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  1. Face/Material Problem

    I have afew meshes. And those meshes have different materials on different faces like....a clock with metal material on case faces and glass material on glass faces. I join those meshes in Blender and upload to SL. But SL sees it as if one face/material. I want to make glass face transparent, but i can not select it separately since SL sees it as one face. All mesh goes transparent. What may cause it ? I joined different meshes with different materials in Blender and uploaded to SL before this happens for the first time.
  2. Baking of Glassy Objects

    Even using transparent on both outer and inner surfaces another problem. Once i was told to use different materials inner and outer surfaces when i use alpha on them. So they would not overlap. Well i use only transparency on faces still i made those surfaces with different materials. If i make inner face no transparent it works normal. if i use transparent on inner face, outer face looks as if it is 90% percent transparent although it is %5-10 transparent. I searched a little, but no result.
  3. Baking of Glassy Objects

    I saw some bottles using shine effects inworld (if you mean that), but...umm.. i donno they look alittle plastic-like(especially for dark coloured glasses), not giving glass effect so good.
  4. Baking of Glassy Objects

    Let's say you have an object like a bottle above. It has 2 layers (as thickness) and a face in the middle for the liquid. The common model which most of creators use for their transparent bottles with liquid inside. I just wonder which way do you prefer to bake textures of such mesh. Because when you use glass node, each face affects outer glass layer bakes what is behind it too.
  5. Weird Shadows

    Actually, i didn't reupload the mesh. i just applied Triangulate tool and baked the texture again. So it is better to keep in mind before baking textures next time just in case although it didn't happen with all parts:)
  6. Weird Shadows

    @arton Rotaru Yes! i soo appreciate your help after trying to fix it whole day, Arton. At the moment i applied Triangulate tool, it moved/rotated the texture alittle in Blender. So i applied it and baked again. Texture matches mesh in SL now
  7. About Baking Angle of Blender.

    @arton Rotaru Oh ok, so you need to see faces from right its front.
  8. Weird Shadows

    @arton Rotaru , @Chic Aeon Well i took the shot yesterday. And today i reuploaded the mesh afew times and baked again. If you mean the "triangulate " under the "Collada Option" while exporting, with "triangulated", it is always checked. if i moved any vertice by mistake, probably it would be still ok as i reuploaded the mesh and baked the texture again. But weird thing is when it happens, it happens symmetrically as in the show below. So far, i have tried edge split tool,, recalculated normals, unjoined the handle and moved forward alittle, removed glossy from the handle, moved it inside the metal band and now trying again by switching baking engine from GPU to CPU. No idea what else i could try.
  9. Weird Shadows

    -keeps watching as well-
  10. Weird Shadows

    Oh no, i took the second shot with a WL without shadow and now tried with other WLs too. So it is there and i am sure it is on texture. As to first shot, i cut all node setup from "Metarial Output" node and i simply put baked texture on Image Texture which connected to Diffuse BDSF in "Material View". But i tried it in "Texture View" too. So it is same. No problem in Blender. i had this problem before too. But then it was very small and tolerated. But having it again, i wanted to know what may cause it. i checked and i don't have a hidden object. Then after a search through some forums, i saw some people had same problem. They were suggested to recalculate their normals. So i tried it too and problem is still there From Texture View:
  11. Weird Shadows

    Hello, i am back with another question as someone might have experienced same problem before and may help. So my mesh has metal part with a handle on it and they are joined. Both of them have glossy node, handle is smooth shaded and the other metal is flat shaded. When i bake it and try in Blender it looks as it must be(pic1). But when i put it on the mesh in SL, it has weird shadow next to the handle(pic2). Any idea what may cause it ? pic 1: Pic2:
  12. About Baking Angle of Blender.

    Hello, i just wonder if anyone has any idea about from what angle Blender bakes the textures. Because when you rotate screen, glossy objects seem totally different in rendered screen. So how to understand what angle would match the result of your baking ? So that you could arrange your material as you want it in baked results.
  13. About Origin of Meshes

    Thank you for all methods and replies. I followed the video and it helped
  14. About Origin of Meshes

    Hello, i am creating a clock. And i want its hands to turn around their origins which are in the first picture. But when i upload them to SL, their origins change as in the second picture. What may be the problem ? I upload two hands together(not as joined). Would uploading them together affect it ?
  15. About Alpha Maps on Meshes

    @Chic Aeon Yes, i lowered its vertices to less than its half and i got what you mean from that baked texture. Thank you very much for such detailed explanation.