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  1. list Speach = ["punch_onetwo","punch_onetwo","punch_onetwo","punch_onetwo","punch_onetwo"]; integer speach = 0; default {touch_start(integer total_number) { llShout(llList2String(Speach,speach)); } } Am getting an error around the shout command saying function call mismatched?
  2. Looking to hire sales pepole, going for 30% -no hours required -door to door salesmen styled -Would be based off your own abilties -Would not be an offical employee, but a casual seller on your own time If intrested contact below here.
  3. aww have met you before, lovely great woman, just a kiler that your euro one of the few times it sucks to be american
  4. small clarfication, yes please feel free to ask here, in world, its fine, I am not putting a time limit on this until this weeekend
  5. I got a B for my English 115 got a A for my html/java class got a b for my computer dignostic class and a b+ for my excel/small basics class obvisly I can't do a A or b only sale, so am going to go a lil bit on a tight rope and say, pick anything you want from my store, and ill give it to you for free. Limits one per person...and you can gift your decision to someone else, but it means you don't get something yourself. ((coughs and you need to be more hten a few days old, so no alt abuse lol)) **small edit**https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/86419 my store haha
  6. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Free-911-memorial-braceletring/2672260 try purchising that if you would, its a freebie i made, would be a great controled experment.
  7. Am slightly distrubed at this moment, I have had several sales as my box, pops up saying delivery balh blah blah...but, its not tracking in the SLM, at the same time am getting no emails. Folks are getting my prodcuts for free, or the system is eating up the money trasnfer. I understand that bugs happen, but at this moment, I was expecting that level of sales to help with college book payments and its being floudered away :S.
  8. Today, I am going to do a deal, we are running a contest of what LL may mess up on the update, the closer person , gets my ENTIRE jewelry ..**that is like 235 someodd stuff** Good luck!!
  9. one (1) LG 23" 120Hz 3D Readymonitor one (1) Nvidia eVGA GTX 560 one (1) Nvidia 3D Vision Glasses Kit all btrand new out of the box, won the stuff, but can't afford to build the actual computer to put the stuff in , as i live out of a laptop for college. Anyone have any suggestions on waht to do with them?
  10. I am looking to upgrade my animatoins withtout bleeding me dry, I am willing to go into a deal of shared profits with those that handle weapons animations, if intrested just let me know and can arrange some sort of deal, or post here and ill get back to you. Profit margins are looking around....15k a month, so not huge but a cut for those that are willing and able to chip in .
  11. I am curoius on folks opnion of any good rp schools,and are they usualy free or places you have to pay for?
  12. *coughs* sounds like a business oppertunity to turn a rss feeder of sales, that go to your email, into a database and then host them in a visually appelling way ****quotes*** Does this already with someones system in world and love it
  13. wow, not someone I wold trust, asked him what he did with all his money, that he didnt save up to run a store, and called me a troller and muted me . If you get mad, when someone asks you about your business plan then maybe you should just stay solo.
  14. am not sure if this is the smartest thing to do, 9,000 is expensive for a not to be mean, but common furniture styles, that are already out to market by several other completiters.... I would sugest maybe you start a netowrk of affilate vendors. Get your inworld precene up and then go into a inworld store, small and then build up by yourself
  15. contact me in world, I can give you a script, I use to rotate prims am offline nwo but ill get to you
  16. Am starting to expand past my slm presence, into a small spot maybe on another sim 100 or so prims, I make jewelry and some basic weapons ((gor stuffs)), anyone have any suggestions, on a good starting spot, that is not just a lone grass plan, or a store market that I can't createa Lm for my items.
  17. Have you wanted to fiddle about with making weapons before? Do you have a skill with something that has a blade? Right now looking into possibly expanding into alterntive and unusal weapons besides the usual sword and bow, for the gorean meter. We have the scripts and the time, if you have the possible building ideas. Profit ratios can be discussed. Contact Amarock Amat for details
  18. Did you create that name, so that anyone on the market team could use it, and not give us any single person to be mad at, ala when the market was screwed up during the updates last month. Sarcastly Posting Amarock Amat
  19. It needs to listen to a commmand to sheeth or pull out Bascily image the sword setup and you draw it by having the alphas turn visible. and sheeth it by it turning invisible
  20. alpha function,for items taht is ontop of the base prim, but want the base prim to stay visible so have to do each prim by selection instead of an all or nothing functoin.
  21. Question to folks, as am looking over one of my weapons, Ill be releaseing in the near future Would you prefer something with spikes that added Scripts Counted: 4 [56K] or something that had less spikes and only had Scripts Counted: 1 [16K] Depending on how folks talk here, will lead to how the look of my future item is, I would love any thoughts, and thank you Xaz and a few others for testing said item, and saying they wanted copys.
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