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  1. My RL moms nickname for me is Kitty. Being as how that's VERY common, I started looking up the word Cat in other languages. I typed in each one until I got the ok lol. I ended up with Katt. Dragoone just sounded interesting at the time. I wish I picked another Last name tho. Yay dragons lmao
  2. lol I get it. They are very pretty. So I demo the heck out of Catwa Catya and so far I'm loving it. I know it's the head Everyone has but I can see why. Versatile and nice to look at lol
  3. Yea I noticed that too. It's not too bad if you don't look lol
  4. Welp Laq posted another new skin, again, and they will have a new head and a new hud. This isn't helping! lmao Ughh
  5. I know what you mean. I originally wanted a Genus but after I saw they were going for 5.5k, and animations were jerky, No.
  6. I forgot about Akeruka! I actually have 2 of those but to me they look mad all the time and similar lol
  7. Oh I never thought of that zoom in but I do notice it on the Laq head I have. It triggers me so much LOL. Last I learned about tho, is they are coming out with a new hud which makes me even more curious and want to wait to see if it's worth it. Catwa feels like Everyone makes things for it, Everyone wears them, Everyone ends up looking the same which I don't mind as much tbh, but that's the reason why I think it might be worth investing in it. Safety? Lelutka do all look the same. I demo them a few days ago and didn't feel like I got much variety so I agree totally with you on that
  8. This I know well but I wanted to see opinions and why people choose one over the other. Your reply was VERY informative and I appreciate that so much. Thank you!
  9. Basically I'm having a reaaallly hard time trying to decide which bento head to buy. I have Laq but at times it seems like something is lacking in comparison to the higher end mesh heads. My question is, which do you prefer? Catwa, Laq, Letutka, Genus etc? Why and why not? I know some say " go with what look you like best" but I like them all for their individuality. I would like something that "works" Animations. Some I've noticed looked all weird and glitchy, while others just looked weird lol. HUD, some are more confusing than helpful. I would like opinions from all, experienced as well as newbys like me when it comes to bento heads. Thanks in advance! ❤️
  10. Today has been like "sigh is this day over yet? I want cookies!"
  11. This is their YouTube and I won't like, I'm just as confused lol. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK4urdYEVyNSTrSUKH_4nKg/videos
  12. Yes just teleport upstairs and you will see a wall of skins to buy. They work of mesh bodies. I recommend Maitreya since most designers create for it.
  13. They have skin sets for, I think it was $35L, upstairs. I got the new skin for Ivy and head, and I'm using that cheapy skin they got ( I attached a picture so you can see, it matches). You can also go to other stores that sell Omega skins and use those. I'm assuming you have a mesh body as well.
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