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  1. Thank you, Wulfie. It is perfect. Well, at first nothing happened and I tried over and again, then I noticed the two boxes at the bottom that says RUNNING and MONO and I figured I should check RUNNING and that`s all ! Thank you again
  2. Hello Could anyone explain how an animation inside an avatar attachment is being activated when you attach the object ? Say, you have a basket and one "apple picking" animation. I attach the basket to my L forearm and while playing the animation from inside my inventory I adjust the basket so it fits. Then I detach and put the animation inside the basket and attach the basket. Obviously, this doesn`t do it alone. I presume you need a script that will trigger the animation, but what kind of script and what is available ? Thank you PS I am familiar with AVsitter and how to add props in furniture, but in the case I want to start the animation without seating.
  3. arton Rotaru: 3ds Max... oh, I see, cool Aquila Kytori : Thank you for the screenprint. I got it A short question while I am here: It`s off topic, but I`m new to this forum. How do I insert from other comments like arton and Aquila just did ? Is it copy/paste from the text ? When I copy/paste Aquila`s names it gets highligthed in blue...hmm ..is that hypertext ?
  4. Great work, arton ! I like it. A few questions: How were you able to show this in wire frame in Object mode ? How did you triangulate the faces ? What did you do to display the info ? Thanks Here is my first take on building low-poly cushions and pillows . The seat cushions are basically two boxes with 4 loops in each. As you can see the chord detailing is not in the mesh but in the texture.
  5. Sorry for the late response Chic, I don`t know if the issue you experienced this morning is the same as I see. When I uploaded Image# 2 it was 1600x1600 px and you could better see that the 2 pillows and the 4 cushions had collapsed to two single triangles. However, I see that the image has been scaled down during upload and it`s not so clear what`s happening in panel #3 - I don`t know if it was me who did something wrong while I added the picture - that part was actually a bit tricky. Anyway, I`m glad you solve the mystery Talking about photos and the many good treads in this forum, it`s a pitty so many images are missing. I believe, I only see 10-15 % of them and sometimes they show something else than what is refererred to in the text. I do, however, see all the photos that has been posted recently (within the last six months or so). As for changing LOD setting down to 2. It`s something I`ve never really thought about till I started to read back in the mesh forum. I think mine has been at 4 since the sculptie days - those days people would pass out notecards telling you to raise you LOD setting to 4 or 6 - sometimes even higher - and I just left it at 4. If I change my graphics settings for taken pictures it will switch down to the default and then I reset it back to 4. It`s just what I was being told. Now of course I`ll pay attention to this in the future and gradually lower it. ChinRey, thank you for your detailed lesson on basic graphics processing. You not only uncover useful information about the culling mechanisms in SL, but also personally, it helps me to improve and expand my vocabulary on this topic. English isn`t my native language and sometimes I struggle to get the words right and how to explain these rather complicated topics. Yes, there`s an avatar in the snapshot. I used my own avatar as a kind of cursor to indicate that the distance from the camera to the couch is the same in panel #1 as in panel #3. During this excersise my camera was just hanging there somewhere above my shoulder. I doubt the avatar and the fitted mesh clothes have any influence on this specific issue - the way I remember I have tested without avatar in the photo - but I`ll test this when I get back to SL Sunday. As for the culling mechanisms and Object-Object Oclusion; it`s something I haven`t heard about, before arton Rotaru mentioned it in his first reply. I googled it and basically there`s not much info about it. However, I did find a few things in the former SLUniverse Forums and Nalates Urriah mention it in a post called Second Life Performance Boost and links back to a thread in the SL Forum. So I don`t if is good or bad to leave the Object-Object Oclusion unticked - if it improves or slows down your performing in general. In my case it has solved the problem with objects that fall apart when I cam around and then cam back to my avatar. My couchions and pillows don`t collapse when I turn my back to the couch and I`m not "stuck at a too low LoD level" as ChinRey mention. I`ve also seen a significant improvement when I walk around in different furniture stores: there is a better flow because things don`t have to reload when I cam around - I guess. In any case I`ve found more relief; so I`ll probably leave Object-Object Oclusion disabled for a while till I find a more sustainable solution. arton Rotaru, I`m stilled amased you could identify the problem so fast and that it was related to the culling mechanisms thanks again
