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  1. Not just that, but the animations themselves felt jerky. I love the look of Genus (sweet, innocent etc) but so far Catwa catches my eye, especially with all the updates they are doing. I love hearing everyones' opinion. More to think about! Thank you for your replies everyone ❤️
  2. VERY informative! Thank you so much. I actually learned a few things lol.
  3. As the title says, I'm interested in all things Catwa Heads. I've been eyeing them for awhile but never had the nerve to cough up my precious pesos ($$$) for one. In your opinion, are they worth it? I have Laq and Ak heads but Catwa seems to have that something special. Maybe I should look into them more or amp up my curiosity with Genus as well. Sigh SL problems. 🤣
  4. Sharing my potato pc pictures with y'all lol
  5. Akeruka has a sale right now on it's Deluxe heads. No time like the present to update your avatar
  6. I remember seeing this years ago about, if RL women had SL bodies. I think I peed myself a little when I saw it 🤣
  7. I never say this to anyone but you have a beautiful profile (yes I peeked LOL) full of love, hopes and dreams. I hope you are able to find everything you wish for and more ❤️
  8. Troll or not, from what I see, your profile is empty. No picks, No RL, No photos etc. You have to make yourself desirable And approachable. It would be VERY difficult to find anything in common if there's nothing to work with. That profile will get you nowhere. What do you like? Dislike? Etc. Something to keep in mind for future reference SL and RL 😛
  9. Sounds interesting. What is needed to start?
  10. Np! Pumec also has a few of them and I believe The Skinnery as well
  11. Did you check Egozy? They have a couple group gifts for AK and there's a new release at Ebento. They have dark and light tones
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