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  1. Well, LL just restored my items... what it means this? what's next?? I
  2. God! according to LL they have 10 business days to start a legal process on the court.... now I'm confused, do I have to wait for 4 more days???
  3. Well, today is the 10th day and I have no notice of the claimant taking this to the court. What it means this? Will LL restore all my items? when???
  4. Are you trying to say that I'm copying Laqroki? hmmm my skins were made with Evely lane, Eloh Elliot templates. And about the hightlights, do you think Mallory Cowen is the only woman in the world that knows how to do that kind of highlights on a simple plain texture of 512X512 pixels using photoshop??? I don't think so. You should look at the details, try to wear a demo of one my skins and then a Laqroki demo and you'll se the big differences. Mallory Cowen and her husband Winter Diprima always visited my store since I opened, and bought demo after demo, maybe they always wanted to find little details on my skins to take legal process.... I'm no more a poor newbie Mallory, I'm here to stay and I'm gonna fight for my skins hun, wait and see.
  5. Hi, I'm waiting for a response after a counter notification. According to LL Laqroki have 10 business days to sue me in the court. I would like to know what will happen after 10 days and Laqroki didn't sued me in the court. Will LL restore all my stuff on the original place where they were at (in-world and SL Marketplace) ? I've been reading a lot of stories about LL restoring stuff without permissions, or in fact they don't restored all the stuff... I'm scared. I don't know, but this process is really weird, according to this I'm able to fil a DMCA notification against whomever only because is my competition and I want them out of the market...
  6. I was needing help with some english word, is that something that a legal deparment would answer?? and FYI LL doesn't post any link to a legal department or even an e-mail to request that kind of information, they want a fax or document straight on their desks.
  7. After all, they (I guess Laqroki) did the DMCA Notification agains me and after 2 years selling skins and making a lot of money LL removed almost all my products from my main store and SL Marketplace. I'm going to write a Counter notification but I need some help because as you can see or read, english is not my native language, I'm from Peru and I speak spanish. What it means this? "Send the written document to the designated Copyright Agent at Linden Research: Linden Research, Inc. Attn: Designated Copyright Agent XXX Battery Street San Francisco, CA XXXXX Alternatively, fax the document to (415)XXXX-XXXX. On the cover sheet, please write ATTN: DMCA COUNTER-NOTIFICATION" Does it means that I have to send the counter notification using normal postal service?? I mean the one in papper?? that would take almost a month, or "Alternatively" means that I can send the notification only for fax or does it means that I have to send it in both ways??? Well thanks for yor help in adavance, I hope everything is OK, I'm pretty sure that my work is legal and I'm going to fight for it no matter what.
  8. I remove those terms yesterday. I just have to wait, all I know is that I'm not selling any illegal stuff on my store. I've been working with the Evely Lane templates from 2 years ago, and I'm not the only one working with those templates, Evely Lane is a top selling template desinger on SL Marketplace, I trust on her work, and the Eloh Eliot templates are free to use, almost every designer that I know, knows about Eloh's templates.
  9. Hi, I'm skin designer. I sell my stuff on SL Marketplace and inworld. I dont why the avatar called "Removals3 Linden" was today on my store, some friend told me that maybe my stuff was reported for something and LL is removing the illegal stuff. But HEY! ANYTHING ON MY STORE is ILLEGAL. Then, after "Removals3 Linden" left my store I checked my products and everything was complete, nothing is missing. My skins were made using templates by Evely Lane, and Eloh Eliot. And I don't know why but Winter DiPrima (Mallory Cowen husban, Laqroki owners) was on my store yesterday and bought 2 skin demos. Also some famous fashion blogger contacted me yesterday because she wanted the name of her blog removed from my search terms on SL Marketplace..... IS That the main problem?? because to bump a little my brand on the search results pages I putted famous brand names as redgrave, laqroki, belleza, but they are not even showing up, they are only search terms that are hidden, it's something as SEO. But well I removed all those names yesterday, but today "Removals3" visited my store!! why??? What's going to happen??? I have almost 2 years selling skins, they are 100% legal
  10. It's working fine now but I'm not on my parcel.... well thank you for your help guys! love you kisses
  11. This is the message: "Unable to upload 2a1d69c5-1136-b3e9...... due to the following reason: The server is experimenting unexpected difficulties, please try again later" But I got that message since yesterday I will try teleporting to another sim, I hope it works, I will let you know.
  12. I'm trying to upload a simple texture (eye texture) since yesterday but I got a message saying that the server is experimenting some troubles, but it's not true my friends told me that they are uploading textures without problems. What can I do??? it's only my internet connection, SL banned my uploads, what's wrong???
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