  6. Thank you, everyone, for your quick replies and good answers. I really appreciate it . arton Rotaru .....I can`t believe it, I think you have fixed the problem ! I have now disabled Object-Object Occlusion as you suggested and right now testing inside SL. So far everything looks fine. I`m so amazed. I`m 9 hrs ahead of SL and it`s getting late here, however, I`ll run a few more tests tomorrow - visit some stores to see how things look with this setting. Then I`ll come back and tell you more...for now, thank you so much Klytyna, I`m not sure I understand your comment. My default graphics is High+ but I`ve always set it to Mid and from Avanced Settings I`ve unchecked Atmospheric shaders, Avanced Lightning Model and a few other changes that I don`t recall right no. Thanks anyway. Chic Aeon, thank you for your comments and the kudos I think arton Rotaru came up with the right solution, but now I have the chance I would like to thank you for your excellent turtorials and the encouragement and optimism you always convey in your posts and comments. I actually learned how to "cheat on the lowest" some months ago from one of your older posts (Posted April 12, 2013). I know you have moved beyond that point and now making mesh for LOD 2 . I was over and to visit your inworld store a week ago and lowered my LOD to 2, and was impressed how pretty and well things are designed over there. As for that black mass.....do not worry, here`s at least something I can explain. You see, the couch is two objects: cushions and base frame and each object has their backed textures. So when I backed the AO for the base frame I left the seat - and back cushion in the couch - actually they go slightly down into base frame and leave this dark area. The same with the pilllows - backing the AO map for the back cushions I left the pillows in the couch. You can see in this snapshot that the dark spots are the areas that are hidden by the pillows and thecushion. However, when the the pillows and cushions collapse, the black areas become visible and that surely doesn`t look pretty. ChinRey, thank you for your reply. The information you share on how an object is rendered first as a basic prim and move upwards till it reaches the LOD level it`s supposed to have is very interesting. And I think you explain it so well "Sometimes the process can even time out so you're stuck at a too low LoD level" - that`s exactly how I felt was happening. "stuck at a too low LOD level" - that`s really good way to describe it.
  7. Hello I have a problem with mesh objects that keeps bothering me - as maker and shopper as well - and it seems like a mysterious the more I focus on it. I`ll try to demonstrate the problem through a series of pictures. All snapshots were taken at LOD 4. Image #1 Here you have a couch I`ve made in Blender and uploaded to SL. The base frame and cushions are 2 objects exported unjoined as a linkset dae. The two throw pillows are 2 meshes saved and uploaded as 1 object. I did not custom made any LOD models. The lowest LOD was set to zero and physics set to lowest. As you can see it holds it shape across the sandbox at Mauve. Image #2 Panel #1 Here you have the same couch. I`ve added a chair, a coffee table and a rug. The grid is made by 10x10 meters unlinked prims (not mesh). I am standing about 20 meters away from the seating group. Notice the brick wall to the right. (The coffee table has actually dropped down to the medium level at this distance. It`s only to be expected and tells me that the LODs are behaving correctly at this state.) Panel #2 I walk over behind the brick wall. Panel #3 Here I step out from behind the wall and walk up to the same place where I started. Now the cushions and the throw pillows have dropped to the lowest LOD depsite I have returned to the same state as in panel #1. I did not touch the camera during this exercise. The cushion and pillows will stay like this as long I stand still - like stuck at the lowest level - however, and here comes the mystery, I can trigger the LODs to switch to a higher level by either walking forwards or backwards - even pulling my camera back ! Panel #4 In the last panel I`ve pulled the camera back to upgrade the LOD and now the couch looks right - but notice the camera is farther away than in panel #3 . That`s the thing I don`t understand. I see this issue in my own mesh builds - foremost cushions and pillows - but now and then I see the same thing occure at other home furnishing stores around SL. I use the LL Viewer (see details at the bottom) and have experimented with different settings but nothing seems to help. Nor does the issue seem to depend on how I set my LOD factor. The same problem occurs at LOD 2, LOD 4 and even LOD 6 Last week I started to read back on almost anything I could find about the mesh uploader and LOD in this forum. Depsite I have gained a lot of other useful information on how to optimze my mesh I haven`t found any explanation to this specific problem. To be exact: 1. What happened to the couch while I was behind that wall ? 2. How come the the cushions won't upgrade when I walk up to exact the same place as where I started ? 3. How come you can trigger the LOD to switch to a higher level by walking backwards or simple pulling your camera back ? I greatly appreciate any suggestion on this problem. Thank you for reading my post =============== Details: I use the SL Viewer version Internet Speed Test: Download 85.7 Mbit / Upload 47,62 Mbit Draw distance: 128m Bandwidth: 500kbit/s LOD factor: 4 Render quality: 2 / 7 Advanced Lighting Model: Disabled Computer: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700HQ CPU @ 2.40GHz (2394.45 MHz) Memory: 12172 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit (Build 9200) compatibility mode. real ver: 10.0 (Build 10586) Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce GT 750M/PCIe/SSE2 Info Couch Image #1 Image #2
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