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  1. Far too mant dysfunctional merchant practices in SL unfortunately. here ill fix that for you Far to many dysfunctional customers who do not practise common sense in sl unfortunately lol
  2. Casper vend has a delisting feature, why don't you use it ? I use my item once a month , and that was mostly to give away a free gift and a notice that my main store is out of order for now until college comes back. When i come back into business, I will be using that same feature to let those that have bought from me know that I am back about, and a small catalog showing what is new.
  3. Go to the items edit, near the bottom will be a button that says split profits, tap it, enter the name and the ratio and there you go.
  4. Look at this article http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Guide_to_Jobs_in_Second_Life
  5. Greetings all Have a new affilate setup for my items, and need folks to test it out, will be given 50% split of profits instead of 35%, before I let it hit into the main market area. If your intrested, its rings and bracletes, leave a messege below or im me. States for the test are -18 prims -Willing to provide written feedback Thank you for yoru time
  6. You do know that all major business's are rarly own by a single person but by boards of commites or a group of investors? Partnerships are the only way to thrive in this mega huge thing we call world based economy, and you can say you heard that from the pigs mouth.
  7. Hey all, am looking to hire someone to write a script for ratios, and random generators of chance, basic building skills in midevil items would be appreciated also. Pay rate is negotiable.
  8. prices are....example of your website abilties are....photo editing abilties are...
  9. welcome to the world of boobies, no more disney channle for you. Now that your 18, you have the sudden relazation that playboy, was not the gaming magazine your father told you it was.
  10. I would avoid using a sl name, as anyone could reuse it, or if someone has a version of your name with a differnt name, could cause further confusion. Myself, I used ghost jewelry, after doing a search in sl marketplace for ghost, and found not much that use it, so felt safe. Depending on what your doing, do (Subject of what your selling)+(Action or high value word)+(random business or hipster word)=store brand or get clever and use a anagram for your store logo name Gathering of Accories passions=GAP Furrys In Love of Fashoin-= FilF Boats that dont sink=BDS Loving ordiary clothing always cheap LOCTAC *shrugs* crappy examples but ou get the point lol
  11. Been seeing a few bits in some of my rp groups, on claming they been grifed. That random folks logged on and had the abiltiy to tear walls, and move phsycial objects. Is their a bug right now, that is being perverted on object rights, and yes these are differnt sims, so its not a common permission rights issue deriving from one source, but several folks who have nothing in common.
  12. I have done the code that was desired from the assignment am doing and it doesn't seem to be aligning fully, I pull it fully out and it acts a lil wacky, and have to use html <center tags on the links which is suppose to auto link with the <div wrapper bit, to actualy get them where they are. It is also acting weird on the footer section, as it does not match the bar length of the header. Any advice please?header. Any advice please? http://pastebin.com/HLVWCrTq is the file location
  13. http://www.avmatch.com/ try this place..i was looking for a chick about a month or two back, and met only psychos lol, so mabye you will have better luck in a match making site instead
  14. Its a lil mature at the end, but funny as hell lol. http://www.hulu.com/watch/245172/collegehumor-sketches-photoshop-tutorial-rap#s-p2-sr-i0
  15. Thank you if any reponces :) Hey all, Starting upa college course and in week 3 of it so far, and would like to ask for a possible tutor for some basic questins, when I have them along the lines of what I do. If the need of payment or such **lives in college **, I can do a few items I make or something thats already up on marketplace for yea.
  16. Hey all, *thinks about the only place to post it besdies general chat* Starting upa college course and in week 3 of it so far, and would like to ask for a possible tutor for some basic questins, when I have them along the lines of what I do. If the need of payment or such **lives in college **, I can do a few items I make or something thats already up on marketplace for yea. Thank you if any reponces :)
  17. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/yo-Banner-Makers-Halloween-is-a-Big-Deal/m-p/1150181#M10528 Her last post
  18. that i did...said freebie full rights...enjoy anyways its off market
  19. *scratches his head* well actualy as someone who didin't make the item but just gave it away, its kinda not my job or youtube would be sued all day about folks uploading stuff. If folks have all day to comment on it, why did they not take the time to contact me and ask me to take it down?
  20. Due, to repeated comments about other folks rights of use, and that sor broke contracts between whoever he bought from, I am pulling hte product from the marketplace for now, unless I see a good reason to put it back up. A warning to those that may have had their gear as such, it would be more prudent to actualy contact me about such things, instead of just putting comments on the item, or posting in some random forum I never visit. It would have been taken down faster , if someone actualy went out of their way saying, hey this is mine would you take it down please. Thank you for your time Amarock Amat.
  21. True....but if its false advertising, on the full perm or the TOU for the item. If it was sold as full perm, does that not mean that their rights are clearly spoken on the item they are selling * which i screen shot for my own protection * Therefore it is their slip up to pay for not mine? case in point... Sal's sex gen stuff....no terms of use..just a general help yourself to it....he could not come back at a later point and say..well I am going to add a TOU suddenly here is the paper that goes along with it no one is allowed to sell it anymore. Just becuase it is in the box, does not mean its legit compared to what the seller promised against my buying rights.
  22. http://www.netlitigation.com/netlitigation/cases/brower.htm
  23. So black history month was only created to make white folks mad?
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