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  1. Updating this post because it comes up in searches pretty high for the video. Even though it's outdated, after high demand, I've put the video BACK up. Please update bookmarks and information to the following URL. http://cutepoison.net/tutorials/maya-tutorials/rigging-mesh-in-maya/
  2. I don't do animations out of Maya, so you'll need to wait for someone else to come along to help you with that. You say there are two skeletons, I'm assuming you mean the avatar weight source and the actual skeleton. I'm not sure how those two things apply to making animations, again, someone else will have to come along to answer that. However, for rigging clothing/avatars, the skeleton you bind with is the colored skeleton, and you can utilize the avatar weight source by copying the skin weights from it to the clothing/avatar mesh. There may be more you can do with it, but I'm not aware
  3. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6003454/Standard%205%20sizes.zip
  4. I am in desperate search for a good prefab designer to do my next store. The work done for me must be exclusive and not something you've sold previously or plan to sell to anyone but me. You will work loosely with my concepts, but will maintain a decent amount of freedom to be creative. Please contact me in world if you are interested via notecard. I will not entertain anyone who doesn't have some kind of portfolio to show me. Working in mesh is a MAJOR plus, so please be sure to mention to me if this is your preferred method. Please outline your fee structure in your notecard. Thank you,
  5. Thanks for helping me understand this more! I had no idea.
  6. Thank you. When I have the time to really put into my UVs I also do the move and sew with the edges of the UV borders. It tends to take me quite a while though on some models. With most mesh, I tend to use planar projections on any areas it makes sense to do so on then use automatic on areas that are harder for me to nab with the planar method, then go back in with moving and sewing. Sometimes this goes quick, and sometimes, not so much. I wish it were quicker for me. These items are very much a result of simply not having enough time to devote to that part of the release before event de
  7. Hello. Thanks for the response. These are things I know and have done in the past. It is even something I stress on when someone comes to me for help with Maya in general. Both of these items were automatically mapped, then adjust using the layout options once in the UV map to save time on my end due to a lot of RL being busy and SL event deadlines. This is something that did occur to me, however with a decent enough bleed, I didn't feel I should have to go back and redo my UVs by hand when I already am short on time. It's a good point though, and one that should be noted for anyone else
  8. Thanks for the info. I tend to do my UVs fairly close together, so I'm having to redo the UV layout a tad on part of my newer mesh to allow for a higher bleed during baking. I assumed the issue today wasn't due to my own error as I've used these settings countless times in the past and not had this issue (or a complaint for that matter), but it did make me realize that someone else could be seeing the texture incorrectly from time to time, so I've opted to start making sure the bleed is much higher, possibly pairing that up with a solidify in PS as you suggested.
  9. Hello everyone. First, I understand what generally causes this issue. I always bake my textures 5 pixels outside the UV lines to try to make sure it doesn't happen. Today, though, when I logged on and uploaded a new mesh, I noticed there was black lines through all my texture work on the mesh where the UVs meet up. Thinking I had bumped my settings in Maya back down to where it didn't bake over the UV edges, I went and checked the settings, and sure enough, the textures are baking over the edges by 5 pixels still. Switching back over into SL to continue trying to figure out what was going o
  10. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Standard-Sizing-Package/2894727 Listing has a download link in the description to working maya scenes with all standard sizing avatars, plus defaults, along with the skeleton... all the avatar sizes are positioned on the skeleton correctly, so it's super simple to build your mesh items and expect them to fit (male or female) with very little error.
  11. Feel free to contact me if you need any additional help on the rigging process and such.
  12. You will have to manually resize it for each shirt, however if you use the sizing kit I link to on my rigging in Maya tutorial, it's a snap. http://saeluan.com/tutorials/maya/rigging-mesh-in-maya/ Once you get done exporting one standard size shirt, you'd simply detach the skin, turn off the size avatar you previously rigged to, and turn on the size avatar you want to rig for. Make a few minor adjustments to the mesh to fit the new size, then bind skin, import skin weights, and you're ready to export again! For me it only takes about 5 minutes per size.
