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  1. I am not the only one who don't find instruction. in the middle of 5 reason. I think there are instructions. But I didn't find them and this guy didn't find them. Or we need to be very structured in our mind and learn a little here a little here and we need to be lucky to find all the missing things in between. If you miss one or 2 things you cannot understand the whole things even if you understand most of all. I read answer but all are general : there are classes. Or it is easy. or go to some places... OK I will do it. but I already did it. I think the problem is that you are totaly alone here. In the normal life if you go to university for exemple you have a group of people you have time day hour and you meet at a special time and the teacher lead you. Here any body leads you You walk randomly and you don't know where to g without goals. If you have a goals. Doing again the avatar with a picture and you know what to do. The teacher can say today we are doing an elephant for example. And from scratch or nothing we can make an elephant avatar. step by step. But here you don't have goals. You want to do an elephan but you are alone and if you don't have a very motivated mind you stop at the first problem. Because you need to start a first step then a second then you know how to do all. It hink I will continue searching by myself seeing video tutorial
  2. not waste time of other residents --> The goal of this game is playing. The goal of this forum is comment and exchanging we are no in a company and we don't need to be productive. The goal is to talk and have fun together. Helping each other is a way of communication. I don't think it is a waste of time. If yes playing SL is waste of time of course.
  3. I think if you are too old : maybe the solution is to delete your account and start a new one If you are too new : you are noob and supposed to know nothing. Maybe people are more ready and accept that you don't know all. and you are not rejected because you are not expert in CTRL + I mangament My solution you create a new account you let him sleep during 6 mont then you wake him up and start learning again what you misst in the previous avatar. Maybe we need strong determination and stong motivation to learn alone without anybody. Dreaming of a training with pedagogical appreach is maybe a lazy dream. I must do myself a list of things we should know and check that : I know that I don't know. That list does not exist.. I need to cread myself my own evaluation to know what I know and what I don't know and a path to go there. with practical exercices. We always learn by doing not in watching video or reading text. thank you all for your answer. I don't know to annoy anybody with my comment or thinking that I share here publicaly. I will search myself where is course when ? and how to participate. I will do all mistakes can untill I know how to do. A huge majority of 1 hour old noobs found this out. --> I am a minority and some people are slow learner. But perseverance is the key. some people learn in 1 hour I am not smart and cleaver I need more time 10 years.
  4. "1) check out some of the more friendly classes and go regularly, 2) find a community setting with people around regularly in the world and 3) seek out and go regularly to events specific to your interests and meet people and hang out more." I don't know how to quote a part of message I do it like this --> when is that. I join one day a class of firestorm that explain in detail the menu and options of firestorm. 1. It was too fast for me. It was reading text. I want a pedagogic class. slow and easy at the begining and harder and harder. But if I start hard and fast.I get easyly lost. English is also a difficulty that people don't realised. And I learn by doing and when people answer me question. I can understand or not and I can forget. I must doing. After doing I understand. Talking with people ok but you need to know people for that. People in SL don't want to talk. If you have a training somewhere by doing something. For example how to find object in inventory and how to know where object arrive when you are in a shop Because I know that object arrived at recent but that is all. Where is recent I don't know. If I reboot I lost what I bought. I know that obect that I open go at the root and that is not the easiest . This is only an exemple. I spend too much time to search where are things.
  5. I noticed that for example I lost sometimes object on my avatar and I didn't find a way to find it And in the same way I realised that I have double or not neccesary object that I wear - How to know all object I wear - How to know all object an avatar should wear (missing one) That 2 questions are now my vital existance. Because I realise that I add object that I forget because they are behind directory of directory and the name and obscure. The name of object are 50% of the time not clear. They start with brand name that is not important and the important word and hidden in the middel and when you don't read all you miss. I also realise that you can have double object. How to detect?
  6. After few month or years I realised that my knoledge is light concerning secondlife. I thought that I knew but actually I realise that so many things I don't know. When I have a problem I spend a long time to solve it and I find the solution by random not by logic. Actually I realised that to play secondlife you need to learn you need a training. Many word I still don't know and I don't know why but when I read documentation I understand partialy. Vocabulary is still a problem. My question is multiple. What is the best way to learn ? I expect the answer with link with wiki or video tutorial. But such way I already did. But partialy. When I have a problem I spend time and I read things I already know and things I am searching I don't find it Is there a learning path somewhere with at the end evaluation (practical things to do) to know if we understood or not and if we know how to do this or this. Today I realised that I don't know how to know what I am wearing. I know but some object are far behind in directories of directories. I spend too much time searching searching searching in my inventory and that is not fun. The name of objects are ununderstandable most of the time. And we cannot change them So I am searching a way to relearn all what is your suggestions. I learn all by myself and badly. 1. Restart the basis. Specialy vocabulary 2. How to build avatar and how to manage inventory efficiencly. 3. how to learn the culture of SL (the social ascept that nobody explain but that all people know except me. 4. How to build etc... 5. How to enjoy playing. SL is supposed to be a game not a software to learn and to master Is there a certification somewhere. Tutorial with pedagogic way. Starting with easy and with an easy learning curve. With exercices. I already was in online course but it is just a text (always very fast and too fast for me usualy and it is like a machine that write a text is the IM. ) What is your suggestion to learn. Create a project with a group? Do you have certification to know your level? Is there a learning path somewhere ? Am I the only one who have the feeling to be idiot and knowing nothing in front of the huge amount of things to be learn. When I read tutorial it is like I know all but actually I should know 1%. I don't know if I express myself correctly.
  7. OK now that button is good when you have alpha in the directory. Where to find cloth for Jake without holes when no alpha is in the pack? Do you have a list of shop where I can go ?
