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  1. I wanted to explore but the pup fell asleep 😶
  2. which one was it? they sell the skin to match the head also
  3. Katt Dragoone


    I would like to add I'm interested too. I just was able to get a Genus and I love the kawaii look. I tried on a few from AG Lotus etc but yea curious also lol
  4. I am very much looking but my wallet said No been trying to find ways to get $$ all day lol
  5. My guess is any of these 3 because of they jaw. As far as shape, I think that would have to be customized if you want it exactly like that.
  6. I notice it happens when i'm in a really laggy place. I just task manager and force close it lol
  7. that sounds amazin. I'll look it up. Thanks~
  8. Are there such things as road trips in SL? Where you can get a car or camper, drive, stop at rest stop, hotels etc.
  9. I'll check it out. Thank you!
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