  13. I have since done a video tutorial outlining the steps...for anyone else who finds this. http://saeluan.com/tutorials/maya/rigging-mesh-in-maya/
  14. Thanks for the feedback. I found out today I have a Windows hosting plan. Since WordPress is a PHP based program it functions best in a Linux environment. That's what I was able to find out through support. The reason I didn't contact support in the first place was due to a couple of bad past experiences with them, but I decided after trying literally everything else that I would contact them one last time before changing hosting providers. Hopefully their suggestion to change my hosting account to a Linux account will work. Personally, I had no idea of anything to do with Linux or Window
  15. I'm hoping someone can share some advice with me. I started out back years ago by purchasing a domain name through godaddy for a blogspot blog I had. As time went on, I switched to a wordpress blog and upgraded my godaddy accounts for a ton of stuff and started hosting my blog with godaddy. It worked fine for a while, but for over 2 weeks, I've barely even been able to log into my admin panel for my wordpress. I get this - I get this when just loading the website often now too. I'd say about 75% of the time. IF I am able to log into the admin page, once I click to add a new post or anyth
  16. Hey there. I think the key to doing this is to spend time in Second Life getting to know people. I've been in SL since 2006, and in the past month I got an offer from a fabulous clothing texture artist to open a store with her doing mesh clothing. Like I said, spend some time making friends, create some really good mesh products to sell, and I'm sure you'll find someone willing to work with you.
  17. Here's a video tutorial I did on rigging a mesh in Maya. http://saeluan.com/tutorials/maya/rigging-mesh-in-maya/
  18. Just an FYI.. the link to this tutorial has changed. I've updated the link in the original post, but just wanted to stick a little reminder here for anyone that gets confused. http://saeluan.com/tutorials/maya/rigging-mesh-in-maya/
  19. Cathy Foil wrote: Here is a link to a wonderful video on how to rig or skin a dress and export it to SL. http://saeluan.net/tutorials/maya/rigging-a-mesh-in-maya/#comment-99 Oops.. except my tutorial video is a wee bit lengthy, it may be too much to listen to! Lol.. seriously, like Chosen said, if you are not interested in taking the time to read more than 9 paragraphs, rigging and weighting may not be for you. To learn, I read through tons of information, and I watched tons of lengthy videos just to familiarize myself with the how tos. There's no way to explain even the basics without
  20. No problem. And yeah, I was almost certain it didn't work in previous versions of Maya, but I never tried weighting until I had already upgraded.
  21. Hello again , Jagjit. As I told you when we spoke in world, you need to model the clothing, bind it to the skeleton, paint your weighting, export it as a .dae, then import it into Second Life. You're going to be very hard pressed to find anyone who is going to sit and walk you through modeling the clothing, but if you are well versed in Maya, you shouldn't need anyone to do that. You've seen my tutorial on rigging and weight painting, which also covers exporting and uploading, so I'm unsure what other information you would need to know.
  22. Yes, that is how it works. As you zoom in and out it will switch between your levels of detail.
  23. In Maya 2012, you can use colors (such as the rainbow gradient you see in many tutorials) by doing the following- While paint skin weights tool is active, go to your tool settings and scroll down to gradient. Expand it, then select the box next to where it says use color ramp. From here, you can use the default color ramp, which is rainbow, select one of the other default color ramps, or even define your own. I'm not sure if this works in earlier versions of Maya. Hope this helps!
  24. I only do this for jewelry for necklaces, but for my super small mesh, I'll create the mesh, add a cube to my scene... make it small, sit it where it'll sit inside the body when worn, then combine the cube to the mesh. You could easily assign a different material group to this then make that part transparent. With mine, since it sat inside the body, I did'nt even bother making it transparent. That probably isn't going to work for most things, but I just happened to forget to assign a separate material group, and it ended up being fine as you can't see the cube hiding in the body.
  25. Glad you found it helpful.
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