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  1. ok I peeked at the ones you mentioned. They're gorgeous!
  2. I got them thanks! They are actually from En Pointe. I contacted the creator and they put them on sale <3333
  3. been looking, or trying to look for the islands at the fantasy faire, from isle of tarrin sim (I think that's how you spell it). I remember they were on sale but no idea who sells them.
  4. channeling Jennie from Blackpink today 😁 ❤️
  5. Found it at GLAMAZON !
  6. Looking for this outfit from Bauhaus that I'm not sure if I missed or it's not out yet 🤔 I went to the store and didn't see it or anywhere on their Flickr. Help please, it's too cute to pass up 😂
  7. Saw on a friends post on FB about how dandelions close at night ( or during rain) and open up during daylight http://gph.is/1WOtGz8
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