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  1. Appliers? I guess marketplace is showing you my old stuff. I sell BOM makeup. Now I'm worried! don't you see my recent stuff for real????? please tell me more!!
  2. Every month I'm reaching new lows... this is getting ridiculous. What about you guys? When I thought that January and February were bad months, March is being the worst ever in my Second life history, poor sales EVER!
  3. It was one of the worst days of the month for me.... 94 lindens that's all God bless the in-world events!
  4. I gave up. We're having this problem since february... They don't care about it, that's clear.
  5. Have we given up? They don't listen to us. I no longer see messages here complaining and the problem is still there... I guess this Marketplace issue is a closed case right? If you have any tips on how to maintain sales, please share. For now I am trying to apply to as many events as possible. The important thing is to have the week full of events.
  6. After all this misfortune that Linden Labs has caused, do you think it is safe to advertise on Marketplace? It is a serious question.
  7. Well, my products would appear on the first page of search results, typing "eyeshadow" or "Makeup" (Top 5 or Top 10) After this update only a couple of my demos appeared on the first page. While my best sellers disappeared. My store has been on the market for 13 years. My store was very well established
  8. They closed my JIRA with the same old copy paste text.... they don't care
  9. ZERO sales today ... 😔 If it wasn't for today's event this day would be the worst day since 2010 for my store. unbelievable!!
  10. Features are important now?? When I type "Eyeshadows" the TOP 3 items doesn't even have words in the features tab. is it hidden?
  11. Whatever.... sales my are back to ZERO again after this new update LOL I really lost faith in Marketplace, I don't know what is LL trying to do, I'm relying my sales on in-world events If you know in-world events please share the info!! Marketplace is a LOST CASE, they don't want to help us at all, that's clear.
  12. I regret.... for today sales are back to ZERO What an awful month!
  13. for the last couple of days my Marketplace sales are almost back to normal... the weird thing is that the search keep showing the same messed up results... What about you guys? are your sales going healthy again or worse?
  14. LOL.... I don't get why my demos have more "relevance" than the real product.
  15. Still not working properly for me. ZERO SALES FOR TODAY... again 😔
  16. I sent a JIRA.... I don't know if it's going to help March is the worst selling month ever since 2010 for my store.... Marketplace keep showing a couple of my DEMO packs first and my best selling items at the bottom pages, I really don't know what to do. I guess I'm going to close my store after all :( Events are not enough...
  17. Still not working properly for me.
  18. Please send a ticket! let them know what is happening to your selling rate since end of february. We are in the same situation since around that time.... we need to make some noise about this mess they started.
  19. Still the same I guess they're not going to fix anything. I don't know what to do
  20. No, it's not working.... I don't get why my Halloween items are showing first also my worst selling items of all time now are showing first in relevance on my store this is a mess W H A T E V E R
  21. Anorher day with 0 sales from MP Binge event is keeping my store alive for this week... who knows what will happen next week.
  22. Please, for god sake! roll back to the old searching system. This is ridiculous, my sales are plumetting 90% for today Why are you doing this to us merchants? I don't get it, we move SL economy, and for some of us this is one of our main income. You can't change the rules in this negative way from one day to another.
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