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  1. Here on this forum usualy people ask how to have more friends Now the topic is how to have less friends Some people complain because they want to be alone without any social interacton (no IM no TP nothing) and other request for IM TP and fun. Personaly I don't know the rules. There are as many rules as people. Sometimes I am welcome sometimes rejected. If I don't try interaction I am playing alone and in that case SL is useless. Such rules is like lottery. you can have chance or not.
  2. SL is a lie. Playing SL is lying. What do you mean by lie ? In RL I know what is a lie. It is something not true. But in SL it is fantasie and imagination. Maybe something real is a lie?
  3. I found skybox with 7 prims 10, 20, 30 prims... just a plateform. And I thought that would be fun to create a home but no idea if 7 prims is 7 houses or if 7 prims is 1 room. My question is how many prims is the minimum to create something
  4. I would like to rent an empty home. I don't want to pay a lot. I am begining in this world. What is your advice to create a minimalist home. How many prims do I need ? And how much does that cost.
  5. How to know if we are banned or not. I cannot go in certain place. And is the banned like quarantaine (temporary of definitf) In other word shall I create a new account to go there or just have patience?
  6. Last time I did a joke. I get muted directly. You have to choose. Been serious and boring or joking but with the risk to be misunderstood.
  7. Why is it so difficult making friends here? That is a good question. And I have different hypotheses. After a long period of break I start playing again. My friendlist was not so long maybe 20 contact and when I started all was gone inactive. So I try to makes friends. And it is not easy. This is a fact. Maybe I choose the wrong gender. The wrong avatar or I don't know what is wrong. But each time when I try to talk I am feeling that I disturbe or worst I offence. I try different approach. the most classical and boring like Hi how are you ... To the most creative, funny or joking. It is simple like people here have all a full friend list and don't want more. the best case they listen politely and reply by a only word. OK yes thank you. If I wait I receive never a Hi or just a word. So I have to start talking. And if you read profile. Starting talking are now conditional. You need a nice avatar (I noticed that when I had my old avatar it was harder), you don't have to start by Hi and other words. (I always learn that it is polite to start by hi maybe it is not now I am confused) and other condition been in character or pay. I think SL has changed. Most people here know how to do it and know the culture and the code. What to say how to do things etc. and there is no tolerance for people who do not know or who try a new way. All is about business. I remember the last time I had a conversation. It was nice but finaly the question was : Are you interested in buying a land. When I said no. STOP !!!! Normal friendship without interest like in normal word does not exist anymore. why is it so difficult ? People are full of friends. they are here for business and not for friends. If you have ideas to complete ...
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