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  1. So Im making this lightbulb that, when clicked on, turns on a light and glows, simple enough with this script I got from the SL Wiki: // Touch the object to light it up. // Lighting is configurable. integer light_s = TRUE; vector lightcolor = <1.0, 0.75, 0.5>; float intensity = 1.0; // 0.0 <= intensity <= 1.0 float radius = 10.0; // 0.1 <= radius <= 20.0 float falloff = 0.01; // 0.01 <= falloff <= 2.0 float glow = 0.05; toggle() { float thisglow = 0.0; light_s = !light_s; if (light_s)
  2. Create an object, any object. Edit the object and og into the "features" tab. You should see a few check boxes, one of them says "phantom". This removes the object's collision allowing anything to pass through it. That is what's happening with this object here, it was created by the land owner to moitor traffic and/or prim counts.
  3. So, in order to rig a model for SL in maya 2010, you "smooth bind" a model to the skeleton. But if you just do that without changing anything, your armpits concave into your model's torso and your elbows bend in a way that make them look like wacky inflatable arm flailing tubemen. This is what I'm trying to figure out how to fix here. I asked a friend about this a long while ago, and he suggested I move the shoulder and upper arm joints together. That helped, but the results varied radically in quality. So I decided to randomly browse the mesh section here and 2 words came up a lot,
  4. Ive heard some people have been having problems with firestorm lately, I use it but havent experienced anything strange thank goodness.
  5. What an odd glitch... ive uploaded many rigs without checking off include joint positions. What program did you use to rig it? I know it's fixed but im just curious.
  6. circle as-in donut shape? Then yes, mesh items turn into a donut-like shape when the viewer can't process mesh, it might be a glitch with your viewer. I reccommend re-installing your viewer or apply an update if there is one, or you could just wait it out. Also, it would be helpful to know what viewer youre using.
  7. That seems like more of a viewer specific issue, you shoudl try the pheonix viewer support.
  8. yeah put your store in your picks too, they really do help
  9. I went there invisible with a OOC tag on once, it's a very beautiful place, too bad i don't have the time for such intense RP.
  10. Sell things people want to buy! No but seriously, I asked a very sucessful friend this same question, all she did was rent a store in this besically deserted mall (which still has managment believe it or not) with 0 traffic. Then, in each one of her products on the market, she's says something like "Check out the item at my store if you want to see it before you buy!! Look below for a link!" And then she puts the slurl at the bottom of the marketplace page. It was a zero raffic area before... i should check just how popular it is now.
  11. I dont know what youre talking about. I'm just whistleing. Perhaps it is YOU who is the cynical one for thinking I am cynical hmm? :matte-motes-sunglasses-3:
  12. Thanks a lot, I just got your thing and it works great! But the gun scripts i have now wont allow for a delay in shooting so now i wish i had actual scripts Oh well, the search continues.
  13. But that's how auctions work.
  14. 19 years old huh? Interesting how it says 1997 in your username. *whistles innocently as he walks away*
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