  2. Still available. Searching for long-term renter. 1/2 of full sim, 10000 prims, adult. TELEPORT for MORE INFO or IM
  3. 1/2 full sim for rent from sim owner, not real estate I search for long term renters. Price is cheap because it is what i pay to LL. IM Iren Tinkel for info http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/AnimAlive Nexus/132/252/43
  4. Again available. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Alienty/244/21/16
  5. I have 2 plots on my sim for rent. Both are 1/4 of full sim with 5000 prims. Sub-rent is possible if your tenants follow rules. IM Iren Tinkel for info.
  6. Send IM to Iren Tinkel. Sub-rent is possible. No weeks, only full month (30 days).
  7. Personally I think that SL will end without adult. Good dolls, clothes, things and even wine and weed are great but after some time people get bored with that especially if they are not creators. Sexual part is something kinda real fun and things that you will NEVER try in rl. What for me I create 18+ movements for almost 10 years and still I love that. PG is bore, 18+ is millions variations and never my fantasy ends on this way same as requests of my kinky customers.
  8. So you want to see wine and weed but hate to see naked boobs and escort? XD
  9. Examples? I just try to imagine some meat that is adult but not connected with some perversions. Blood? War? Murders?
  10. You can toggle maturity level while buy/search and meat wont be slapped in your face. The ones who dont want any sexual content just exclude Adult and even moderate and enjoy.
  11. +1, have sudden drop. Also i noticed that less people online at the moment. Maybe it is summer and people are tired to sit home and now they enjoy real life. But today i cant even log in normally, cant use search and my avatar does not rezz her shapes. So.... I think something happens in sl too.
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