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  1. Yes I did that edit because I know I would be accused again of being belligerent or whatever some people use to say when they don't have other arguments... Bye!
  2. Thank you! You were all very nice and helpful. I will buy a brand new PC right way to join you soon.
  3. Don't waste your time here, friends, since you are so helpfull please go help users with high specs computers that, nevertheless, keep crashing with Viewer 2 all the time.
  4. " I absolutely abhor Viewer 2, and will not use it." I've heard enough from you
  5. "People have been asking for a light weight viewer for at least 5 years now". Second Life has been losing millions of users for at least 5 years now. Maybe just a coincidence or...
  6. I guess you're right. But many kids around here that have borned with a smartphone in their hands don't know that computers used to be stored in rooms.
  7. You know that Windows 7 runs smoother and has lower system requirements than Vista, don't you? Besides, there's SL for Linux too.
  8. Yes, I'm just an user. And you? Are you a programmer? Do you work for LL?
  9. You all are very agressive. If you are so sure that is impossible and stupid to ask for a lighter viewer you should calm down.
  10. This is how newcomers are treated No respect at all for different opinions. But when the time SL is been turned into a desert, with no residents, you will shout out loud in your loneliness: "Yeah!!! Totally radical!!!"
  11. I've wrote "official viewer", non third party viewer, but thanks anyway.
  12. Please, let me say something that should be obvious: if you are not with me on this, just ignore this message.
  13. Second Life needs a graphical lighter viewer designed for notebooks and other low specs machines. In other words, a "Second Life Viewer Lite" or what else you want to call it, so anyone can access to the metaverse. Who's with me? Let's make this a petition to the Linden Lab, please. Thank you.
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