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  1. I created a very simple star I needed for something I'm working on, but when I uploaded it, it uploaded inside-out. How can I fix this in Maya so that when I reupload it, it is not inside-out?
  2. Yes sorry I meant layer styles. Thanks!
  3. Will styles I create in CS5 work in lower versions of Photoshop like CS2, PS 7? Sorry I know this isn't related to SL really, but I'm getting no info everywhere else I've asked so far, so thought I'd ask here. Thanks.
  4. Sae Luan

    Extract Mesh?

    Yeah, and I am completely for LL taking additional steps to protect content creator's works, so I'm not upset over this at all. I think I'm more upset that I never thought to take preventative measures to not lose my work files until now. I fully intend now to backup my work folders twice a week. Unfortuantely, worse than losing all my work files was losing the videos of my daughter we took in the hospital when she was first born. One was even video of her at 5 minutes old. I guess we live and we learn... this was a hard lesson for me.
  5. Sae Luan

    Extract Mesh?

    That's what I was afraid of. I could throw my computer out the window right now. I am now saving everything to a new external hard drive so I don't have to have this issue again. Too bad I wasn't doing it before now.
  6. Sae Luan

    Extract Mesh?

    I think I know the answer to this, but is there any way I can extract a mesh I uploaded into Second Life back to my computer? I had to restore my computer to factory settings on the 2nd, and the backup of my files I made didn't work, so I'm left without any of the models I was working on. I don't think you can, but I thought I'd see if I was wrong. Thanks!
  7. Ah ok gotcha. Well if it's as easy as making them 1% transparent, that's fine with me. Thanks for all the help!
  8. I looked but that option isn't available under preferences in LL viewer ;(
  9. OMG ok I did that suggestion just started up Firestorm instead and it worked! However, is there a way to fix it on the main LL viewer?? I prefer the LL viewer.
  10. Her piercings rezzed by me display the texture right :::: Piercings I created that used to look right to me rezzed by me :::
  11. It gets even weirder. I had sent this texture to my partner in world to use on her piercings too back when I first made it. She put on her piercings and the texture looks right. She sent me the piercings and I put them on and the textures still look right. However when I view piercings I created with the shadow, it's still solid. So I asked her to send me the texture I sent her, but when I put it on a prim, it turned solid again. So she created a new box and put the texture on it, and once again it was solid. WTF?!
  12. Oh another odd thing I notice, when I first log in, I see it as transparent, but suddenly it will pop to a solid texture again. ;s Weird. It does this on both the LL viewer and the Firestorm viewer.
  13. Ok I'ma try to explain this the best I can and I'll include snapshots to show what I mean. I have a shadow texture I created to use with my piercings. I have it and another one which is used for the bar and the ball. Well, these have always looked right meaning they looked trasparent and faded out at the sides. Suddenly after my computer had to be resinstalled to factory settings, when I view these textures in world, they are solid with no transparency. This is what I see when I look at them: However, when anyone else looks at them, they see this (which is how it should look): So I have a problem here because even if everyone else sees them correctly, I can no longer create new ones because when I snapshot for new ads, I see the solid texture around the piercings. Another thing I note that I find odd is that other alpha textures in world are displaying right. I have some old shadow textures I bought from a texture store, and I see those correctly. I'm confused as to why the ball shadow and bar shadow I uploaded are displaying wrong for me (and it seems only me). I even tried reuploading them to see if that would fix this issue for me, but I still see them as solid. Does anyone have any info on why this could be? It really doesn't make sense to me.. ;-/ Does anyone think it's possible that this is happening because I updated to the newest drivers for my graphics card?
  14. Ok this tutorial is probably very informal since I'm just an informal kind of person, but I get a lot of people asking me how I make sculpties using polygons in Maya. I know there is at least one other work around, but for me this is easier. I've also included a .rar file with Blender already set up with the correct files as well as the correct Python version installation. I did this because for me, I've only ever been able to get this to work using these exact settings. So anyway, since I have people ask a lot, I created a video tutorial, which is located toward the bottom of the page. Note, I always use a 32x32 cylinder as my starting shape in Maya unless I'm playing around with oblongs. Just thought I'd post it here so more people can find it! Hope it helps! Sae's Tutorial
  15. I didn't know anything about this. Can we still donate funds to the project? I'd love to help out.
  16. Both the owners of Ploom and Glitterati were nice enouogh to get back with me with an answer today. They both use a system by DavidThomas Scorbal. Apparently, you'll need to set up an appointment with him to be able to purchase the system, but I went to his store, and the system seems very awesome. Does SO much more than just the loyalty program. Check into it! I haven't spoken to him yet, but I plan to set up an appointment with him soon!
  17. Are you still looking for custom work? If so, notecard me in world with what you are looking to have created, and I may be able to help you out.
  18. I'm looking for a script that can allow my customers to rack up store credit for each item they purchase, like what Ploom and Glitterati have in their stores. Like I could allow my customers to get a set amount of store credit per item purchased, which they could later use to pay for an item when they have enough credit. Can someone please let me know where I can get something like this? Thanks.
  19. Wow thanks for all that info. I'm going to take a bit to decide what I want to do before I jump into a lot of expenses. However, I'll be keeping in mind the things you have said. I'm planning to go ahead and upgrade the PSU since it was supposed to have already been done. And as far as it goes, I've about decided I don't really care about shadows lol. I just want to be able to run SL on Ultra settings with not a lot of lag. I miss seeing SL the way I used to!
  20. Stupid place is closed today for Columbus day I guess. I plan to go up to Best Buy once my baby wakes up from her nap and get a 650 watt psu, and since it appears to be so easy to put in, put it in myself. I don't want to pay Best Buy 50 bucks to install something if it really is simple. As far as a graphics card, I am going to hold off for a few days to really decide what I want. I have gotten plenty of suggestions, though I'm taking the ones from SL users the best because they KNOW what I need to run SL the way I want to. Normally I just go up and ask people at Best Buy and they say it SHOULD be able to do it, but don't realize they are just allowing me to meet minimum requirements for SL. Again though, thanks for all the help everyone
  21. I am taking it in tomorrow actually. Thanks for all the information. I appreciate it a lot!
  22. Ill be looking into that suggestion thanks. And by the way, I THOUGHT they upgraded my psu bc I asked them to, but we just opened my computer up and saw that the power supply still reads 250 watt, which really pisses me off. We paid them for a new psu and graphics card but just seems they put in the graphics card! We didn't have best buy do it.. We had taken it to some mom n pop computer place because the works and parts were cheaper there.
  23. Updating the drivers on my graphics card makes SL seem to run much smoother, though now when I try to see shadows, my entire SL screen goes black except the UI and HUD items. Before, I could do shadows, it was just so laggy it would crash me nearly immediate..
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