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  1. Thank you, Wulfie. It is perfect. Well, at first nothing happened and I tried over and again, then I noticed the two boxes at the bottom that says RUNNING and MONO and I figured I should check RUNNING and that`s all ! Thank you again
  2. Hello Could anyone explain how an animation inside an avatar attachment is being activated when you attach the object ? Say, you have a basket and one "apple picking" animation. I attach the basket to my L forearm and while playing the animation from inside my inventory I adjust the basket so it fits. Then I detach and put the animation inside the basket and attach the basket. Obviously, this doesn`t do it alone. I presume you need a script that will trigger the animation, but what kind of script and what is available ? Thank you PS I am familiar with AVsitter and
  3. arton Rotaru: 3ds Max... oh, I see, cool Aquila Kytori : Thank you for the screenprint. I got it A short question while I am here: It`s off topic, but I`m new to this forum. How do I insert from other comments like arton and Aquila just did ? Is it copy/paste from the text ? When I copy/paste Aquila`s names it gets highligthed in blue...hmm ..is that hypertext ?
  4. Great work, arton ! I like it. A few questions: How were you able to show this in wire frame in Object mode ? How did you triangulate the faces ? What did you do to display the info ? Thanks Here is my first take on building low-poly cushions and pillows . The seat cushions are basically two boxes with 4 loops in each. As you can see the chord detailing is not in the mesh but in the texture.
  5. Sorry for the late response Chic, I don`t know if the issue you experienced this morning is the same as I see. When I uploaded Image# 2 it was 1600x1600 px and you could better see that the 2 pillows and the 4 cushions had collapsed to two single triangles. However, I see that the image has been scaled down during upload and it`s not so clear what`s happening in panel #3 - I don`t know if it was me who did something wrong while I added the picture - that part was actually a bit tricky. Anyway, I`m glad you solve the mystery Talking about photos and the many good treads in this f
  6. Thank you, everyone, for your quick replies and good answers. I really appreciate it . arton Rotaru .....I can`t believe it, I think you have fixed the problem ! I have now disabled Object-Object Occlusion as you suggested and right now testing inside SL. So far everything looks fine. I`m so amazed. I`m 9 hrs ahead of SL and it`s getting late here, however, I`ll run a few more tests tomorrow - visit some stores to see how things look with this setting. Then I`ll come back and tell you more...for now, thank you so much Klytyna, I`m not sure I understand your comment. My default gr
  7. Hello I have a problem with mesh objects that keeps bothering me - as maker and shopper as well - and it seems like a mysterious the more I focus on it. I`ll try to demonstrate the problem through a series of pictures. All snapshots were taken at LOD 4. Image #1 Here you have a couch I`ve made in Blender and uploaded to SL. The base frame and cushions are 2 objects exported unjoined as a linkset dae. The two throw pillows are 2 meshes saved and uploaded as 1 object. I did not custom made any LOD models. The lowest LOD was set to zero and physics set to lowest. As you c
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