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  1. Dove and Grenade Nightclub is a New hot and upcoming club looking for Hosts, Dancers, and DJs. We have 2 floors, lower floor is for customers/VIP's to dance and listen to the music and have a good time, Upper floor is the Bar with free drinks and a Dancers section. We have merchandise for sale to support the club, the Club is located on a sim based on Hollywood California. Aside from the club there is soooo much to see here on the Hollywood California Sim. We even have vendors for rent. All Hosts, DJs, and Dancers keep 100% of your tips, set your own schedule, friendly expe
  2. I have a Single image i'd like to turn into a Mesh object, it don't need a texture as it's gonna be black or white, if anyone can do this please contact me in world to get the image and we can talk about how much you'd charge. thanks Blade Reluin
  3. Hello, I am looking for someone who can make some custom clothing items for my Tribute band in mesh, if you can do this, please message me in world to discuss pricing, forewarned i can only pay in $L not RL Money, thank you Blade Reluin
  4. Hello, We are recruiting people who wish to be in a Hollywood Undead Tribute band. We will perform live shows doing Hollywood Undead's Music, the $L's we earn will be split among the band members. Each Band member will have the correct mask custom made for them pertaining to the band member they choose. So if you enjoy Hollywood Undead's music and wish to be in a SL Band, please message me in world for try outs. The following Band members are needed: Johnny 3 Tears Da Kurlzz Funnyman Charlie Scene Thank you for taking the time to read this. In Wor
  5. Purple Velvet Desires is an exotic Dancer club looking for Female and Male dancers and DJ's. Must be willing to work with our set prices for dancing. Open Genre for music, (Play any type of music as a DJ within Limits) Keep 100% of your tips, dancers and DJ's Friendly environment and staff, no Drama. Make your own schedule. Purple Velvet Desires is a brand new Exotic/Stripper Club that will opening in within the next week, and needs DJ's and Dancers, It is on a sim that has alot more as well, such as shops, an Amphitheater, the Sim is a pure entertainment sim. Lo
  6. Hello, some friends and i run an Imperial Military and a Sith Order in Star Wars Roleplay. we have a Homestead where the RP takes place. So to tell you a little about the groups: The Imperial Military are Soldiers with fortified gear and weapons to do various missions for the Sith and for the Mysterious Leader of the entire organization. I can offer more info if you were to IM me in world and ask questions about it. I can tell you anything you wish to know. So if you like star wars and want to roleplay a Sith Imperial Trooper or even a Sith Lord, go ahead an IM me, great fun in the RP, creat
  7. Sux to see a RP Sim die, especially a good one. who knows maybe one day it will come back, think positive about things,never negative, otherwise you'd live your life in regret. enjoy life!
  8. Looking for a new Roleplay? Want to fun things and develop a character that can be a strong warrior? want to look awsome and carry tons of weapons and be feared in a Sci-Fi Roleplay? Want to belong to a family, a culture of Mercenaries, bounty hunters and warriors? Then try out the Mandalorian Clan Dha'oya'karir in Star Wars Roleplay. Instant Message me in world to find out how to join. We are an active group with plenty to do and plenty of Roleplay to have fun with. Learn the ways of a Mandalorian!
  9. Looking for a trustworthy Investor to help pay for a Star Wars Roleplay Sim. Have a Few Ideas for the Sim theme of choice. if you know anything about Star Wars or wish to invest IM me in World ---> Blade Reluin <---- I will discuss the details, a Chance to make some Good L in this type of sim plus alot of good Roleplay oppertunities. Will explain more to anyone interested! thank you - Blade Reluin
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