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  1. ok, i used to be BLONDE, but then some drama queen (who's avatar looks very similar to mine) accused me of copying her style. Well i don't do drama, and that was a reason for me to do a complete makeover. Here it is: I bought the shape+Skin, added different eyes+hair, and a tattoo. And i modified the face a little too. What do you think?
  2. I would say: Some do, some don't. I started in 2007, then deleted my first account in 2009 and made a new one. I only told 4 people about my new account. And after some drama i deleted that one and made a new one in 2011. I never told anyone where i went, i just moved on. My old SL-mom had her account for 8 years, had bought a sim, an expensive house, she did drag racing and worked for NCI... and all of a sudden she deleted all of her alts (the ones that i knew). And nobody knew what happened to her. I am sure she is still around somewhere. People just don't quit SL like that. But many peo
  3. I was just reading this... No, it doesn't make sense to me to put a sentence like that. If i want to share conversations, i dont ask. i'll just do it. And they will never know i shared their conversations. And if you have a sentence like "you don't have permission to share my IMs" ... don't worry they will do it anyway. Trust me. I think everybody does it. Chats are being shared via notecards, or skype, email... and LL doesn't really care. I had reported someone before for sharing my IMs but nothing happened to them.
  4. Just curious, is there something like a Drama sim in SL? I mean Drama like... The Sopranos, Twin Peaks, or something like that?
  5. I didn't even know that place existed. But i would love to see it before it closes. Can anyone please post a SLURL? thanks
  6. Thank you very much Darius and Marcus. I saved the PDF file too so i can read it again later.
  7. I am selling something on MP which is being sent as a folder. It contains the clothing and a landmark. If i want to update the clothing or the landmark, how would i do that? Is there a way i can replace some items? Or do i have to upload a new one and start over?
  8. i remember years ago (on my old account) there used to be fog at a certain height of the sim. What happened to it? Or do only some mainland sims have fog?
  9. Well i usually block rude people, or griefers, bots, fakers... but i most likely keep them blocked. I checked my block list today, there are 73 names since August 2011. Well my mind tells me not to unblock them. I've had some bad experience with someone i once unblocked because i couldn't remember why i blocked them. Well look at it this way: If you shoot someone, you can't unshoot them. Same with blocking. I can't unblock. Its against my religion. And it keeps drama away.
  10. ok heres the situation: My RL is totally not interested in SL and doesnt know what i am doing here. But when i am Roleplaying, sometimes i have to get up and do things RL. Like... getting them a drink, or looking up something on the web. Or run to the kitchen and back. Just to keep the RP going. Can be stressful sometimes when you have to concentrate on RP. I mean, talking about groceries in RL while flirting with someone in SL can be really exciting lol :P It's almost like having sex with your pants on ... Is that wrong? Or should i just say BRB several times? But then the other roleplayer(s)
  11. Qwalyphi Korpov wrote: Rhys Goode wrote: LL should realy do a better job of making it clear that you will always have your username floating over your head, no matter what display name you choose. If you knew it soon enought, you could choose a username in the form FirstnameLastname (resident), then set your display name to Firstname Lastname. But the sign up process gives such a poor explanation that it takes a month or two for people to realize that they are stuck with the username, and by then its too late. I might be wrong but - I'm fairly confident that the Lindens have rese
  12. ok thanks for your answers. yeah i might test them with default settings too then, so people will see what it looks like with default. makes sense...
  13. I want to make skins, and i am wondering which Windlight settings are best for testing them? ( i mean uploading the texture, putting on my skin and looking how it turns out) I mostly use Nam's optimal skin, or Strawberrysingh WL settings. Some settings make my skins look really pretty, and others show them too bright or too dark... Or should i rather use Default settings? Since most ppl would use default anyway when they buy a skin...
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