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  1. If you sold me a car, and said after I hand you the money , I cant drive on tuesdays and i ask for my money back and you wont. How am I legely bound to your statment?
  2. I have a question for folks, I want to celbrate it and yet...when I do such around blacks or hespanics... I feel bad....Should I feeling proud about who I am ...I don't know like its wrong to say yay its good to be white. Is it how I've been raised or is just me being parinoid?
  3. I am curoius, I bought something that was full perm, blah blah blah about stuff. I opened it up and then it came with a user agreement stuffs and all that, which was not listed in the purchase before hand. I did not agree to alot of their what i view exterme terms. I asked for a refund they refused. So now am somewhat in a bitter place, of well legely they did not give me notice before I purchased and they will not refund. Do I know hold the right to use them as I see fit, as they did not make any warning of a user agreement before purchase?
  4. if you need animations id suggest prim puppeteer is a semi old school favorite of builders
  5. you woul dhave better luck doing affialte vendors
  6. Currently looking to expand from current land space, into a larger store front, or possible nestle into an area of an already established center. Willing to look at listed prices, not looking to be a store in the middle of a grass land, or a sex park :) I create, bracletes,necklaces, rings, custom designs, and general cheaply priced items. The store would be a host for best sellers, new relases, and varoius specials I would host. Contact me here or at amarock amat
  7. Okay I just have to ask, what is with the sudden popularity with my lil pony, I have been forced to watch it of late** curse you lil sisters** and will admit it is atleast better to watch then dora or spongebob...but seriously phines and pherb is better!!
  8. or just not buy form their again, and not get sued for harrasment....their ignoring of you is clear and obvious messege...
  9. congreats and good luck on your project, I know a sculpter and will let him know about your task.
  10. would you stop hyping up the fear, this isn't fox news, calm down take a deep breath and remain focused on how to make money. Now could you explain by what you mean by DD?
  11. So brook if am reading this right, the only thing changing is where the transacton history is being stored?
  12. key host_key; // Used to pay the host. string host_name; // Keep host's name, even if they are out of the sim integer channel = 9999; // Change this number for a secure channel number integer listening; Init() { llSay(0, "Setting up Tip Jar..."); host_key = NULL_KEY; host_name = ""; llSetText("Touch Here to Set Host",<1,1,1>,1); } start_listen() { if(listening) llListenRemove(listening); listening = llListen(channel,"","",""); } default { on_rez(integer param) { // Reset the script when a new tip jar is placed on the ground. llResetScript(); } state_entry() { // So the jar can give refunds and pay the hosts, the owner must give it // permission to take money from them. llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_DEBIT); Init(); } touch_start(integer num_detected) { // Only allow people in the same group to set themselves as host. if(llSameGroup(llDetectedKey(0)) == FALSE) return; llDialog(llDetectedKey(0),"Tip Jar Options",["Reset","Set Host"],channel); start_listen(); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { llListenRemove(listening); if(message == "Reset") { Init(); return; } if(message == "Set Host") { host_key = id; host_name = name; llSetText("Pay here to tip the host:\n" + host_name,<1,1,0>,1); } } money(key id, integer amount) { if(host_key == NULL_KEY) { llSay(0, "No host has been set, refunding your money."); llGiveMoney(id,amount); return; } llSay(0, "Thankyou for your generosity " + llKey2Name(id)); llInstantMessage(host_key,llKey2Name(id) + " has tipped you " + (string)amount + " Lindens."); // Transfer money to the host. llGiveMoney(host_key,amount); } run_time_permissions(integer perms) { if(perms & PERMISSION_DEBIT) { llOwnerSay("/me will now be able to function correctly."); return; } else { llOwnerSay("You must give permission for the tip jar to take money from you."); llSleep(5.0); llResetScript(); } }
  13. Lindens have stated, that you would upload the item, and it would be changed permission and such, from the marketplace. They are working on such a process but it would not go from your inventory that have specificly states, it would be server side, not client invetnroy side. Hope that helps... I have a better idea, that its more a SUPRISE, then a the user base will hate it, then again it may just be a server clean up due, to the issues we have had from last monday. ...Maybe they are making merroos half off!!!! * huggles hs merro tight.
  14. The Marketplace will be down between 8am and 9am SLT for a planned deploy on Tuesday, September 13, 2011. Release notes will be posted on the Commerce Forum after the release has been completed. Anyone have any guesses of what it will be happening? A makeover, or just fixing the latest batch of mess ups? Make your wishlist of slm you would like
  15. just wnat to say am very humbled...over 800 pepole took my offering, i will make a 11th ceromny when it comes next time
  16. Ill be conservetive on this, if a child avatar is anywhere but a general sim, I think its kiddie porn or threating to become that. That is my harsh and easy stance.
  17. most welcome , sent you full perm, if any other desire to hand to others please just say so.
  18. This is a sorta of ...gift, that I made while I was crying, just alot of stress and memorable moments. I would like everyone to please enjoy it, and take a thought and moment tonight and further on . The 10th year is coming up, and for those that are interested in paying respects or learning slightly more about it. I personally suggest this place http://slurl.com/secondlife/BUSINESS%20DISTRICT%20KILO/170/242/22/ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Free-911-memorial-braceletring/2672260? Please feel free to talk about whatever below, but please keep civil.
  19. Have the dj do the stuff like.. This song brought to you by KY Jelly, for all those rough spots you need help in
  20. I thank you for your moral stanidng, and belife about collars and the issues of domaince, but this had nothing to do with that. It was a simple posting about opencollar and how to help reduce its effect. As for slice of bacon, then mine is super thin slice My collar [11:02] Scripts Counted: 11 [704K] Regular OpenCollar[11:02] Scripts Counted: 30 [1920K] your more then welcome Q
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