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  1. So, do we need to change our keywords? Whatever this is getting worse and worse.... what the hell is LL doing??????? and why???? My sales are plumeting like a big rock
  2. Their response to my ticket was a copy paste text.... that's so disrespectful to all of us.
  3. Wow.... I earned L$ 0 today This is getting ridiculous!! It's too difficult to reach a decent position on the search results based on sales!!!... Now this??? I'm really upset
  4. Yes it is! 😔 my sales went down to L$0 today. Thank you so much LL
  5. Ooh thank you so much! I'll chek Seraphin website!
  6. Sign up as a store for events? How I do that? please, would you explain to me how to do that? is there a website, group where I can sign up? Thanks in advance!
  7. Still the same.... I guess It will take a couple of month, just like the last time
  8. I submitted a ticket This is what they told: Hello, Fergie Finesmith We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue with the Marketplace. We have forwarded this report to a supervisor and the Engineers as a bug report. As soon as we have an update from them we will update this Support Ticket.
  9. Hi!! For about a week (or more) I have been observing that new products on MP, no matter how often they are sold, are stuck in the relevance sorting. I also put a "test" product to test and often had it bought. But it looks like products, no matter how often they are bought, are not ranked first in the listing. I am wondering whether this is the only problem I have, or whether other creators have also noticed this problem. As long as this problem has not been resolved, I do not need to put new products on Marketplace, because after a short time my customers can hardly find them anymore!
  10. I don't get what's happening since monday, suddenly my sales went down dramatically... I don't get it. Is there any kind of ban, glitch, bug whatever??? I'm getting frustated by this. My store is like 10 years old and it never happened something like that. Please tell me this is temporary system mistake or whatever. - Monday: I sold only an item during early morning (between 2 am and 5 am) - Tuesday: 2 items during early morning too (between 2 am and 6 am) - Wednesday: 4 items during early monting (between 2 am and 4 am) - Thursday: 2 items during early morning!!!!! ((between 2 am and 4 am) What is happening here??? 😢 I don't get it. It's like my store is only active on MP during early mornings! what the hell?? I went from selling like 20 items per day to 5 Last sunday my sales were like heaven! then the nightmare started on monday. What's wrong! am I violating a TOS or what? I need help.
  11. That's a point. I have appliers for Slink (hands and feet, physique and some visage), lolas and Maitreya... I guess I'm missing some other brands.
  12. I have almost 7 years selling skins.... 7 years full of good sales, and I'm not even a big brand like Laqroki, Redgrave or Curio... but my sales were always fine... this year I'm having a dramatical drop in sales (almost 100%).... and I wonder what is happening, people doesn't like my skins anymore, people doesn't buy skins anymore like back in the time (2009-2013)...??
  13. There's is something weird happening to my stuff on the marketplace. My english is really basic, so. I'll try to make it clear as possible. I noticed that, when I'm having a really good selling week/couple of days, my stuff appears in the first result pages, and then suddenly my stuff dissapears from there, even after having a good selling day prior. I try to search my stuff and I find them in the last pages, or maybe I never find them at all. That shouldn't happen right? because if you're selling well, your stuff appears higher on the results pages. Why does it happen? I don't get it. And that happens really often. I'm not able to recover at all from that, and then again my stuff appears in the first pages then good sales, then again dissapears, I don't sell nothing at all... .and again, and again. The sad part is that the dissapearing times are longer than the good sales ones. Does Linden Labs controls what appears on the first result pages, dissapearing stuff from there even when they are selling well? Am I doing something wrong with my stuff? Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know! But after almost five years of selling skins on Marketplace with great results, I don't get why this is happening. This year my sales went down, almost 70%. I can't stand it! when I have 4 days in row earning just between 1 - 5 lindens per day. This year have been a nightmare talking about earning lindens.
  14. I'm sorry, maybe this is a dumb question, but reading this forum I discovered that is possible to use textures from my local disk? I used to upload temporary textures using Imprudence viewer back in the time, but it's not possible anymore. How can I do to use textures from local, what I have to do to use textures from my local disk and not wasting money uploading textures that may I won't use??? Thanks in advance!
  15. First of all, thanks for all your help. I bought the lolas and now I'm trying to make an applier, but something weird happens once I wear the applier. It disappears in just a couple of seconds, I'm not even able to click on it, what am I doing wrong? I'm trying to follow every single step in the instructions notecard, but the applier just keep disappearing.
  16. Yes I'm a devolper. well then I guess I should get a Lolas pack right? The packs includes appliers in full perm right? Am I allowed to sell them to my customers? Hands, Feet and booty includes Developers kits too?? I'm sorry to bother with all these questions!
  17. that would be amazing, thank you so much!
  18. Thank you so much for your response! everything is getting clear now.
  19. I was just to post a topic like this LOL, I'm a skin creator, I personally don't like those big boobs, but my customers keeps asking me about appliers and well, I have to do something to please them. BTW, If I buy boobs they would include instructions to make appliers right? ok... so if I make appliers based on some boobs brand they will fit well in another brands boobs? my english is not that good, but you got the idea?
  20. I don't know about you but, (I have a skin store since 2009), and this is the worst month ever! I don't know what happen, but I'm literally selling nothing, my sales are down almost 85% compared to last year and even last month, it's just crazy. I just hope this change soon. After the Skin Fair in mid March everything went downhill for me, I'm really worried, I don't know what to do.
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