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  1. Hi, I already have made some animations and I think I understood the basics. But atm I am planning to do some couple poses mainly for SL photography. My problem with this is that I would like to use my own avatars for this and there I especially have difficulties with sizes and exact positioning. I know how to export a shape from SL to Blender. However I do not really understand how the shape affects the armature, how the armature affects the mesh, and how after positioning the male and the female mesh it all is exported back to SL and then a kiss lets target lips to lips and not the forhead. Has anybody got some useful hints like video-tutorials?
  2. Hi Gurus I ran into a problem when I tried to bind a shirt to a Avastar 2 rig. Before the rigging, the scene looks like this: The shirt and the armature are selected... and under it you can see the avatar mesh from which hopefully the weights would be copied... But when I press the button "Bind to Armature", the avatar mesh "explodes" and the scene looks like this: I maybe could delete the exploded avatar mesh and append it again from another blend-file, where I still got it, but still I would like to know what I am doing wrong. Thanks for help.
  3. I exactly did the same... oh stupid me!!! I now tested it with a cube rezzed on ground, and it worked perfectly... then I again tried it with an ava-mesh and it did not work. The reason was that I was wearing the mesh while I tried to drag & drop the script. After rezzing the ava mesh on the ground, I was able to drag & drop the no modify, no transfer script. It still is odd that I can drag & drop a script that is transfer into an ava mesh I wear, but a no transfer script can not be dragged & dropped into a mesh I wear... Still, my problem is solved and thanks to all helping me and getting me on the right track...
  4. This is exactly what I thought... but it seems that a third person can not drag and drop script into the contents of an item, if the script is set to "no transfer"... and this is what I do not understand.
  5. Maybe I try showing the same problem from another POV. Let's say I sell an avatar mesh. And I issue a fullperm applier script. The applier script could be filled by skin creators with their UUIDs, then set by them to "no modify" and "no transfer" to protect their UUIDs, and then be sold to customers who previously bought my ava mesh. Now this "locked" applier script must be copied to the contents of the avatar mesh which unfortunately does not work, because it is no transfer. But if the skin creator would leave it "transfer" so it can be transfered into the ava meshes contents, the customer also could pass it to friends and alts, which basically is not intended. So I would need a script that is "copy", "no modify", but "transfer" (into the customers own objects)... but "no transfer" (to friends and alts)...
  6. the target object is moddify, couy, but no transfer...
  7. Hi, I made a script that works nicely, and I want to give it to other residents, so they can put it into the contents of an item they previously got from me. I want this script to be no modify and no transfer, but copy is ok. My problem now is that if I set the script to no transfer, it is no longer possible to move or copy it to the contents of the items it was designed for. But this is what the script was made for... I only don't want that they can transfer it to other residents. What am I missing? Or is that impossible? Thank you for help.
  8. Awww thank you both, I think I understood how this can work and will try it
  9. Hi Gurus, maybe some of you can help me? I have a script that does a lot of things, and I want to give away this script as "modify", so everybody can read it... On a certain point in this script, I want to use an UUID and this UUID should not be displayed open. Actually I want to do something like this: llSetTexture("64571f69-8830-c670-c194-cb718ab56286", 2); So I had the Idea to put this code into another script wich is "no modify" and call it from my first script. This sounds easy, but somehow I seem to be to stupid to get it work... So what I want is a second script in a prim, and this second script contains a function like mySecretFunction() { llSetTexture("64571f69-8830-c670-c194-cb718ab56286", 2); } and this function should be called from the first script at a certain point by a call like this: mySecretFunction(); Can anybody tell me, what is the easiest way to do this? Thanks
  10. Thank you Senior, now it works, and I understood, why it didn't work before :)
  11. I am trying to write a simple script... but the line integer x = 1 + 1; throws a syntax error. float x = 100 / 255 also throws a syntax error. It doesn't accept the + operator or any algebraic operator like -, *, or / I do not understand what is wrong. Can anyone give me a code snippet with some simple algebraic operations that work, so I can find out what I do wrong? Thanks :)
  12. I think I found it... the hover height in the Firestorm Quick Prefs was set negative. After correcting this, the positions work as expected.
  13. Hi, I made a rug, bought AVsitter 2.1, filled it with couple-animations I made, and I made a notecard for the menus and the default positions. Everything workes quite nicely. But now there ocurred a problem. When a friend visited me, her feet are stuck in the ground. She has exactly the same height as my alt that I used for testing and the setup of the default positions. I tried a lot to find out the reason. I gave her the shape of my testing-alt, we even set her back to "Ruth"... but nothing works. Here a picture of how it looks:  I know that she could adjust the hight in any single pose, but if we do so, this could be resetted whenever I reset the scripts or add further animations to the rug. So I really would prefer that the default positions would set her feet to ground level as it is with my testing ava. Does anybody have an idea what I could be missing?
  14. >>If you have one of the new Intel Skylake processors with Intel HD 500 graphics I got an Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition VN7-592G and I think, this has a Skylake Processor. But as I said, atm I am very happy. I had set graphics to "ultra" and on a crowdes sim got ~55 fps with and > 100 fps with shadows turned off. The only drawback is that the laptop gets a bit warm, but I think, this is normal.
  15. Hi Whirly, thanks for trying to help, but after an almost sleepless night of Google research, I found the solution: My laptop has 2 graphic processors, an Intel (for normal stuff) and a nVidia for high performance graphics. The automatic selection chose the Intel processor for Firestorm... and that was not strong enough, so it caused the flickering, and I had to switch off the Basic shaders... which really doesn't look nice. But in the nVidia control panel, I can choose manually for every single application, which graphic processor it should use.... and this is what I did... the nVidia graphics processor of course for firestorm. Since I did this, Second Life really displays nicely, with basic shaders on and even on crowded sims, I get fps-rates of ~25 with graphics quality set to "ultra" and all shaders enabled up to ambient occlusion. So I am happy again and enjoy my SL :)
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