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  1. Gracias ❤️ Por lo pronto va mejor. Espero que continue asi
  2. Update: I finally talked to my SO, he's ok...ish. Tired, weak, etc. I think he'll pull thru. Really hope a vaccine is made soon tho. I hate thinking about all those other people suffering that are in much worse condition 😕
  3. I didn't read any previous comments so I can't say anything about that. Since this is a Vent about Covid post, I will now express a few things. My Rl has been battling this horrible virus for about a week now, and it just hit me today how bad it really is. I've been crying on and off. We talk everyday, up until today. I'm scared, I'm worried but I'm trying not to lose hope
  4. I get that with that hair too. Just remove the hair base on your head. You don't need it since Doux hair has like a built in hair base.
  5. Sigh I missed it by a second Edit: I tried again a few minutes later and got another boathouse. Daddy Linden was kind to me for once 😋
  6. This just happened to me yesterday lol. Someone randomly logged in my house. We had a nice little chat, even though the profile made me uneasy. Either way I was welcoming and offered lemonade haha
  7. Pings @Annabell Wandsworth
  8. Sexy... wait let's not go there again. .. Shrinking Hippos Read Unsettling Greetings G H O S T
  9. Just saw this off of Facebook https://www.facebook.com/slbatistas/ Tonal Studios specializes in vacation destinations but I think their booking is full. Doesn't hurt to ask tho. Good luck ❤️
  10. If you search mp for moremore there are lots of cute gacha skins. You can see on their Flickr https://flickr.com/photos/99428319@N08/ There's non gacha in the inworld store too. Also Arata has some Doll-like skins https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/190923
  11. Sexy Manatees Unravel Rabid Ferrets P A N D A
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