  8. " you want to success ? well , follow the crowd become the people pleaser, do what they want you to do or react. accept their view event yoy dislagreed. sort answer, be faked and deny youw owns" I don't understand what you means? Can you explain in simple words.
  9. I have the same problem. Where to get cloth? It is like some people know where are shops. Is there a directory somewhere of shops? Sometimes I receive notification of things I don't understand : Probably shops who are looking for customer And sometimes as a customer I don't find shops.
  10. I am not banned to a specific place but banned to play the game in all places. We can play that game on many places. I read that I should join groups. But groups is used to advertise not for socialise. I reveive notification that I never understand and delete. Finaly I uncheck the notification because I never see the advantage of group. It is like a mailing list. If you are interested to buy things it is ok.
  11. I am shocked by the number of answer. Thank you so much. I need time now to read all that I give you a mistake or fail that affect my mood. I tried to play voodoo. It was not easy at the begining. Then sudenly I got a message desactivated. After a while I realised that I was banned. The moderator said that a owner ban me. I didn't know the reason. He gave me a long list of rules. In secondlife you don't have a second chance. When you are banned the only solution is change your IP address and create a new avatar. Maybe they will deteted in a cookie somewhere that I did a mistake and they will ban me again. All that is game destructif for our mood and our selfesteem. You start to learn a new thing then you get banned. The owner never realised how hard it is to be banned. He feel power but it is like killing someone. that game is really hard and violent in that sens. No second chance.
  12. Look at the skin tap. I have a BOM button that I use. But where is the Blend Button can you show me?
  13. I would like advice how to play SL. I notice that this game is hard. * hard to start : hard to have decent avatar. The learning curve is very steep and noboy to help. * hard to be social. How to get friends or playing with other. Impression that all player want to play alone * In secondlife you don't have a second chance. That part is the hardest. Maybe this is the reason why many people start with a new avatar. My question : what advice you can give me to have fun and play with pleasure ? I try hard to have a nice avatar and make friends and even play games. But I do many mistakes and people don't accept my mistake. I have to be perfect from the first time. I try try try but I think it is like I do 10 try and the 9th is ok. But many times the 1st fails is definitive. Do I play too seriously ? SL is supposted to be a game. This game affect my mood. When I loose That affect me and My value of myself diminushed or digreas. I have the right word. My selfconfidence go down each time I do a mistake of I fail. How to have less fails : I want to have 8 fails and then I success instead of 9. How to learn how to play? What is the correct way to play. Specialy socialy. Technicaly it is hard but I can learn it but socialy is the hardest part. Is it really a social game? What is your advice? Stoping playing ? (if I ask that question it is because I want to play) - Making break I already did it ? Read documentation ? change my mindeset. I try to be happy and optimistic but when I fail how to be optimistic. I notice also that very often I am lost in the game. I am somewhere and I don't know how to do how to play. It is like that I am lost.
  14. Hello a friend of mine invite me to play voodoo. It is fun because it allow to go from place to place and having fun while get linden. I try my best to play it 1. Hard to know the group 2 hard to find where is the voodoo where I have to click 3 valid the link ok 4 20 seconds AFK I miss sometimes 5 Impossible to know if I am sill recorded That is what I understand of that game. I know I am a slow learner and do many mistake before I know how to play. Then I got in the hud Disabled. Then I understand that I was banned. I try to get undbanned in ony way I was banned but when I ask to be unbanned the system say that I am not banned. Then I open a ticket and ask. The moderator give me the information that my account was banned. It was a good start. He didn't explain me why. He was very angry against me because he said that I didn't respect the rules, But he didn't say waht rule I didn't respect. I continue and ask to be unbanned. but he was more angry and stop the discussion Question Am I the only one in this situation ? How to be unbanned ? Is it definitive? I would like feedback.
  15. I remember in the past. I had a standard mesh cloth (not sure of the name) and alpha. The alpha cloth hide the part of the body and then the cloth was perfect. Now for a reason when I wear the alpha that does not change anything. I try al and impossible to make it working. To know if bom is working is the red alpha. I don't have the red then I have BOM.
  16. That video explain how to wear Jake but not how to not have holes from cloth that should works for Jake. I are looking for a shirt for exemple where I dance that not let you holes.
  17. I I bought one shirt for few body and jake included when I wear it my hands disappeared., In the shirt I have holes and I paid this shirt 300 or something. It was just lost. When I get for free I think ok it was a gift. I don't find decent cloth for jake. And alpha does not work or I don't know how to make working. I click on bom and nothing happend. Usualy some part of the body should disappear I am planning to buy an other body but I don't know with one
  18. Jake is not the good one. Most cloth made for Jake does not work properly you always to have to use the hub. It is really anoying
  19. This question because I realise that moving the camera is one of the thing I don't know. I use the mouse and I click on the arrow. But it is very hard to go where I want. And When I record the screen I don't want to see the arrow. Do you have other way to move the camera in better way?
  20. how to you know what is a main and an alt. Is it the age (the main is older) is it the time you use. The main is used 2 hours a day the alt 1 hour ? What happend if you use one avare 2 hours one day and 1 hour the next day who is the main who is the alt ?
  21. @Clem Marques Your answer is perfect. (grr why I write in strong letter and big?) anyway I understood that in the alt means bad people. But I think the basis of SL is to have an other life of many other lifes. So this is the inherant heart of sl to have alts. All avatar is an alt for me. I translate alt by avatar but bad one.
  22. My messages from 2 years ago should have been deleted and you touch the problem. If you're concerned, the only way to prevent your posts being here forever is to not post at all. --> Not this is exactly the problem I have now.
  23. I don't understand why on second life beeing an alt is something considered bad. We can have 2 3 or 10 accounts. What is the problem?
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